Chase out of Senior Bowl due to injury

Submitted by Wolverine In Iowa 68 on January 17th, 2019 at 4:36 PM

Both Baumgardner at the Freep and MLive are reporting that Chase has pulled out of the Senior Bowl due to injury.  Nothing official has been disclosed, but the reports are saying a possible injury to one or both ankles (depending on which rumor you read).

Bummer for Chase, hope he heals up and is able to to make a showing at the Combine.

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I feel so bad for him. He was seemingly healthy for his whole productive time at Michigan until the worst possible time (for his future earnings).

fucking bummer. 


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Yes and I read an article on ESPN after the OSU game but before the Peach Bowl quoting Chase about "definitely" playing in the Senior Bowl.  He said that it was one of his goals.  The injury must be more severe than we thought or has been aggravated by playing through it.

edit:  Didn't read the part about "one or both ankles" which obviously aren't connected to the injury he suffered in the Indian game to my knowledge.  Sounds like a different injury entirely.


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I'll never blame anybody for putting their future earnings first to not play in a relative meaningless game. However, to be honest, I can't lie and say I'll look back on the legacies of Gary and Higdon w/ the same fondness as Chase. 

Wolverine In Iowa 68

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From what I understand (from all the reports I read) Gary played hurt all season.  His shoulder was injured before the ND game and he was not 100%, which affected him all season.  Even after they sat him the few games, there's no guarantee he got back to 100%, and may need surgery to correct the injury.  We don't know, because it was never fully disclosed.  I'm more inclined to give him a partial pass.


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Gary's lack of production (compared to his #1 recruit status) is one thing. That happens. It's disappointing that he was good, but not great, but from all accounts he was really hurt for over a year and he gave it his all to come back and try to win games and did contribute, though not quite as much as we hoped.

Higdon, on other hand, had no first (or second) day draft position to protect, wasn't injured, and most importantly was a senior captain. Him skipping the bowl game is a "dead to me" situation. I don't wish him ill, but I'm not going to spend any time rooting for him either (for the very little that is worth).


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Very sorry to read this. This was a kid who gave his all to M football. I hope and pray for a full recovery for him and a great pro career. One of my all time M favorites for sure.