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Cam Chambers announcing today. Here's to Ohio people saying that Urban didn't want him and MSU people wondering why no one wants to play for them.



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rob f
Kapitan Howard
There were 5, but one saw the error of his ways.  I'm personally waiting for thad to post an actual comment somewhere on the board where the negs will actually matter because these 100+++ negs are doing nothing to him.  He would be wise to just randomnly post a picture of a very cute puppy wearing a funny hat who just was told by his vet that his cancer has gone into remission.  Then I'd at least have to think twice about negging him...

rob f

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Sorry, but I'm not going full-lemming and changing my upvote from hours ago. 

Besides, I don't believe in "jinxes".   My research on one particular type of "jinx" proves that they don't exist---I've stepped on thousands of cracks in my life and my dear old mom still has a healthy back.


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you better deliver the goods man, or you are in big trouble with the mgoworld.   and it's friday too, so you don't want to start a posbang with a negbang.   we're waiting....


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MGrowOld and two of his buddies.  They were commenting on how their bodies were having problems as they grew older.  The first guy said, "I haven't taken a good leak in years...it burns, no steady stream.  Very frustrating."  The second guy says, "I know what you're saying...I haven't had a good shit in over a year.  Nothing is more satisfying nowadays, wish I could take a good duker just once."  MGrowOld chimes in... "I don't have any of those problems.  Every morning at 7am, I have a nice piss...steady stream, no problems.  And then every morning at 7:30, I take a good shit, no problems."  The first guy says, "Well, you MUST have at least one problem to deal with...?"  MGrowOld says, "Yeah actually, I do.  I just wish I could wake up before 8am."

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(NO religious commentary/opinion intended here.)

So St. Peter and Jesus go out to play a round of golf.  First hole is a par three...St Peter hits it nice and straight, and it rolls onto the green.

Jesus is up: he slices it BADLY, over the fence and into the street, bounces off a truck, flies HIGH in the air and lands on a house.  The ball rolls down the back of the roof, into the gutter, down the spout, bounces three times on the flagstone path to the lake and lands on a lilly pad.  A frog grabs it with his mouth, after which a hawk swoops down and grabs the frog.  As he's flying away, the frog croaks, dropping the ball.  The ball falls onto the green, bounces twice, and rolls into the cup!

St. Peter looks over at Jesus and says: "So are we gonna play golf, or are you just gonna fuck around?


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Here you go.  So this golf-loving church pastor wakes up on a Sunday morning and it is just the most beautiful day in the world.  Sun shining, birds singing, and the pastor thinks: man, I really do not want to do three church services today, cooped up inside on a perfect day for golf like this.  So he calls up the deacon and starts fake-coughing, going, "hey, I am just feeling terrible this morning, can you cover church services for me and apologize to everyone for my absence?"  The deacon agrees and the pastor immediately splits for the golf course.

One of the angels in heaven sees this and runs off to tell God immediately.  "Hey, God, there's this priest down there and he totally just lied to get out of church and now he's playing golf."  "Oh, don't worry," says God, "I'll fix him."

So on the first tee the pastor hits absolutely the most beautiful shot of his life and it rolls straight into the cup, a hole-in-one.  The pastor is so happy, jumping around for joy.  And the angel goes to God and says, "hey, I thought You said You were gonna deal with this guy and now You let him get a hole in one on his first shot?  How is that fair?"  And God says, "Yeah, but, who is he going to tell?"


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'ba dum bump' is the onomatopeia for the drum beat that accompanies the delivery of a punch line by those cheesey comedians.   think henny youngman, 'take my wife, please!'

not down south tonight, though we are headed to colorado sunday for camping, rock climbing, waterskiing, fly-fishing and i even get to do a (short) triathlon.   so it's all good even if we're not in da UP. 


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Crystal ball seems to be pointing our way but I thought I heard rumblings that Sam Webb wasn't sure and that all CB picks were just because he came off a visit. He very well could go blue but I'm going to taper my excitement till I actually see it first.


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@RivalsFriedman I hope you're right, I feel like it'll be Michigan unfortunately! They really press kids to commit early, where msu doesn't

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what a joke!!


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Considering Chambers extended his visit from 1 day to 2 days at UM (and this was after he was there the first day, so clearly he was impressed enough that he wanted to stay another day), that has to be pretty counterintuitive to this "wanted to commit to MSU, but BBQ delayed it" sentiment.  I guess we'll find out soon enough, but I'd be a little bit surprised if it weren't M.