Summer Torrents: 2013 Football - Indiana at Michigan

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.torrent here -

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Ok I'm going to ask a question I've always felt like I was suppose to already know the answer to.  What in the hell is a "Torrent" and how is it different from video highlights that posters like Wolverine Historian put up?  



June 24th, 2014 at 9:58 AM ^

a torrent is a unique file that has some interesting properties. One way to think about a .torrent file is that you're actually downloading a telephone book of sorts - the .torrent file contains a few things - the address of a relay point, where both sharers and downloaders address make a connection to each to download the desired content.

when you download a file from the internet, chances are you're making a direct connection to the place where you're downloading something from. A .torrent file works a little bit differently - you'll need a program to open the .torrent file (uTorrent has historically been pretty popular) and that program will interpret the data within .torrent file to connect to a relay point, which will then establish a connection to someone who is sharing the file.

Torrents are considered Peer-to-Peer - while the relay acts the intermediary, the connection is facilitated through uploaders and downloaders. There is no direct connection through a website, everything is decentralized to an extent through the .torrent file.