POSBANG! It’s football eve!

Submitted by Taco Panda on September 14th, 2018 at 2:09 AM

Week 3 is upon us and I’m excited to see how the team perfoms. O line tweaks; deep bombs to DPJ and Nico; Higdon and Evans running wild; and defense shutting everything down. It will be a great day. Go blue!



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troll hunting....

its where the action is!

hopefully yesterday was cathartic for many on the blog.   have a great weekend.   gloriously sunny, three of the boys playing on saturday plus our beloved wolverines.  september is the best month of the year. 

FL Blue

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I am still without voting capabilities so I’m just along for the ride unless one of you have a secret to share on how I can get that feature back.


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Looking forward to another comfortable win that shows talent all over the field and gets the backups some valuable playing time.  No injuries to either team in this (NFL like) week 2 preseason game will be great, mmmkay....

SD Larry

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Fridays before football Saturdays are always good.  Looking forward to visiting Ann Arbor next week to see us host the Huskers and start Conference play the right way.


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HAPPY FRIDAY. It felts like Saturday to me for some reason.

random thought of the morning-

Does anyone know why the points were only fixed for a day or two and then broke again? I feel like it's been months. I don't really care either way, I just never heard the reason for the issue / steps it takes to fix...

Also, anyone in the Carolinas, please be safe. Go Blue



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TGIF.  Hope to see a shutout in tomorrow's game with everything clicking on offense.  No turnovers, please. 

The rest of the college football schedule tomorrow is a BIG snoozer.  The best game on paper looks to be LSU @ Auburn but that game is on the same time as Michigan.  Otherwise, the best games appear to be USC @ Texas and OSU @ TCU, both 8:00 starts.  (I really hope I'm wrong but I don't see TCU hanging with the Bucks for very long.) 

Nobody else in the B1G or elsewhere is playing anyone with a pulse.  Well, Purdue is playing Missouri.  But that game would have looked more interesting if they hadn't just lost to Eastern. 


September 14th, 2018 at 10:40 AM ^

I agree they'll be ready.  I just fear this will be a game where they'll hang with OSU for about a quarter, maybe a half.  The crowd will be in to it.  But then in the second half, OSU's athletes will be too much to deal with and they'll pull away and win by 3 touchdowns. 

And then the commentators having oh so many orgasms over OSU and how impressive it is they did this without Urban...just....no. My stomach won't be able to handle it. 

Again, I really hope I'm wrong. 


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Sooo hoping we will have power here in Charlotte to watch the game... Thankfully it is against SMU, so I am not stressing too much but as we know you cannot assume the W...


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Probably not the best place to put this, but it'll do. We spend all offseason counting down the days. Whether it's 100 with Sam and Ira, or the day after college football with the There Are threads here, it's always so far away. Until it isn't. Anthony Thomas Days, Chris Perry Days, Desmond Howard Days. Then Brian Griese Days. A week from GAME WEEK. 

Well since the season started, a new count begins. A Countup of sorts. Brian Griese days into the season. Tomorrow will be just 14 days since we opened the season on the road in South Bend. And when tomorrow runs out 25% of our regular season will be completed. 

25% in 14 days! That is insane. All offseason we pine for these fall football days, and they are here and gone in a flash. So whether you're at the game, at home, or listening on the radio, remember to root for your team. Soak up every bit of football. And don't boo when we go 3 plays and out on the first drive of the game! #GoBlue


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Just like when I played as a kid, seemed the season ended way too fast and spent the rest of the year patiently waiting to see the snow melt.  Once that grass field was exposed I knew it was months away.


My definitive start to Michigan football was always "Countdown to Kickoff", when that aired I knew the wait was almost over.


September 14th, 2018 at 9:32 AM ^

Hopefully its an injury free game, work out the kinks, no stupid after the play penalties, and Patterson throwing bombs to everyone early on.


Would love to see Nordin put a few 3 points through the uprights just to get his head and leg into the game.

4th and Go For It

September 14th, 2018 at 9:50 AM ^

The board is feeling weirdly functional, civil, and coherent. Nice work, Mods. Hoping for another week of improvement on offense so we can get the momentum rolling into B1G season. Hopefully the game goes as planned and Runyan and Hudson can get some run vs SMUs 1s (for whatever that's worth) and everyone takes a step forward. If we can improve consistently with winnable games ahead vs Northwestern and Nebraska, the Wisconsin game should be a good one. Here's to Ed Warinner and incremental improvement!