OT: Recreational marijuana officially legal in Michigan

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"Michigan on Thursday became the 10th state to have legal recreational marijuana. Washington D.C. also allows recreational use of the product.

The new law, which passed via ballot measure last month, took effect Thursday at midnight. Michiganders age 21 and older will now be allowed to carry up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, the highest recreational carry limit in the nation.

People will also be able to keep 10 ounces in their home and grow up to 12 marijuana plants for personal use.

Smoking marijuana in public will still be illegal, including on porches or in driveways outside of a private residence . . . ."

And for those people curious about the history of Hash Bash in Ann Arbor:  

The very first Hash Bash was held on Saturday (April 1st, 1972). In response to the March 9th 1972 decision by Michigan Supreme Court declaring (unconstitutional) the law used to convict cultural activist John Sinclair for possession of two marijuana joints. This action left the State of Michigan without a law prohibiting the use of marijuana until after the weekend of April 1, 1972. Chef Ra was a fixture of the Hash Bash for 19 consecutive years before his death in late 2006.


Remember Hash Bash is now on the first Saturday of April at high noon on the University of Michigan Diag.



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Here is a link to the article I quoted in the beginning:  https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/420008-legal-recreational-pot-begins-in-michigan

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Exactly. I have no more problem with my guys getting stoned on their own time as drunk on their own time. The problem is going to be if they have a random drug test or a test after an incident, there's no way to tell if they were under the influence at that moment like with alcohol.


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I just got back from Vegas last weekend (where it is also legal) and wondered how do the airlines/security treat marijuana if somebody is taking it on a plane? It's legal in Nevada but illegal in Ohio so what do they do if someone were to purchase it there and bring it home with them? Hypothetically of course.

Asking for a friend.

Smegmatic Blue

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Interstate Commerce gives regulation to the Feds, where it is still illegal.

The way to get around this is to buy a bunch of weed gummies. Nobody has a clue about those things. 

However, as someone who has brought drugs on airplanes quite a few times, they really aren't looking that hard. I actually wonder if they would do anything.

Benoit Balls

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not for nothing, but its pretty easy to get it on a plane. They dont really care about that stuff (especially if its only a small "personal" amount). Theyre looking for bombs, not a dime bag.  If you were concerned, there are measures you could take (rolling joints and putting them in a pack of cigarettes for example. They are definitely not looking THAT hard).  OTOH, if yure trying to take a duffel bag full, it may be time to consider FedEx. You know...hypothetically


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some of the statute is here:

 Notwithstanding any other law or provision of this act, and except as otherwise provided in section 4 of this act, the following acts by a person 21 years of age or older are not unlawful, are not an offense, are not grounds for seizing or forfeiting property, are not grounds for arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, are not grounds for search or inspection, and are not grounds to deny any other right or privilege:

(a) except as permitted by subdivision (b), possessing, using or consuming, internally possessing, purchasing, transporting, or processing 2.5 ounces or less of marihuana, except that not more than 15 grams of marihuana may be in the form of marihuana concentrate;

(b) within the person's residence, possessing, storing, and processing not more than 10 ounces of marihuana and any marihuana produced by marihuana plants cultivated on the premises and cultivating not more than 12 marihuana plants for personal use, provided that no more than 12 marihuana plants are possessed, cultivated, or processed on the premises at once;

(c) assisting another person who is 21 years of age or older in any of the acts described in this section; and

(d) giving away or otherwise transferring without remuneration up to 2.5 ounces of marihuana, except that not more than 15 grams of marihuana may be in the form of marihuana concentrate, to a person 21 years of age or older, as long as the transfer is not advertised or promoted to the public.

Link to the whole bevy of statutes that cover it is here: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(cxlwqayrwv1kmwhuhp4vi0cp))/mileg.aspx?page=getObject&objectName=mcl-Initiated-Law-1-of-2018


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The way I understand it, airport security has to refer any potential criminal acts directly to the police at the airport, usually local or state port authoity cops, which means they operate by state laws. They might detain you for a bit and possibly confiscate your herb, but I haven't read of anyone arrested. I'm also not an attorney. 


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I live in Livingston County which has been extremely aggressive going after the opioid dealers.  My son is in Boy Scouts and is working on his merit badge in law.  One of the requirements was to interview law enforcement officers.  The wisdom passed on from the accounts of opioid addicts was alcohol is the gateway to pot and pot is the gateway to heroin.  The son of the family that previously occupied the house we live in is dead from you know what.   Congratulations on lubing the gateway to hell by promoting a culture that the answer to all problems is chemical medication.

BOX House

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No, I attacked the poster because he conflated marijuana with chemical dependence (no such thing) and said pot-smokers were "lubing the gateway to hell". 

You tell me I'm lubing the gateway to hell, I have the same message for you. 

also, milkman has never claimed to be in public health. Might want to get a reading comprehension check done, champ.


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Not sure what you're trying to convey in your message, but your demonized view of pot is outdated and lacks modern perspective. The fact that you tried to equate opioid danger and weed as a gateway drug shows that you have a lack of understanding of what marijuana can do for people safely that opioids cannot do (and have not done, LEGALLY, for decades). If anything, pot is a gateway drug to smoking, since vaping is very popular among youths (Utes?).

BTW, for your son's merit badge, maybe have him research how drug companies keep producing higher dose opioids, and the FDA keeps approving them (some of them are thousands of times stronger than fentanyl). That's a bigger part of the problem than legalized weed possession, IMO.


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Its not what law enforcement said.  It was what the addicts said.  I am very well aware of BS that big Pharma is pulling on society.  Just another aspect of solution through self medication.  Most people are not smoking pot for some kind of medical relief.  I have a friend who is in the heavy diesel engine repair business.  With overtime this is six figure profession that requires no education except an apprenticeship.  Yet while everyone whines about a living wage, his company can't get enough people because no one can pass a piss test.   I don't care if pot is legal or not.  What scares the crap out of me when what is more important in a society is not what you are going to do be it today or tomorrow, but when one's entire world is motivated about when you are getting high again.

As someone who has lost a ton of friends way to early, I say how dare you say I have no clue!