Body found near missing Ohio State player's residence. [Update]

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Worst possible news for his friends and family. Body has not been identified. Condolences to the family if that is the missing player.



Update: Police confirm body found is Kosta Karageorge. Spokesman says appears to have died of self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Missing OSU player. This is so very sad RT @brdispatch: The gun was found in a dumpster with Karageorge.



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He had a slew of concussions, not just one; I'm far from being a professional but what are the guidelines for this? In the pros - football, they seem to keep a close eye on these things, to the point of releasing players or encouraging them to retire. His sister said he had a major one a month ago; hopefully Coach Urban was aware and he wasn't allowed to practice.


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Is the fact parents are forcing their kids into contact sports younger and younger. To think 7 year olds are playing tackle football and wrestling starts even younger in some cases. We need to mandate no contact sports until here kids are 12 or even older.


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a 30 y old is just as prone to those injuries as a 7 y old playing football. There's always though hits that you dont expect to the head. Im just not having my kids play football, they can play flag football but its on the parents to make this decision. I'll enjoy watching the gladiators slaughter themselves but I will never throw my kid out there now matter how good he is.


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I believe the hits add up over the years. We had less issues of this many years ago when kids didn't start playing at such a young age. Sure we had some issues, but there are more and more kids out of the sport in high school and college because of concussions. Don't see the benefit of having kids taking hits that add up over the years.


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Terrible news.

Condolences. Wonder if more than concussions played a roll?

Stuff like this is a easy way to ruin a buzz. But a tragedy, none the less. This drink is for him.

Prayers for him and his family.


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• This season was his only season on the football team, and he appeared in just one game. He'd been on the OSU wrestling team for three years. How many concussions did he sustain, and were they all from football?

• It's unusual for a suicide victim's body to be found in a dumpster, since it means he had to climb into it first before killing himself.


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My son suffered a concussion in his Junior year of high school during practice, and hardly ever played a game. He was also a wrestler. Many kids will be active in both sports. It is not beyond the chance of probablilites he had suffered concussions from wrestling and playing football in high school and even in college. 

One of my son's classmates that same year recieved a concussion during a game that was so severe, he had to quit all sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball). Light strain, migranes, ect. Nasty stuff, and he was only 17.



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We have a friend whose son suffered three concussions, two in basketball and one in football, and he's now done with sports. He was hoping that sports were going to be his key to college. I hope migraines are all he ends up suffering. Really scary to think of all the risks for these kids. 


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It was his first year as a football player at the collegiate level:

"Karageorge, 22, graduated from Thomas Worthington High School and wrestled for three years as a Buckeye before joining the football team in August. He appeared in one game, against Penn State."

He probably played football during HS, and it would be interesting to know if he'd suffered any concussions in HS.


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I saw where he texted his Mom on Weds. something to the effect, that he was sorry for being a disappointment. Just heartbreaking.

Prayers to the family for some sort of comfort.


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So I guess I'm a monster for daring to suggest that he might not have done this because of football related concussions?  He joined the football team in August and was a bench warmer.  He was indeed a wrestler.  Wrestling has a concussion rate lower than girls soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey and on par with basketball.…



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I don't need to see any statistics here to say it is a problem. Besides girls getting faster, stronger and more aggressive leading to harder collisions - their neck muscles are not as strong and often leading to self induced concussions by headers that are either not properly done, or just have too much force. Many are wearing padded head bands and coaches and refs are being drilled in concussion observation and treatment. It's a start but we as society need more education and the elimintion of "the walk it off" or "tough it out" mentality.


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the rates seen in sports does not apply to an individual and what his experience is. While you can say that Wrestlers don't typically suffer as many concussions as girls soccer players, that is a generality and an individual has his own reality. Besides that, his mother specifically mentioned his confusion and concussions that he's been suffering from. So there's also that.


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Such sad news about OSU player Karageorge. Seems like there would have been someone who could have helped this young man, before it ended in such tragedy. Reinforces how serious concussions are, and need to be taken very serously.  Kind of makes you wonder why Shane Morris was left in the game this year. 


At any rate, my heart and prayers go out to Kosta Karageorge's family and friends. God rest his soul.



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You never want to hear of something like this. Even if he played for our most hated rival, under the circumstances this could have very easily been one of our own guy's.

I've never been one to make a "Thoughts go out to" post, but damn man. I can't help but feel sad for his family, and his Ohio State family.


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What horrible news. If it is from concussions sustained then it is a shame he ever played a single football scrimmage. But like another poster above, I can't help but feel like a dumpster is a strange place to end it all. It certainly isn't unheard of for a person to make sure they don't leave behind a mess for someone else to have to take care of... but still.


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This is terrible. I lost one of my best friends this year to suicide. He was a successful teacher, who everyone loved. He had some emerging mental health issues that were too much for him to handle. It wasn't in his nature to do something like that, but he had moments where he wasn't himself. I pray for his family and friends.


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and it sucks no matter what. A osu fan (I think) then alluded that the neighborhood was pretty bad. If it's self inflicted and the gun was found in a dumpster, was he in one? If not, were they a bit quick to call it self inflicted?