Terry Foster declares on radio Rich Rod will be back

Submitted by M-Wolverine on December 22nd, 2009 at 2:17 PM

He also is going to report on the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow, and Michigan will be cold.

Didn't he have "sources" telling him Rich was out just a few weeks ago??

He's going to talk on whether you believe what the media says or what Rich Rod says. Well, with this flip flop, isn't he making the case already?



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The media doesn't understand the University of Michigan and it's need to be a traditional prim and proper institution. They don't get that Michigan won't fire a coach that soon b/c it would appear unstable. Furthermore, besides it being the right choice for the well-being of the program, they get caught up in the fad of college football moving towards a professional, NFL mentality when it comes to coaches. They think that every school is going to act like schools such as Auburn, Arkansas, or Florida State.


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Because "Michigan coach still coach at Michigan" isn't news, or "exciting". I just find it funny because he was one of the "January Doomers". How a guy who has no Michigan sources whatsoever finds out something nobody knows would be shocking. That these imaginary people are telling him the same thing as everybody else is at least consistent, if equally delusional.

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I really believe that. You can't shame them, with proof of, "Last month, you predicted that so-and-so would be fired. It turns out you were wrong. You, or your alleged sources, or both. You were wrong. Why should we believe anything else you are saying?"

You could say that, but it wouldn't have any effect. Or, the producers and call-screeners with their ten-second delay will cut you off. Nothing matters to these guys, except for convincing listeners to tune in to the next hour of the program. It is mostly unlistenable for me. The ads alone are enough to make me grap for the radio knob. It's frightening, to hear what they are selling, to think about who the audience demographic is. It is not much better to listen to the callers.


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michigan fans that call in all of the time. they go off on crazy tangents about how they never liked RR when valenti and foster bring up topics like this (but they all loved RR when we started 4-0).... the worst part is when a caller that knows what they are talking about, mike dismisses them right away and terry tries to argue with them..... now i defend both of them a lot on here. but when they get going about michigan stuff just because its a slow sports day and they need callers thats when i change station.