Woodson Wants Harbaugh @ Michigan

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Jumping into the CC: Harbaugh Daily News with this:

Charles Woodson was interviewed on the Rich Eisen show, and gave his opinion on the Harbaugh situation - he would prefer Harbaugh @ Michigan vs. in Oakland next year:

"If the choices were out there, it would definitely be Michigan. As a guy that played there, the fans would love it, it would be great for recruiting and just to have a guy that's proven -- he's won everywhere he's been as a coach," said Woodson. "If he went to Michigan, I'd say, yeah, and go blue.

I choose to ignore this second quote from Woodson:

"But it doesn't sound too good right now."





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He's a Michigan grad himself and has probably more than a passing interest in what Charles Woodson's answer would be, and also explains why he'd be compelled to ask the question.


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the leader and best on Tuesday.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, what's not to want in a guy who believes you must be professional and win on every play. That is his mantra, and I am all in. So is Charles. Imagine the pep talk possibilities with Harbaugh in charge. Endless. The team, the team, the team. Go Blue Forever.


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The delusion is strong in this thread.  Woodson wouldn't say anything bad if he wasn't hearing that it was unlikely.  Who knows who his sources are but I bet he isn't saying that because he hasn't heard it.  Just throw this comment on the increasing pile of people saying it doesn't look likely he will leave the NFL.  The best we can hope for I think is that he hasn't said no yet.


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I rather choose to look at it like this - I wouldn't think Charles would openly support Harbaugh to Oakland unless he wanted to be in hot water with the team, but thinking that Harbaugh should in fact come to Michigan....continue to preach, Mr. Woodson. Take a drive down to Santa Clara and remind him that you said this, if you would like (probably not a good idea, but whatever). 


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So, I'm torn ...

On the one hand, I feel like I should attack the messenger of all negative Harbaugh news.

On the other hand, I love all things Charles Woodson and cannot brig myself to attack him.


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I'm holding out hope that GREGG was correct in his prediction that we would enter a quiet period where a whole lot of nothing would happen and that this period would feel somewhat negative.


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I woke up this morning having dreamt the realist dream I can remember. Harbaugh had just announced he was leaving for Michigan. Sadly waking up to the realization that the best dream id had in years was in fact a dream made the entire day and possibly days to come a disappointment. As a 23-year-old senior, I should be dreaming about that smoke I met at Brick Street in Oxford that I was too drunk to communicate with last Tuesday night and didn't end up fornicating with... I now realize that quite possibly the hottest chick I've ever seen in person ending up in my bed for just one night, might not be as satisfactory as the possible second coming of a Bo (prodigy) to Michigan football. Either my priorities are out of wack. My mind is warped from too much adderall and lack of sleep from exam week or head is right where it needs to be.. Even my girlfriend heard me whispering Harbaugh in my sleep last night, reminiscent of Dumbo. Next time don't wake me up.

Blue in St Lou

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I don't have enough MGoPoints to start a thread, so i figured i'd find a good spot for this.  Maybe someone else can start a thread on it.

A Wall Street Journal sportswriter has an article today offering the well-supported opinion that Charles Woodson has had a better NFL career to Peyton Manning, just as, according to Heisman voters, he had a better college career:

"But it has long been clear which of them turned out to be the superior player. It’s Woodson."