B1G Rules Noah Spence Permanently Ineligible

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Ohio State football: Buckeyes DE Noah Spence ruled permanently ineligible by the Big Ten http://t.co/pOiLHplck3

— Ohio State (@Ohio_State) November 26, 2014

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Yes, I wish he was eligible.  I'm not going to go down the rabbit hole of drug laws/rules.  I will say it was the rule, the rule was clear and it was broken multiple times.  I wonder if he will transfer and if anyone will take a chance on him, outside the B1G, of course.  

UofM Grad 2009

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I'm surely in the extreme minority here, but it's ridiculous that testing positive for recreational drugs gets a player suspended from football. I understand performance enhancing drugs being banned, but if someone can do drugs and still fulfill his obligations and play at a high level, what's the threat?!?

C Tron

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I think his point is people steal, get caught and are not suspended. To furthur explain his point, there is some hypocracy there.  There are also other instances of physical voilence that some would consider "worse" than taking drugs. This would even furthur illustrate his point about the hyprocracy in the rules. Not to hard to understand unless you're an obtuse ass hat.


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It is illegal, it is against the rules. Like I said I don't want to get into the debate about whether or not drugs that are currently illegal should be legalized.  It is considered illegal and therefore there is a rule against it.  And while I was saddened one of our players broke that rule and was punished, much like I felt bad for McGary, I had no issue with the punishment.. I take the approach Gandhi did in hating the sin and loving the sinner. 

I don't take joy in punishing either of my sons, but they have to learn that actions have consequences.  The rules may be unfair, but you have to work to change them, you can't just break them because you think they are wrong and not expect a consequence. 

I'm sorry if I was not clear.


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It's dumb that he is barred from the B1G for taking a drug that provides no performance benefit. But the outright lie by his family that it was slipped to him which got his original year long suspension knocked down to 3 games kind of forced the B1G's hand in this one.  And in the future if a player does get slipped something there's no way he gets any leniency.   Kid is an idiot for still taking drugs while on suspension for drugs and he's especially an idiot for getting caught as an athlete.

Sac Fly

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His family tried to play the victim card twice, then he went around telling everyone he was going to win his appeal and play Saturday. It doesn't sound like they learned anything from the situation.

Sac Fly

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His family claimed he didn't intentionally take drugs the first time, then they tried to play it off like he was a helpless addict.

The article from yesterday about him playing directly quoted him.

So what about my post isn't true?