What is wrong with this entire program?

Submitted by UMxWolverines on September 1st, 2018 at 10:20 PM

We have been laying eggs for literally decades in big games. MSU gets better results than us with lower rated recruits. So does Wisconsin. 

I'm on a small vacation right now, and I wonder why I've wasted the last few hours watching this. I used to be the biggest Michigan fan anyone knew as a kid, but I'm now 24 as of 3 days ago, and I haven't seen us do shit since I was 10. Even that year we lost to a 6-4 OSU and Notre Dame coached by Charlie Weis. 

I've been texting back and forth with my uncle who has had season tickets since the 70s, he says this is the last year for tickets and I don't really blame him. This stuff is too predictable and I don't get that many free Saturday's anymore with my job. 


We hired the hottest coach in football in 2014...Why is it no matter who coaches here they can't get results? I just don't get it. Nobody on our team has looked hyped to play, just like MSU last year. Is it mentality? They expect to just waltz in and win without preparing? 



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I think there's increasing evidence that this is not a well-coached team, especially on offense. If Harbaugh is in fact the offensive coordinator, then he's doing a really poor job. Forget the woeful tackle play that has now plagued the team for about ten years. The playcalling is still nothing to write home about, there's no urgency with the clock running down, they continue to call pass plays with empty sets when everyone watching (including the opposing defense) knows it's going to fail, etc. And whatever creativity that Harbaugh used to have has seemingly dried up. 


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I have tickets for next week's game and I wish I didn't . What happened to the "attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind" guy? Harbaugh looks sedated. This is not the guy that was at Stanford. This is not the guy that was at San Francisco. He's definitely not attacking each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. 


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Agreed that Harbaugh’s demeanor has changed. I wonder if all the criticisms and mocking of his “childish” behavior in year one got to him. Maybe he lost some confidence with the lack of early success? I have no clue but he’s not the same guy that he was when he was hired. I’m still cautiously optimistic for the season because OSU, MSU, and PSU all struggled this weekend too. Hopefully Harbaugh will return to his old self with one big victory.


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The game has past by Harbaugh. We’ll have a an excellent defense and that will keep us in games, but it’s clear that the only good offense Harbaugh has fielded here was Jed Fish’s doing.  We’ve heard repeatedly that Harbaugh is his own OC and that’s where we are.


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The problem is accountability.  U of M is not invested in winning. They are invested in “developing student athletes”. So, why this big money investment in Harbaugh? It’s counter intuitive. He’s is not accountable to anyone. Warde? Yeah right. Harbaugh has no fire under his ass whether he wins or loses. He’s in for ever because he’s a “Michigan Man”.


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He's not a natural tackle. He's an ok guard being asked to play on the end, where he's undersized and outmatched. He's not playing good football right now and probably doesn't have the talent to succeed at the position. All of that being said, why call the guy names like he's some huge piece of shit or something? Just makes you look like a complete dick.


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Harbaughs offense was awful. Maybe the most awful thing I saw tonight was absolurely no clock awareness in the 4th quarter. We had to have wasted 3-4 minutes in the 4th alone. Wtf was Harbaughs offense doing


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I wasn’t surprised by that end. Like many, after watching Michigan get to the line with zero urgency for the last two drives it became very clear that the team isn’t as prepared for every situation as they should be. This wasn’t great. 


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I’m done with this. Tired of the hype and tired of watching this shit. Our offense sucks. We don’t beat anyone worth anything. Constant hype all the time for nothing. Piss poor clock management and just a crap game to watch. We are constantly on the losing end of everything. Oh but next year is the year 


September 1st, 2018 at 11:06 PM ^

I’m done with this. Tired of the hype and tired of watching this shit. Our offense sucks. We don’t beat anyone worth anything. Constant hype all the time for nothing. Piss poor clock management and just a crap game to watch. We are constantly on the losing end of everything. Oh but next year is the year 


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Guys. Don’t let the score fool you.  Our offense is terrible. It’s not just the oline. We blew up ND’s Oline all game. Our play calling lost us this game. How many times did shea Patterson throw the ball downfield.  On obvious passing downs, why did we not use misdirection, screens, slants, etc.  Who runs on 2nd and 14, only to go for it on 4th and 7.  

