ESPN Meyer interview

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Can't get it to embed, if someone can help. He's just not good at apologizing, they should keep him away from cameras.



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It's tragic...what poor Urban has gone through. 

After enabling a sociopathic drug dealer and future serial murderer at UF, he had to deal with the backlash of the Aaron Hernandez downfall.

Now, after knowingly enabling a wife beater and lying about his intimate knowledge of the situation which persisted for a decade, he must once again must answer "difficult" questions from the media, like, "how hard was it for you to be pseudo-suspended from coaching for 3 weeks."

All the while, he collects a measly multi-million dollar pay check from the University, not to mention other significant advertising and engagement revenues.

Please, somebody help this poor soul whom the world apparently seems bent on destroying despite all the good he brings.  

Ghandi, Mandela, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Urban Meyer. Sometimes the world is just too cruel to embrace the best among us.


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Honestly,  who cares?  Quit filling our board with this scum bag. We know he's a piece of shit, but it just doesn't matter anymore. The world has spoken. Right,  wrong,  or indifferent,  nothing more will come of this.


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The world spoke, evidence came out that pointed to the entire organization turning a blind eye to their own claimed "morals". Then the university chose to do the exact opposite of holding it's own employees accountable. Nothing will come of it as far as Meyer and his staff losing their jobs, however the people should still call it what it is and put the pressure of public opinion on OSU's shoulders.  

  If someone is caught lying, there should be a long road back to regaining trust, and by simply letting it go sets the example of unaccountably for any action that anyone should choose to do. 


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Saw it going through the channels, threw up in my mouth a little as I scrolled past. Next they'll interview john engler and talk about the healing process for the poor embattled board of trustees at MSU.


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Urban Meyer did this interview with a sympathetic and chosen reporter to test his remorse tale, to try to control the media onslaught he expects will seek to question his motives for inaction both in managing Smith and failure to fully cooperate with OSU's investigation leading to his temporary suspension. 

Like others here, for me, his credibility is totally shot. I don't believe him on any level. I know his words will soothe his Buckeye faithful and perhaps calm fears among OSU recruits. Let them be deluded.

Meyer's actions and his thoughts don't add up. He claims he wanted to stabilize Zach Smith and his family, so he just let them be for almost a decade without finding anything out on his own when he knew there were issues to begin with that he failed to share with anyone at The Ohio State? He should have set up guardrails for his continued employment. That would have been something.

Meyer and his wife want credit for being helpful and advisory to Courtney Smith and her husband, and yet Meyer can't even acknowledge why he re-hired him at Ohio State, and why he continued to give him raises. And Meyer can't even tell a reporter when asked a direct question why his wife didn't share personal information with him about alleged domestic abuse that he claims he won't tolerate.

He not only tolerated it knowingly or not, he rewarded the abuser without personal or public challenge -- ever, in all situations.

More than that, he shows no real remorse other than for making a bad hiring decision. But going beyond that, why is it that no one asks Meyer or Gene Smith about their failure to hand over their phones when sought by school investigators and the head counsel's office. Why did neither comply with that request?

Nor has he offered any explanation for allegedly approving the deletion of one year's worth of text messages from a school-supplied phone.

Meyer wanted it on the record that he didn't get suspended for enabling a domestic abuser, that he was penalized for bad management of a bad hire. He was worse than a bad manager, not because of what he did or didn't do, but because he still can't come clean on any of his motives for this case.

And the reason he can't is because none of it makes any sense, not as a sympathetic onlooker, not as the highest paid public official in Ohio, not as the head football coach at the Ohio State University. His defense is pitiful.

He just looks like a bad parody of a coach who puts himself ahead of everything except winning. And because that is all that matters, he has to win the support of those around him to convince them that he truly is a great guy. He is not. He is a small-time leader at a big school seeking undeserved solace for what, actually? .

So, good luck to him with that character-building act going forward. Just understand this Meyer: we all know your shit really stinks.

Perkis-Size Me

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Take this to the bank: during this year’s rendition of The Game, ESPN will do a 10-15 minute feature on the whole scandal, how Meyer was the subject of an unfair witch hunt, did what he was supposed to do and is a changed man from his days at Florida, how the whole team suffered and had to pull each other up to get through a truly trying time in their lives, how a brave and unconditionally loving fanbase rallied behind its embattled coach, and now the team is going to use all of this as fuel to go out and win it all.

You know, for Courtney Smith and stuff......


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When you wonder why survivors don’t come forward and don’t go to police and aren’t in the limelight leading the charge against abusers, think about how prominent abusers and enablers get softball interviews on platforms like Sportscenter and get to dictate their own redemption. Survivors get grilled and scrutinized on details more than the people accused of the transgressions. 


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This guy is a pathological liar.  He has a basic personality disorder and the meds can only help so much.  At some point the lie will cover up something even worse and he will get caught.  It nearly happened at Florida before he resigned for "health" reasons.

You Only Live Twice

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Thanks OP.  Now it seems more clear just why he was so worried about those old text messages.

I couldn't understand why he would even come forward to do this "soul baring" interview about what a nice guy he is and how all he wanted to do was help Zack and Courtney.  Anyone outside of Ohio can see how how unconvincing that was.

If that wasn't enough blatant BS then he makes a point of saying Shelley didn't tell him anything.  So that's it.  Now that Urban feels comfortable that the text messages won't surface, he's returning to the prior narrative.  

Seems risky.  Even if the text messages are never recovered, it's such an implausible defense. The wife of one of the top head coaches in the country doesn't share information about her husband's employee that could blow up in his face.  If I were Urban's attorney I would want to stay as far away from that topic as humanely possible, never mind intentionally bringing it up!


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The article is entitled "Meyers opens up "?   PUH LEEZE  after he deleted all the evidence abd txt messages from his phone??? Not exactly the actions of a innocent man..Urban was, has been, and co ntinues to be a SNAKE IN THE GRASS


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I'm confused on what some of you wanted Urban to do here.

How exactly would firing Zach Smith and cutting off his source of income help improve this situation?

Urban knew the police were already involved.  It wasn't like he tried to hide this incident from authorities.  Law enforcement were ultimately the only ones that could do anything here.



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Here is my take! 


In approximately 3-5 months Meyer w be leaving OSU on “his own terms” and you will se him next fall at one of the following. BOOK IT 

LSU, USC or Florida St. 

its only a matter of time as he and his wife have now mentally checked out of OSU and I really think the regents or pres or whatever you call them have known this to be true and will accept it and move on. 


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There are clearly 2 sides to this story.  No one ever gives a straight answer as to what Urban should have done different in regards to the alleged domestic violence.  Courtney Smith's own mother has said she is a habitual liar and can't be believed.  On several occasions Courtney has accused Zach of abuse and the police found that Zach was at a meeting or practice with multiple witnesses.  Zach and Courtney are both flawed individuals with serious issues.

I agree Meyer asking how to delete texts is suspicious.  I know I have texts on my phone I wouldny't want on public record.  No one knows if he deleted anything or what it may have contained.  Any of you saying you wouldn't want this guy as your coach are delusional.  All of the top programs play in the "gray" area of the rules.  Remember our national championship with the fab five?  We're just jealous we aren't playing at their level.


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We never won a national championship with the fab five for one.  Even though I loved the fab five, I’ll take JB’s 2 final appearances over theirs any day.

Also, there are very few people in this fan base that would ever want um to coach here.  Michigan isn’t perfect, but it is different.  Michigan would not be Michigan if we hired Urb.