OT: World Cup Day 1 Open Thread

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I was like a kid on Christmas Eve last night. So excited for the next month.



June 12th, 2014 at 4:49 PM ^

I don't like how many of these games are scheduled during normal work hours, but I work an eccentric work day dictated by hours of my demand, so I can go in from 6 AM to 2 PM tomorrow and make it in time for Spain - Netherlands, I hope :| 

Also noted B1G broadcaster Mike Tirico is doing halftime right now 


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Is better then it usually is but let's pretend FIFA doesn't care about Europeans watching. Most days final game starts at 6 ET, makes it midnight in central Europe. Diehards will stay up and watch and still creates a prime-time type game for the Eastern US.


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The reason flopping is so prevalent in soccer is because the reward is 100x greater. In basketball, a flop just gives you possession. And it's easier to decipher flops or non flops because the refs are right on top of you. A dive in soccer could give you a great shot at a goal with a pk. And the refs are usually farther away, with three of them, but only one in the field. Think about how much players would try to get away with stuff in the NFL if all they had was two line judges and one official on the field? They need to punish diving as much as it's possible reward for it to decrease significantly. Red cards for it, even if they are given after the match would be bettet

Doc Brown

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Easy NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL to name a few. NBA and NHL have major problems with game fixing in their reffing crew. I don't buy for a second the NFL's drug testing policy or their push to protect player safety. Same goes for MLB's fight against PED. At least advanced sabermetrics has leveled the playing field in MLB. 


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For a fringe soccer fan like me that call makes me not want to watch much more of this World Cup. Especially when the announcers say things like that is the first of many controversies.


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I could not disagree more.  That was the farthest thing from "toying" with them.  Scoring opportunities were essentially even, and the result was largely dictacted by a terrible piece of officiating.  Overall, Brazil was sloppy, lazy on defense, and very lucky to come away with the win.


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...it's unfortunate there isn't more Serie A on American television. For some reason a lot of American soccer fans seem to think that having more possssion should mean you're winning the game.

For me the only stretch of the game where Croatia was clearly worse was that last 20 minutes or so when they had the ball and were open to an inevitable counter.


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They were clearly worse than Brazil for the entire first half.  For some reason some people think that just because the score was tied, one team is dominating a game.