Film Analysis Ep 6.2 - Defensive Success vs. Maryland

Submitted by FanNamedOzzy on October 12th, 2018 at 8:12 PM

Defense was good. That is all.

6.2.1 - Q1 10:25 - 2nd & 10 - UM35 - Gil 3 yard TFL

  • Great anticipation from Gil here on this run play, and Bush is right on his heels. Poor blocking from Maryland, who severely underestimate the speed of Michigan’s LBs.

6.2.2 - Q1 9:41 - 3rd & 13 - UM38 - 7 yard sack for Hudson / Dwumfour

  • Michigan sends 5 on the pass rush, which Maryland deals with fine initially. Center leaves Dwumfour a clear path to the QB and Hudson eventually beats the RB in pass protection.

6.2.3 - Q1 4:47 - 1st & 10 - MAR24 - Hudson 4 yard sack

  • Well-timed blitz from Hudson off the edge. Think Maryland had an open receiver (#17) momentarily across the middle, but hesitation leaves the QB in a world of hurt.

6.2.4 - Q3 12:35 - 3rd & 30 - MAR20 - 6 yard TFL for Uche

  • Maryland botches a jet sweep, which leaves Uche to show off his athleticism and agility. Scary stuff. The play did look well set-up if not for the missed hand-off.

6.2.5 - Q4 4:32 - 3rd & 4 - MAR45 - Watson Pick6

  • Infuriating *breaking news* interruption - Watson simply steps in front of the receiver for a pick 6. Think the deep cross was coming open for Maryland, but mistakes were made and Michigan capitalizes.


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October 13th, 2018 at 2:25 PM ^

Love these analyses, but you might want to practice putting a little more energy into your verbal descriptions.  The flat affect makes them less interesting to hear than your actual commentary and excellent visuals deserve.  Thanks for sharing.


October 13th, 2018 at 5:03 PM ^

Definitely a good suggestion - most of my time usually goes towards exporting the video, tuning my descriptions to be <2:20 in length per play (the limit per video on Twitter). So, by the time I'm actually ready to record, it's usually pretty late at nights after work, so I'm generally a bit tuckered out.

Proper delivery is absolutely important, though, and you're right, need to improve there.