Woodson Wants Harbaugh @ Michigan

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Jumping into the CC: Harbaugh Daily News with this:

Charles Woodson was interviewed on the Rich Eisen show, and gave his opinion on the Harbaugh situation - he would prefer Harbaugh @ Michigan vs. in Oakland next year:

"If the choices were out there, it would definitely be Michigan. As a guy that played there, the fans would love it, it would be great for recruiting and just to have a guy that's proven -- he's won everywhere he's been as a coach," said Woodson. "If he went to Michigan, I'd say, yeah, and go blue.

I choose to ignore this second quote from Woodson:

"But it doesn't sound too good right now."





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This is one time where perhaps the "Michigan Man," er, "Michigan Person" Network is valuable:  Having well-known NFL players invite Jimmy home. 

I'm not suggesting it will be the deciding factor, but I'm thinking it's better to have former players Harbaugh respects inviting him home than not. 

It wasn't bad to see The Wood make an interception on Sunday.  It, too, was well-timed--and could possibly provide Jimmy with encouragement to look around . . . .



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Also, take it for what it's worth, but this is another NFL based article. Not saying Woodson doesn't know anything, but so far, any article originating from the NFL has said Harbaugh is staying in the NFL.

Number 7

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I also saw where Woodson helped the cause of getting Harbaugh to Michigan by intercepting Kaepernick on the last drive of the San Francisco – Oakland game. Thanks Charles!

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The_Mad Hatter

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If we do land Harbaugh as coach, it is going to be a huge national story.  The NFL people can't seem to fathom a successful coach returning to college, even for more money.

I wonder how the NFL writers are going to spin all of this when JH takes the Michigan job.


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So, one of the most famous michigan players, and a current raider says it's not likely. The raiders also happen to be the team that is most interested in Harbaugh. And you guys are still on the NFL can't believe a coach is coming to Michigan. It's starting to become delusional. 


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"the way it sounds to me there's not even that 1 in a million chance"

It sounds to me like: "I've got no inside information." 

But I wish Woodson had said: "Harbaugh come home." The more the message gets through to him, the better.


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The question was do you want Harbaugh at Michigan or Oakland.  

He only had one possible answer.  Its not like he could say Oakland.  That would be a disaster.  He'd be throwing his own coach under the bus.

Charles certainly knows the game (even outside of his own bubble) but he in no way came across as someone that had the slightest clue what would happen at UM outside of what national media has been saying.



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Woodson: Somebody has to take Harbaugh home, then I noticed he was sitting on / his / sweet Raiders contract... / so I grabbed / his / sweet contract... / Ohhhh, just thinking about / his / contract... / I just wish I had / his / sweet, sweet / s/s/sweet contract...


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While there is still a chance Harbaugh may stay in the NFL, this tweet just shows Rapoport and the other NFL reporters probably don't have any facts when they write off Michigan. Everything seemes to be an assumption that nobody would every willingly move back to college. They don't understand that to people like Woodson and (hopefully) Harbaugh, the connection to the Michigan community is greater than anything in the NFL. Harbaugh definitely loves Michigan, and it may be enough for him to come back and coach here. That isn't necessarily a knock on the NFL; it just means some people place greater value on the things beyond football.