Utah Snowflakes: Coaching And Miscellaneous

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This will be the thread for discussing any coaching or miscellaneous snowflakes and hot takes from tonight's game. 



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Michigan did not lose that game. Michigan beat Michigan. Utah is a top 25 team and are pretty darn good. With the absolute circus that has been M football over the last few years, can you not see that the this team is going to be better than it has been and order will be restored in AA? I am with JH and it is not coach speak...there were a lot of positives. Remember OSU got beat at home in the opener last year. How did that turn out?


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Until we get Drake Johnson back, we are going to need to pass to set up the run, not the other way around. Rudcok actually looked good when he worked out of the shotgun on primarily passing drives.  He can step up to this. 


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I see a lot of people blaming Perry for his route running on those picks (the first one was really bad) but Rudock all game make poor reads. The second throw to Williams was the right read and honestly the last pick was the wrong read as well. Isaac was wide open and would have easily picked up the first down.


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we are who our players say we are and a HC can mean an extra couple wins or losses. We could have won this game when I thought it'd be worse, TBH. No back but Johnson has any vision JUST LIKE LAST YEAR, OL (especially Kalis) is frustratingly meh JUST LIKE LAST YEAR, Butt is our best receiving option JLLY and our defense can't keep up with teams that spread them out JLLY. Guys, 9 months doesn't transform slowish, run stopping, often a second late to react LBs into speed demons all the sudden. Peppers basically just played his third CFB game and we have an average QB that played pretty bad (at best). I've been trying to get this across but my bigger concern was a lot of what I'm seeing in threads where the new staff is basically being called the same as the last staff. They're not. This was NOT a one year fix, guys. The Summer of Harbaugh is over and reality is here. Reality is that we'd have been a 5 win team (tops) with Hoke & Co. A win tonight would have been an upset and hopefully more slow down and realize that. We're a 7 win team and were the day we hired Jim. AS FOR COACHING: Probably should have went for it on the missed FG, Green is my 5th HB (!) when Drake comes back, I don't think Jake should have been pulled but I'd stress that the job is still VERY open, we gotta get more that 2 yards when we have 7 OL on the field and.....ummm.......I'd prefer to see Taco lined up rush wide rather than inside. It looked very Hokeish but this game isn't close with that staff and we were a few bad throws and missed holes away from winning this thing, IMO. That's about all I got. Welcome to reality, accept that the fun is over and the foundation for the house isn't even finished yet. Preseason hype is over and I'm actually happy as it had people thinking crazy for a while.


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I honestly had no problems with any of the playcalling, and I haven't felt that way since the 2008 Capital One Bowl.  

For the offensive plays that didn't work, you could see that it was the correct idea even though it wasn't executed well.  I liked how the O-Line seemed to get it together in the second half. 


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I don't know that we have to go that far back, but I agree about the play calling.

Let's be cautious here: some of our opinions are naturally reactions against hard feelings from the failures of previous years.

But I remember being mad about play calls from the beginning of the Borges era. And that never really ceased in the Hoke era, with the results to back that up.

All that said, I had zero complaints about the way the game was called. At no time did one feel that the team was leaving yards on the table; of course, they called frequent quick passes to the receivers that turned into yards, which we've felt is a big deal. Also, it didn't seem like the calls were asking too much of the players, the way Borges would. Yeah, the plays sometimes failed, but that's football.


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Outside of the QB position, Utah was not superior to us. Wilson made plays, Rudock did not.

Both teams made a lot of mistakes, but the O and D lines on both teams played physical and were hard to handle.

If we had a QB as good as Wilson, we win the game by three TDs.

Hopefully, this was a one off for Rudock. He is not going to be as athletic as a Wilson, but if he can reduce TOs and hit the deep ball, we will be fine. If not we are 5-7 or 6-6. Bust that simple.


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I wouldn't necessarily say "if we had a QB as good as Wilson", simply because Ruddock was just a couple of throws from us thumping them. That's the frustrating part: we had them so many times, but you have to finish every play. I do think that the team will get the timing down and it will be a different story.

Edit: I see that you did actually insinuate that. Sorry for being redundant.

