Saturday Morning Psycho #3

Submitted by SMart WolveFan on October 13th, 2018 at 11:57 AM


                                "In my day job, I normally only get to torture kids."


     For years, witnesses have reported seeing a bearded man with horns and cloven hooves skulking through the woods of Maryland. This Goatman stalks through the Old Line State, eating wild animals and breaking into homes to eat family pets. His also likes chopping up teenagers getting steamy at Lover's Lane.

      Luckily for UofM, DJ Durkin was suspended for this game and, consequently, without the fear of being eaten, the Maryland Offense was not able to get their running game going. Michigan's D kept the opponent below 100 total yards through three quarters and cruised to a 42-21 victory.


       What does the fan base think about the win:



                                            "OMG, they may be good!"

     As I said on June 1st:


"#1 Lose opener.........

#2 When the "rivalry" record hits 1-6 an auto immune response will be triggered in the more unstable parts of the fanbase, they will start jumping off the ship like rats, thus lightening the stress on the bandwagon; the team will "tune out" the outside noise and "steel their spines" with the US vs everybody attitude in route to the next 11 wins, including a glorious stomping of OSU in Columbus! 
(Where Kirk Herbstreit announces on Game Day he is moving to Ann Arbor so that he and Desmond can become neighbors)"

I like how it's going so far.


This is for YouOnlyLiveTwice

Hey how are things going in East Lansing, Mork?



                                                  "Did I just fart?"


    Hey Dan, after you lose to PSU by 30, I bet you'll think you have UofM right where you want them. Don't forget to hit Costco for the bulk chip asle.





WacKo stat of the week:

Michigan out gains it's opponent by 190 yards per game

on 2.7 extra plays p/g


Wisconsin out gains it's opponent by 130 yards per game

on 12 extra plays p/g


OSU out gains it's opponent by 199 yards per game

on 13.3 extra plays p/g

Damn I love efficiency.


Go ahead, money isn't everything:

3-0 last week! (3-0)




Game Prediction:

    UofM plans to open a lead with aggressive play calling early, hoping to take away Taylor; as long as they limit turnovers, I think they execute the plan than lean on the running game to close out.


 UofM's D shuts down Wisconsin at The Bloody Bridge on Highway 66




Till next time GoBlue! and stay psycho!


SMart WolveFan

October 13th, 2018 at 9:02 PM ^

Halftime update:

Sadly, not as aggressive as I had hoped.

No turn overs is good, but too many other mistakes keeping the opponent close.

Might be hard to separate much at this point, battling to the end seems likely.