Caden Kolesar Takes a Grey Shirt At Michigan

Submitted by CincyBlue on December 11th, 2018 at 9:12 AM

Yes, this is John's son.  He played Safety at St. Edwards in Ohio.  1st team All-Oho   24/7 lists him as a 3 star.



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There's nothing unethical about seeing Michigan's defense looking completely unprepared and lost in the OSU game and thinking "fuck that, I'm going somewhere that the coaches know what they're doing". 

Saban is scum and Alabama is a shit hole state, but Alabama the football team NEVER looks clueless. Harbaugh and his staff fucked that game up so badly. 


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Interesting to me is that "1st Team All-Ohio" generally carries some weight for recruiting stars. I know it's not an exact science but it's a fairly talent rich state in which he took high honors amongst his peers.


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I seem to recall that John Kolesar was undersized as well. A friend of mine lived in South Quad and ran into him in the elevator once, said he couldn’t believe he was on the football team.

But man, what a big time playmaker he was for Michigan, all four years. Fast. Good hands. Just a terrifIc player. 

And a veritable Buckeye killer. 


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John was listed at 5'10" and 187 lbs

In a modern strength program, they will get Caden to about 200 lbs (without losing his speed). 

Would love to see that first practice where Harbaugh yell's out "Hey, Kolesar, go deep" and lofts a beautiful ball to his former flanker's son.


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Matt Brown had these accolades and is a walk-on at Michigan (I'm guessing because 6' 220# linebackers aren't considered good prospects unless they are Devin Bush fast):

Honors and Rankings
• USA-Today All-Ohio Defensive Player of the Year
• Named Ohio’s Division I Defensive Player of the Year by the Associated Press
• Member of Maxpreps 2016 Football All American team
• OHSAA Defensive Player of the Year honors
• Also lettered in lacrosse, where he was two-time All-State (second team, senior; third team, junior) and was Defensive MVP as a junior and Team MVP as a senior
• Two-time All-Greater Cleveland Conference and two-time first team All-Northeast region honoree


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Good looking athlete on film, but under-sized to get ranked higher than 3-stars.  Get him in the strength program for a year and see what he can do.  Great bloodlines and has football instincts like his Dad.  1st team All-Ohio means he is a baller at that level.  Hope that translates to the D1 college level with more maturity and size.  Special teams contributor for sure. 

Mike Damone

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If he's John's kid - he is good with me. 

His Dad had some talent - but double the heart.  What a terrific, gutsy Michigan receiver he was back in the late 80's.



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He won the 1988 Ohio State game pretty much all by himself.

Ohio State scored to put Michigan down late in the 4th quarter.  Kolesar took the kickoff all the way back to OSU territory.  Then he scored the game winning TD on the next play on a bomb from Demetrius Brown that he adjusted to in mid-air while the Ohio State DBs fell to the ground in futility.

The good old days. 


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Can this kid beat OSU? Answer more than likely is no.

Only reason he gets a grey shirt is because his dad played at Michigan. Big yawn on this one and of course he will get to take a scholarship up for 4 years don't forget that. 

Arb lover

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Guy is fast, and looks good on film. Obviously well taught. Sounds like he could be a real steal. 

I know people mentioned size and stars, but did he focus on Michigan camps instead of going all over? He obviously loves Michigan. That absolutely impacts recruiting rating (Ronnie bell), and might be a factor here as well.