Getting Offense NFL Pipeline on Par with Defense

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The macro-level key now 4 years in for Jim Harbaugh going forward is to recruit and then develop guys much better on offense to match the ongoing NFL player development and replacement level on defense.

Top recruits pay attention to program results and draft picks/NFL careers. Not single game results. Recruiting a young man passionate about the game of football yet staring at a 3-4 year slog of school/"school" and constant practice begins with showing them how you got similar young men into immediate future wealth and NFL opportunity.

Harbaugh, Don Brown and Michigan are consistently doing this with defenders at all three levels. Bush and Gary will further that trend. Other guys from the pipeline are getting meaningful snaps in the NFL.

A similar trend has to start on offense. We need legitimate 1st and 2nd round talent developed NOW. In 2019. And from there a trend set up. There's no more excuses. And at all 3 levels (line, QB/RB, WRs). If it can't be done with this staff then this 10-3 late season "meh" might be the ceiling. Get it done! 



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We need to stop shitting the bed defensively at the worst possible time. Good players come to good programs to win games and look good on TV. Good players then get drafted by the NFL. 





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The defensive pipeline into NFL is pretty solid and intact. Some corrosion and rust but good sound structure thanks to Don Brown and Mattison. We've put a very good number of Defensive linemen into NFL last 5-6 years. Now Bush will be our guy for LBs. Secondary has put in players like Jordan and Peppers.


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And I'm saying that none of that matters. Kids get to the NFL playing at dogshit MAC teams. No player is under the radar to the NFL. If you're a baller, the NFL finds you. 

Kids aren't coming to Michigan because it's their best shot to make the NFL. If anything, coming to Michigan and getting to hand off 40 times a game while passing to WRs in some 1980s route combination is actually bad for a top level QB. 


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Wrong. Guys know who puts players in good draft positions and Michigan, other programs market to them with that info. NFL draft is huge for recruiting. The NFL draft is watched by all football fans, coaches and top recruits for a reason. There's a reason Dabo and Saban and hell, even Shaw from Stanford stop by the ESPN set to rave about "their guys". It's a major market signal and one that is vital for on field success. We badly need an NFL pipeline on offense or this program will be stuck in gear.


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Guys know who puts players in good draft positions and Michigan, other programs market to them with that info.

Is English your native language? Here's the order of events

1) Get good players to come

2) Coach them adequately

3) Win some important games

4) Repeat




10) Players go to the NFL

You don't get players to the NFL in hopes that more good players will come. Teams that get players to the NFL have tons of good players that will end up in the NFL... because their teams are good. 


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Harbaugh likes to play "complementary" football but so far its been the Offense complementing the defense after an opponent TD drive by doing little to answer. 

The defense is fine. The NFL pipeline exists. The reason we aren't winning big games is offense. Consistently and utterly come up short on that side.


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His offensive recruits haven't been eligible for the nfl. That starts after next year.  There will be 3 wr taken in first 2 rounds. A te could go this year,  but if not,  will definitely be a top 3 round pick.  Bredeson, onwenu, and Ruiz will all be top 3 round picks. 


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Ok you're making my point for me. Key is to build and grow this pipeline. Absolute MUST. For michigan, being in a state without a big natural football base or booming population like Florida, Georgia, Texas means we need to be a pipeline school. Not seeing it on offense so far. Has to change ASAP.


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What im saying is that i think you're concerned over something that physically could not happen before 2019. Regardless of how this upcoming season goes,  these guys will all be top 3 round picks,  based on potential alone.  They haven't been eligible for the draft.  I think it happens this year. Now,  your point i think is absolutely on point for 2020. There has to be some of the lower ranked talent (ronnie bell,  Oliver Martin,  etc) that gets drafted.  Unfortunately,  if the offense doesn't evolve,  those guys won't get the benefit of the doubt the way the 2019 class will. Im not saying Oliver Martin is lower ranked,  i realize he was a highly sought after 4 star.  He just hasn't had too much of an opportunity yet to prove himself. 


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Perhaps, but the defensive coaches have been flat out better at developing the talent that Harbaugh inherited than on the offensive side of the ball. The offensive talent that Harbaugh inherited was not far behind the defensive talent recruiting rankings wise. The big difference is the that defense seems to regularly turn 3 star recruits into drafted NFL players, while the high-ranked offensive recruits that we managed to get seem to frequently end up as busts or transfers. 


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Next preseason you will have DPJ and Nico both be considered potential 2-3 round picks. By the end of season, both and Black will be considered solid NFL picks. The only concern with Black is his injuries. Ronnie Bell and Oliver Martin (rs) show potential as freshmen to develop into pros. 

Shea and DMac are both projected NFL-caliber and likely to be drafted. Shea needs to work on setting his feet and throwing deeper for runners to get under. He’s nowhere near as good as Murray or Tua. I can see DMac overtake Shea if meritocracy wins out, a la Trevor Lawrence.  Milton has the tangibles, if Harbaugh can develop him—he has star potential.

Cesar Ruiz and Brederson are going to get drafted, as will Onwenu. 

Gentry will be drafted, but his stock is higher if he returns and shows more consistent hands. 

Running back has been the biggest place where we need to find the next Chris Perry or Wheatley or Biakabatuka. I hope Charbonnet is that guy—Harbaugh seems overtly high on him more than he’s been on other incoming backs in the past. I believe they think he is an immediate difference maker. If he comes in and goes off, that may actually help bring in more elite RBs who seem to spurn or toy with us. 

Higdon is a blue collar back; he will be drafted but likely not higher than 5th round unless he somehow runs a 4.4 or sub 4.5. 

Ger Sauden

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Don't forget to give credit to Greg Mattison. He started the NFL pipeline before Jim Harbaugh got here.


On a lighter note....

This Michigan fan just read on his phone Jim Harbaugh said he's not making personnel changes. The guy was hoping to hear Pep Hamilton was fired, ;-)




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Speed and especially quickness are missing from this offense. Watching Oklahoma vs Alabama made this very obvious. Nobody on Michigan can really accelerate to that elite level like those guys can. I go back to the spring combine we did in 2017. Our fastest running back was Evans with only a 4.64! And none of our guys are particularly overpowering. Is it really a surprise we can't run the ball against other elite teams?