I hope we never come to this (FSU cheating report release)

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Whether we're recovering from 3-9 or trying to stay 12-0, I hope we never see these days... This one quote alone is enough,
"-- Former academic adviser Brenda Monk, who resigned after being implicated, said one athlete she was accused of helping cheat had an IQ of 60 and couldn't read the test questions."

From ESPN article on the FIA release of the FSU cheating scandal a year or two ago:



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"Florida State president T.K. Wetherell told the committee the university was "embarrassed," but pointed out the school reported the violations itself and has cooperated with the NCAA. He also argued no coaches, boosters or donors were involved
but blamed academics who failed to follow university policy.




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Not especially. Achieving that level of success in athletic or academics requires a large time commitment. Many people can focus on one or the other and do well, but very few people are talented and committed enough to achieve excellence in both.

It's more along the lines of Florida State sends letters to all the people that run 4.4 40's, and only the nimrods are willing to go to school there.

Blue in Yarmouth

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I have always considered smart and intellegent two different things.

My father always said I was very intellegent and had all the ability I needed to get perfect grades and be brilliant in school, but he said I wasn't smart because I was letting that ability go to waste. To him (and me as well now) intellegence is kind of a potential while smarts is how a person utilizes that potential.

It isn't websters version, but just my take on smarts and intellegence.


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Does anybody else feel really bad for guys who, rather than being lazy, are just completely incapable of succeeding in a college academic setting, yet are forced to go through it if they want to play the sport they excel at? If you have a 60 IQ, you have almost no chance at success in any field (probably even athletics) so it sucks to see these guys get cast aside just because their physical ability relates to a sport that you basically have to play in college to pursue (as oppposed to baseball, b-ball to some extent, hockey, and any individual sport). Not sure there is a solution but these stories always sadden me.


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after reading this story, i felt bad for the kid. i can understand some people's vitriol toward a university willing to greatly compromise it's standards, but if this kid can't make it in football, he will probably be living (and most likely raising a family) under the poverty level for a good portion of his life.


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Can a person with an IQ of 60 really grasp a college football playbook? (An IQ below 70 is considered mentally retarded.) I wonder if this adviser is telling the truth or just trying to cover her butt.


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Thanks jm. Someone with an IQ of 60 would most likely be unable to function in daily life. They would most likely not have gotten TO let alone THROUGH highschool or tested high enough on entrance exams to be cleared by the NCAA. I would imagine this is a situation of someone not really knowing what IQ is. IQ of 60 would put this person well out into the third deviation and would mean that greater than 99/100 people are smarter than he is. Not likely he would have made it.


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It would be very difficult to pick up the entire playbook, but there are positions where that isn't really necessary. Every year at the NFL combine you will see a handful of frighteningly low intelligence tests (can't remember what it is called due to brain cramp) and they almost always come from DT's and CB's. A guy with the physical tools can some times have success at those positions without necessarily knowing what is going on around him.

EDIT: This info basically just relates to someone who is really unintelligent. Not sure if a 60 IQ is just so low that even functioning in society is impossible as the poster above suggests.


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I think the test at the NFL combine is called the Wonderlick or something like that. I seem to remember that O-linemen on average score the best on the thing, and QBs have both very high (I think a QB from Harvard ended up with a perfect score) and low (Vince Young had a 7 out of 40, or something like that).

I also seem to remember seeing some of the questions (or similar) on the web after the combine earlier this year - I don't know how much of it is intelligence versus common sense/logical thinking.


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I guess I would tend to think that Bowden would have enough experience in the wonerful world of football to be able to pick out a dip shit when he gets to know one but I guess not. Maybe at the ripe old age of 153 or whatever he is he is slipping. I saw an interview with him earlier this week where he said that he wants to leave with his team on the top, so appearanlty that is not happening soon.
EDIT: just thinking about something here. With that little actual intelligence required to get in to FSU I wonder why Tyrell Pryor did not go there. maybe he wasn't smart enough to figure that out though.


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be honest. Whether you're a Michigan homer or not, it's a pretty fair statement to say you're completely in bewilderment as to why (having Rolle's obvious football skills and intellectual acumen) a given person wouldn't choose a place that would have made both goals more easily persuable. Perhaps knowing you're the big fish in a small pond on the academic side?

I agree, he made what he wanted out of it. Good for him.


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He is the type of kid that would have been a success anywhere. I'm sure he could have been tested a little more academically at UM (with all due respect to FSU as an institution), but it isn't like playing for the 'Noles is the equivalent of playing intramurals (insert Dan Hawkins quote). Also, seems like he's accomplished quite a bit in the academic arena considering he earned a Rhodes Scholarship.

That being said, I so still wish we could have signed him.