Tom Brady d'GOAT: TD King...surpasses Peyton Manning today

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"With his 2-yard touchdown pass to Julian Edelman in the second quarter of Sunday's shocking 34-33 loss to the Miami Dolphins, Brady broke a tie for the most touchdown tosses, including playoffs, in NFL history. The pass helped the Patriots jump out to a 13-7 lead.

Brady now stands at 580 career touchdown passes. He tied Peyton Manning's mark of 579 career TD passes during last week's win over the Minnesota Vikings."



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What's truly amazing is that there are any QB records left that he hasn't broken already.

I thought he had moved on to RB records at this point.



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I thought Belichek botched today up on his last drive up by 2 points.  1st down and goal from the 7 and he played to chew clock and kick a field goal.

On 4th down inside the 5 yard line with 16 seconds left why not go for it?  I would estimate about a 40 percent chance if they threw to the end zone and if they get it it is game over.  A penalty on Miami would mean they could likely waste the time.  And if you don't get it then Miami is 97 yards away with about 10 seconds and no timeouts.

Why kick a field goal, be up less than 1 TD and risk a big return and better field position for a final play?


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I thought the same thing but I don't have a big problem with the mindset. All the Dolphins would need would be a fg so a Hail Mary could have worked too from the Endzone.

At the end of the day, running the clock down and kicking the fg was reasonable but was not smart was Miami was 70 yards away so they couldn't throw it 70 yards so having Gronk playing safety was stupid.

They should have rushed about 3 guys, contain and max protect. I saw Jones? on one play look like he was tired. Combination of coaching and heat for the loss.

Avant's Hands

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I'm happy for Tom and all, but as  Dolphins fan I'm happier for the end of that game. That was amazing. I thought Drake was free once he cut up field, then felt let down when I saw another level of defenders, then I realized it was only Gronk and started yelling.