Mocha Cub

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Was just about to post this. I'd say the coaches obv knew this was coming with how much they're focusing on Weber. Commence Friday drinking!! Go Blue tho!!!


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Hope he's prepared for a Twitter shitstorm from a bunch of weirdos!

It's better this happened now and not 6 months from now. Good luck to the kid!


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I get that his decommitment has a lot to do with our season last year, but I have trouble believing he's a life long Michigan fan. An upgraded move at coordinator wouldn't cause a life long fan to drop that easily. If it's because of the season results, just say it; don't give me some bullshit about Borges and his HS coach. When he committed, his HS coach was quoted as saying that he told Damien before he committed that coordinators could change, and Michigan could go 0-12, and Damien still decided to commit. Don't get me wrong, however, I wish the kid the best, he's an incredible talent, and by most accounts a stand up kid.


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I get that it's your immediate reaction here, but come on....none of us have all of the details here.  It sure seems like M has put all their eggs in the Weber basket for one.  And while Harris' relationship with Borges didn't help things when he got fired, I'm sure it has more to do with Damien's first brush with what college football is, first and foremost - a business.  And as such, he has to make a business decision more than an emotional one (being an M fan growing up and idolizing Hart).  Let's not forget that Derrick Green grew up a lifelong OSU fan, wears #27 to honor Eddie George and yet he and OSU went their separate ways. 

And most of all, he was 16 when he made his M commitment.  I can't tell you the number of things I absolutely believed at 16 and then 10 months later, completely did not believe anymore.


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The Marx Brothers were comedy geniuses.  I still gets laughs watching YouTube clips of Groucho's TV show You Bet Your Life that I recall watching when they were first broadcast in the '50s.  For my generation, Groucho's quiz question, "Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?" became the standby question to prove how smart (or not so smart) we were.

Plus One for you.


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I think people throw that phrase "fan" around and it means different things to different people. I was a "fan" of the Miami Dolphins growing up because Dan Marino was my favorite player, but I watched maybe 1-2 games per year, and rarely even knew if they won or lost most weekends. Whereas I was also a Michigan fan at the same time and Michigan winning or losing was the difference between me being suicidal or on Cloud 9 for a week. Who knows what he really meant when he said he was a lifelong fan?


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Exactly.  Kids are "fans" of a lot.  I was a Charlotte Hornets fan when I was a kid because I liked Larry Johnson and their colors.  I had a metal Charlotte Hornets waste basket in my bedroom and a Larry Johnson poster.  Not sure I watched more than a few Hornets games a year, or cared to, but when I asked I would say they were my favorite team.  I also had University of Arizona basketball shorts.  Kids' fandoms are weird and often times not terribly strong.


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Thank your avatar and Borges for this in putting Michigan's worst rushing year ever on a platter for Harris to consume in judging his football future at Michigan.  It will sting if he ends up at Ohio, and I will never forgive Funk or Borges for life if this kid turns into the next Barry Sanders.