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The background lighting and the light over the table are probably coming from different sources.(the picture's white balance is probably set for artificial light and there's a window open behind the photographer.) Look at the helmet on the right side of the picture.

The truth is when people think of the orangey looking maize, they're probably thinking about stuff they saw in pictures. The yellow hasn't changed that much since Adidas came in. (and that isn't even DB's fault....)


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Yours is the worst of comments. Bottom line.

Gardner came to Michigan with 5 stars. He stuck out 3 offensive systems, a change to WR to benefit the team and what appeared consistent with post traumatic stress in his passing/decision making playing behind the least effective offensive lines seen in a generation.

But, apparently, in your analysis he had five stars and "look how that turned out". Turned out he got his degree at M and went to grad school. Turned out he'll make the NFL as A WR. Turned out the kid was a team player...enough to change positions when asked and enough to lead, imho, the greatest comeback I've seen at Michigan on a god damned broken foot.

This whole starz don't matter meme is bs. I trust the coaches but its clear from 2016 and 2017 offers that Harbauh is be focused on elite talent going forward. As to Gardner, if the coming teams play with his toughness and willingness to sacrifice for the team I'll be very happy.


January 25th, 2015 at 8:42 PM ^

What the hell does coaching changes have to do with turning the ball over. He threw probably the two worst interceptions I've ever seen against MSU and OSU. I don't know Devin as a person I'm sure he is a great person but we're talking football not school or ethics. He's probably the worst qb we've ever had hands down definitely overrated coming out of high school. I would've took Sheridan or Threet over Gardner.


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Lots of others that will be nice to have, but I think a CB and TE are the two needs left for this class.  Maybe a second DE is a need also.  Everything else is a bonus.  


Go Harbaugh!


January 25th, 2015 at 2:05 PM ^

Does anyone know if this kid may be a little better than his recruiting ranking? I trust Harbaugh but I can't remember the last time UM took a recruit ranked this low that wasn't like an original grey shirt idea.

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One of the downsides of wrapping up recruiting before the kids play their senior season is not seeing that development. A lot of kids make a leap or finally get playing time. As someone mentioned Jake Ryan is a good example of a post senior season sleeper, Desmond Morgan, Frank Clark, Omameh among others who weren't getting offers at Michigan until their senior tape came out. There is also a lag in stars because of this. Don't worry though a Michigan commit gets bumped to 3 star almost automatically.