All-Encompassing Which Bar You Watching At Thread

Submitted by Seth on November 24th, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Rather than 20 threads on this today here's one thread that should remain on top until gametime. Let the other mgobloggers where you plan to be.

You can also check our general sticky, which has 9 years of data on bars all over the world, here:…




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Also after posting this my wife informed me the place I was planning to watch closed, so I'm a Metro-Detroit free agent (with a few buddies). No big loss--Champps had bad food and didn't know the first thing about beer temperature--but I used to go there to hobnob with local football coaches.


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Craft Republic in Albuquerque (former Fox and Hound.) Place sucks, too - have a crew that will be looking for a new one. Buckeye alums doing same thing - we share the place. Hopefully no hassles between today and next weekend.


Broken Brilliance

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Leaning towards Vitales in Zeeland, MI. Drove here from Detroit last night to have a late Thanksgiving dinner tonight with my fiance's family. Also considering The Office, Goog's, or Bdubbs. 

Anyone from Zeeland or Holland feel free to weigh in. I'm not from here.


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Welcome to town!

Big E’s in Holland is a good one.

Vitales is not a bad choice and is the only choice in Zeeland.

Monellis but it’s in Byron center.

I have buddies going to City Vu (Holland). They have theatre seating with a big screen and drinks served at your seat.... at least that’s what they tell me.  I would be there if I could find a sitter for 3 kids.

There are many more. Just can’t think of them at the moment. 


Edit: The office is a shit hole.  Don’t go there.


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My brother's house is basically a garage on top of a bar and it was the perfect place to go watch the game except he is a Spartan and one of his best friends from college had to move out of his girlfriend's house and while the guy is cool in all other facets, he can't watch Michigan sports without becoming an intolerable troll, brother joins him. Watched Rutger there and that was the last time I'll watch Michigan with them.


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Zach Smith's mom's basement bar. (Its where he lives now). Anyways,

I got a bet with him. If Michigan wins, he'll get really drunk and tweet out Urbz secrets.

Of course, if OSU wins he'll get really drunk and beat out (his words, not mine) "Urbz Secrets". 

He just painted the walls white. I want to leave.

KC Wolve

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Jealous of you guys but I can't do it. One it is pain here in KC to get them to switch on the volume as there are normally local schools playing. Two, it makes me even more nervous. I'll be in my basement. I'm sure my 6 year old will make an appearance for at least part of the game, but I will be left alone for the most part. I went out of my way to buy some 2 Hearted yesterday to enjoy and hopefully celebrate. Game starts at 11 here and i will try not to start drinking too early, but I'm sure I won't be able to resist once kickoff starts. I want a win first and foremost obviously, but I would love I nice steady ass kicking where there is no doubt. Have a good one everyone.


Go Blue

Malum In Se

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Ferg's Sports Bar & Grill in St. Petersburg, FL.  It has been the site of the Tampa Bay Alumni Club's watch parties for the past several years.  For the Game, we take the place over.  There will be several hundred of the Wolverine faithful.


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Taking my 6-year old to the UM Alumni Assoc. watch party in Boston at Finn McCools. Better to go through this with others than watching alone. 


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Monellis very average in my opinion. If you are going all the way to Byron Center, may as well head to Frankie Vs in Wyoming. Tons of TVs, best pizza around, solid beer selection. 

If in the GR area, maybe drive out to The Score. No better beer selection in the area, tons of TVs.


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Just moved back to Detroit after years in Chicago.  Any recommendations for a bar in the Royal Oak, Birm, Troy area that will also have audio for the game?  Thanks.


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I can't physically watch this game around other people, especially semi-drunk people who know nothing about football but act like they do.... So home, teaching my 3 year old how to hate everything about Ohio


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Used to go to all Michigan watch parties in Charlotte and one year John Navarre showed up with his mom at Tavern on the Tracks, the home of Michigan sports mania. Was there for The Game in 2006, the subsequent Rose Bowl loss and then The Horror against Applachian State. Never forget one Michigan fan who drove from home for the second half of that game just to see if the team's luck would change.

After that, I have avoided the venue just because.....But still a great bar to watch a game with great atmosphere, lots of knowledgeable Michigan faithful. Today I will watch all alone in my bonus room, a big flat screen and a fresh supply of cold beer and hopes high for a huge win. Just win baby, Go Blue wherever you are watching!! Love our team and program.