CC: Brett McMurphy says Mullen, RR not being considered for FL job

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Surprised this hasn't made the board yet.  Just based on one guy's "sources," but this has been picked up by the major media, and obviously could have implications on our ability to get Mullen should we go after him.


turd ferguson

November 17th, 2014 at 3:43 PM ^

I mean, the guy even said it's a bold prediction.  Do we have to mock everything that seems even a little implausible?  There's nothing crazy about Bob Stoops, a former Florida DC, possibly being interested in Florida after 15 years in Oklahoma and at a time when people there seem to be getting bored with him.

Would I be a little surprised if Stoops left Oklahoma for Florida?  Yes.  Is it a stupid idea to an extent even approaching Gruden, etc.?  No, it's not.  I'd be less surprised if Stoops makes this move than I was when RR moved to Michigan in 2007.

Blue Mike

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FootballScoop was talking yesterday about how they don't think Stoops would consider Florida because his brother coaches at Kentucky.  They pulled out quotes from a game against FSU a couple of years ago when Mark Stoops was there and how Bob called it the most miserable games (home and home) he ever coached in (Oklahoma won both).  Said it was terrible having to coach against his brother unless they were in the National Championship game.


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how many would like it if RR came back to A2? How many would back the move if Harbaugh refused us?

At first glance, maybe. . . but the idea of failing twice is just too damned much to consider.


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Again, let's revisit.

Jim Henson = creator of endless entertainment for children and adults alike

Drew Henson = creator, indirectly, of the greatest QB of all time (by pushing Tom Terrific never to miss a throw in practice for 2 years)

Greg Henson = douchebag


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Stipulated: I don't know the first damn thing about him as a sports-talk radio guy, and maybe he's a raving lunatic on air and/or a complete jerk in real life; I have no idea. The first I've heard of him has been in recent months w/all the speculation re: Brandon's job status, and our collective ongoing Harbaugh obsession. But I've been following his website and Twitter for the past couple of months, and he was pretty damn on the spot w/r/t info on Brandon's job status, and has generally been careful, as has Brian here, with distinguishing what he knows for certain from what he is hearing from reliable sources but can't confirm. He also seems (and sure, "seems" doesn't equal "is") pretty well connected both with people in or associated w/Michigan's athletics department, and with former teammates/associates of Harbaugh. Based on everything I've seen so far, if Henson says there is serious interest on both sides (Harbaugh and UM) in making Jim Harbaugh the next coach here, I'm inclined to take it seriously -- not as a slam-dunk, but as a good sign nonetheless.

If I'm wrong to do so, can someone explain why? (I'm genuinely curious; if Henson's been totally wrong about something like this in the past, etc., let me know.)


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second guessing this guys "sources" and you are probably in the same boat. Besides, the last 2 big changes that Michigan has gone through, this guy called it spot on, and 1st.

So, until he get's it wrong, he's got my attention


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they are a good team and people wrote them off way too early.  For the Niners to miss the playoff would require Seattle and either the Lions or the Philly/Dallas loser to beat them out.  I could easily see two of those three teams pooping the bed down the stretch.   


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Not only is there bad blood between Foley and Mullen, but Foley apparently dislikes the spread in spite of having hired Meyer (could have something to do with the way he left the program) hence RR not getting consideration. They will likely hire a pro retread or someone like Dan Quinn or Teryl Ausin with both NFL and UF ties.