Saturday Morning Psycho #11: It Matters! Ed.

Submitted by SMart WolveFan on December 29th, 2018 at 10:16 AM

Who's skipping the bowl?; Certainly not PsYcHos!

To be fair though, my best delusions have decided to focus on less amature matters, so you're gonna see some new synapse, getting extra snaps; hope the youngsters are up to it.

First off, like to thank Brian and community for the platform, it's a great way to to connect to Michigan fandom and it was a great season to do it. Too bad about the whole "avalanche right before the summit" thing.

For those uninitiated, here's what I've been up to on Sat Morn:





psycho:#6 (we don't need no 5)






So I have to be honest, when I first came up with the idea for the "psycho" theme it was to poke fun at the fan base, since it was in full BPONE from the Notre Dame loss and, let's face it, the fan base is waaaay too reactionary which makes us an easy target. Of course, as the season progressed I just wanted to enjoy the ride like everybody else.



So, WTF?




Ok, guys ...this looks reaally bad. That is a big number.

How can this be anything other than bad?

Well, let's reframe the narrative ....with this number: 23.

Our team went to Columbus as a "paper favorite", carried the pressure that comes with it and, without knowing, ran straight into the "Urban's last The Game" nut hump; they probably had lost the game before they hit the field.

But in retrospect, the fact UofM was able to keep it close till the 3rd quarter, even though they were being dominated in every aspect, shows an excellent amount of "spine steel" that will pay dividends in future big games where they will be the favorite.

Of course, in the "final score analysis" they got embarrassed.

Technically, they went on the road as a favorite, against a more talented team motivated by a "legendary coach swan song" scenario (we know how that worked out for Lloyd Carr against ...who?) and in the end they lost by 23 points.

So, 23 points is still pretty bad, right? Probably an indication of a program heading the wrong way, correct?

Hmmm ...good question. If only there were a recent precedent that might put a loss like this in context?

Wait there is!


October 19, 2013

A fifth year coach, who was 2-5 against his "rivals", who had never been ranked higher than 6th and never finished a season in the top 10, finally is ranked in the top 3 and a favorite against it's main rival, specifically the more talented team who stands in the way of national success. 

Best thing for them was that it was a HOME GAME!

The stars were aligning; it's under the lights and in one of the hardest venues to play as an away team.

Annnnnnnnd? was 27-7 at the half, the home fans were getting a jump on the traffic and they got absolutely demoralized 55-14. AT HOME.

So ....time for a new coach right? Couldn't possibly be heading in the right direction, correct?

33 games later they were playing in the CFP championship game, 12 months later they were crowned Champs!

You guessed it, it was your boy Dabo Swinney:



Dabo, the constant reminder to us all to "believe in your dreams" and ....use the force ...I guess.

Heck, Clemson would have to watch their rival celebrate a Championship that year, they would still go on to lose the next TWO games against rival's, to fall to 2-9 and it would still be a couple years before their rival would lose their championship coach. And somehow the fan base still believed and got the ultimate reward for it. Heck I hope they do it this year too.

Best thing is, Michigan has a good chance to get to the playoffs next year not that their main rival's legendary coach is gone.

I still like where this team is headed.





Congrats to Dudek and the staff on a great class! Especially those defensive recruits!

I finally know what Gus' children were talking about:


It means "#goonsquad19 is gooooood"

Game Prediction: 

Have no clue but I sure am excited to see some new faces.







SMart WolveFan

December 29th, 2018 at 2:05 PM ^


Wow what a shocker, stubbornness prevails!

Hopefully, the influx of talent in the last couple years can execute this better next year than this team did, cuz don't look like we'll see much in the terms of variety.

Of course, if Turner's foot stays in, maybe we actually enjoy that first half.


December 31st, 2018 at 4:00 PM ^

Skipping the Game.    Having Higdon, Bush and Gary skip the game had to have hurt.    "The Team. The Team. The Team!"  "Those who stay will be champions."  This whole skipping the bowl game thing is contrary to football.  Yes they could get hurt, but they could get hurt walking down the street, riding a 4-wheeler, or stretching.  NCAA needs to fix this because it completely ruins the bowl games.