Gustavo Fring

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Qb is the most important position on the field...and our coach (a former QB realizes it).  And we didn't even need a great qb tonight.  We need a decent one.  We didn't get that.  Rudock made maybe one great throw and 5 terrible ones.  


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Coaching and misc stuff, right?
1. The uniforms look great.
2. Jabrill's kick return was oh-so-close to going, impressive for coming all the way across the field. He needs to see snaps on offense.
3. That early punt, with the second delay, was outstanding--our special teams look noticeably better, as they should.
4. First time in a long time that watching Michigan on the road hasn't felt like watching a team trapped in some horror movie, reacting with jitters to every bad event. They were comfortable, and while they lost, they were able to play well.
5. The 2-minute drill is a tease, but it gives a lot of hope.
6. I believe in Jim Harbaugh. The running game is going to improve significantly over the season. That will help the passing game.

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Dudeing around...

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I agree about the jitters thing. Only play that we looked "shook" on was the dropped pass by smith in the flat. Felt like funchess last season once he stopped caring. Didn't like it, but it was isolated. I trust it won't happen again. Was more of a lack of focus than lack of effort but some would argue that those are the same thing


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Coaching was adequate. Good, even. 

On the other hand, you are what your record says you are, and tonight we lost.

I thought Harbaugh and co. had them ready enough to win in all phases except quarterback play. And the QB woes might not be the fault of coaching - probably are not, given Harbaugh's record. Unfortunately that means that despite good coaching, Jake (and his receivers) stil gave the ball away 3 times. That's not a sign that points to a happy season ahead.


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Let's not kid ourselves; it struggled because the OL wasn't playing that well. No push & few holes. And the passing game DID take advantage of Utah stuffing the box with those quick passes to the wideouts that kept getting yards.

A dynamite passing game does loosen things up but a good running game just plain gets yards, and Michigan did not.

Dudeing around...

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I agree, we lacked a push and didn't not open enough holes. But I was trying to explain why it was such a struggle to do those things.

Definitely want to see us get to a point where we simply "get yards" but I'm afraid that will not happen anytime soon. I would strive for balance at the moment and work from there.

Fwfw, I was happy with most of what we saw and I think improvement will come


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We were the more disciplined and better coached team. I haven't said that in a while. Only 3 penalties. Utah had two PFs on two of our scoring drives, they looked poorly coached and undisciplined.

Rudock was bad. Iowa fans were screaming that he cannot throw the deep ball. Still, he shows heart and if he can clean it up we will win 8+ games.

Roc Blue in the Lou

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The players, mainly on offense, choked a little on the road.  However, the coaching did not.  Big positive diff to me.  Rudock, i mean obviously, but some poor receiver adjustments as well.  This game did NOT feel like last year's game, but Harbaugh has lots of work to accomplish.  i think he has good film to assist in the turnaround i expect next saturday.  Also, there was no quit in this team, even though on the road and down 14 late in the 2nd half...that's something to build upon.  I will venture 3 wins in a row to follow....


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What is with the signs we used to communicate signals? We were holding up giant posters with Chicago Bears helmets and green pieces of cardboard and the letter 'B.' I loved it but heck if I understood it.


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It is clear that most of you have no idea what you are talking about and know nothing about football.  This team was so much better prepared and coached for this game, there is almost no similarity to last year.  Period.  Harbaugh has already done a great job.  Period.  In addition, Utah is a very good team (they beat UCLA and USC last year) and has a very good QB and runnng back.  We were in this game when we really shouldn't have been at all.  Utah is a legit team and Michigan will win a lot this year.  Those of you who think otherwise should honestly take up another hobby.  


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If I'd never watched a down of Michigan football since 2007 I'd probably buy what you are selling.  However things have happened since then, most of them bad and most of them started out in similar fashion to this.  No run game, turnover prone QBs, defenses that spend too much time on the field and predictible one dimensional offenses.  We blow or first game or have an underwhelming performance against a cupcake and people come out of the woodwork to proclaim how X coach is going to get it turned around and we are all overreacting.  All that bullshit never lasted past our first trip to the B1G woodshed and guys like you were bitching right along with the rest of us.