Michigan: OL U?

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There is a post below about UM being a QB U.  Well, ESPN has this article that UM is almost the OL U.  The only school above us is Alabama.

The article says:

"If any program was going to threaten Alabama’s claim on the top spot, it was Michigan, which has enjoyed a ridiculous run of success along the offensive line. Four first-round picks (Jeff Backus, Steve Hutchinson, Jake Long and Taylor Lewan) include one (Long) who was the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft. Throw in five consensus All-Americans, two national award winners and 21 All-Big Ten selections. The 2000s were truly a great time to be a Michigan offensive lineman."


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Cool Story, Bro:  I was in Dallas on business lately, and I was at the same hotel as the Texas Tech coaching staff.  I hung out with one of the assistants at the bar for a while, a guy who played DT at Auburn in the early 2000s.  When I told him I went to Michigan he said, "I was a great DT in college.  I had the better of every offensive lineman I went up against.  Except when we played Michigan in that bowl - Steve Hutchinson made me eat dirt all day long.  He was on another level."


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Great story Wolvin...

I was at the Northwestern game when Michigan had Hutchinson and Backus on the O line with Henson and A Train in the backfield and Marquis Walker I think it was 2000.  How did we lose that year?


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Game at the Rose Bowl. Hottest damn game I've ever been to. People were passing out in the sands and it was like 130 degrees in the field they were saying. I've never so pissed from a game.


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I truly believe the talent on the line is at the top of the Big Ten and the simplified scheme from Nuss will allow them to play ball. You can't have five guys hesitating on their calls. They will be drilled over and over to play on the snap with drive and instinct. We will have a strong line this year. Be ready for a good fall.


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under Bo. When Moeller took over, only then did we begin concentrating on the truly elite in regard to the skill position that saw us bring in so many qbs and wide receivers that went on to enjoy success at the next level, it was simply ridiculous.  Prior to that, the OL was responsible for so many AA RBs and even a few wrs that were drafted but that did not stick that Tex Schramm, then GM for the Cowboys stated, "Michigan must be the most well coached team in America because their players, when they get to this level simply aren't among the elite."  So true. Those who did stay were, of course the OLmen. Hell, Bo's first group sent the entire right side to the NFL Hall of Fame with names like McKenzie, Deirdorf and Mandich. What a tough act to follow, but those that did were up to the task.

Then came Moeller whose stay was too short but started a trend that at one time, beginning with Elvis, and not stopping until Threat and the walk-on, understandable. Although Jim H. was the first there was a period until we brought in the option qb, Elvis and his pitch man, Howard.   And, of course, the receivers we produced are definitely worth mentioning.  But something all of Bo's coaches learned was that it all began with the OL and the numbers are staggering.  I recall one season where the entire OL was drafted and stuck and the center, the only one that was not was offered a try out with the RedSkins. Truly a legacy to be proud of.