ND beat us by being aggressive on offense and using our speed against us. We adjusted on D in the second half, but we had a “play not to lose” offensive game plan the whole game.  We have the worst offensive play calling that you can buy. Any of us, would get fired for this sad game plan. 


September 2nd, 2018 at 12:27 AM ^

We were not blowing up their O line in the first half. They were holding up very well in the middle and doing enough on the ends to get Gary and Winovich a step too deep so Wimbush was able to step up in the pocket. The difference in this game is that their offensive line played well for a half and our only played anywhere close to passably for about 2 drives.


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I can't express enough how disappointed I am in this team.  I was sucked in again.  I cannot get behind this team anymore. I am totally heartbroken!  I did not see anything new on offense during the game.  Even the defense is average.  I hope the coaches can turn this around, but I won't hold my breath because if I did I know I would die.  I have come to the realization my wolverines are nothing more than an average team.  I don't blame the players, I blame all the coaches.  They are all over paid for what they are are putting on the field.  I am sad to say if they don't turn it around this year which means beating Michigan State AND Ohio State I will give up my season tickets and catch a game when I have time.  My heart is broken and I cannot take the disappointment any more.  


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I feel a lot of the same frustration.  But I still think this team has too much talent to have a bad season.  Losing to this Notre Dame team on their field isn't an embarrassment but it shouldn't have happened.

The third down calls from both teams in the first quarter set the tone.  They went for it, and we went conservative instead of letting Shea throw the ball.  The dude can flat out complete passes, let him go!!

Losing Metellus hurt because Hawkins turned an easy interception into a huge undeserved TD for them.  Hawkins dropped another easy one later and I can see why he isn't a receiver anymore.

And yes, all the mental errors.  It makes sense to blame coaching but it's hard to say anything about Chase.  He played all out.  Where was number 7 on d?

We finally have a QB (D Mac looks like he'll be a great starter next year when Shea goes pro) that can throw accurately.  We SHOULD win a lot of games this year.  I knew the defense would shut them down in the second half.  It just wasn't meant to be.  I know....again.....


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It’s the first game of the season, on the road, with a new QB. This doesn’t hurt our chances for Big Ten or the CFP whatsoever. We have to get better to reach those goals, but if OSU, MSU, or PSU would’ve played ND instead of their cupcake openers, they would’ve lost too. OSU gave up 31 to the worst power 5 school in the country. MSU had to comeback in the 4th quarter to beat Utah State, and PSU needed OT to beat Appalachian State. 

Defense looks great again. We need someone to step up as a playmaker at WR and our o-line needs to improve. I may be crazy but tonight I feel just as good about our chances to win the Big Ten as I did this morning.

Moonlight Graham

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I like his podcast but I think Jack could do it solo during the season. Not that this is what’s wrong with the program but it’s a symptom. Harbaugh just doesn’t seem that into purely coaching. 


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RR, Hoke et al put the program in a very deep hole. Pro style coaching strategy keeps it there. Very disappointing. Hey, 7-5 this year. Maybe 9-3 next. 


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We’re not an elite football program other than in name. We’re not. Michigan has the money and history to rival anyone, but you are not looking at an elite program. Elite school? Absolutely (for the record, I did not attend). Are we Northwestern or Iowa? No, but similar to them, we’re not competing for conference championships every year. We’re just not. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not getting so bummed about it. We’re not going 15-0 or winning the CFP. Nope. If we did, it would be awesome, but I don’t begin August believing it. We’ll win 9 or so games and hopefully go to a bowl in Florida, so I can go. But I’m not holding my breath for a B1G championship, especially when OSU is an elite program. Hey, you asked. Just my opinion.

B1GGY smalls

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Harbaugh is the problem. Harbaugh wants to drive nails with a pair of pliers. Harbaugh wants to call the plays and be damned if the players don't have the skill set for those plays. A good coach uses his players talents in his favor. We got a QB gunslinger and he is hamstrung all night with dumbass up the middle runs. Clock management was laughable. Why can't we line up and get the ball hiked in seconds? There is so much wrong and it is Harbaugh.


September 1st, 2018 at 11:40 PM ^

First off, I agree we you we played terribly tonight. No enthusiasm or energy, mental errors, lack of execution. But to completely throw in the towel already. Come on, you sound like someone from the MSU fanbase. I'm 23 and have lived through all the same crap you have and I'll never stop cheering for and supporting the greatest program in the country. Go Blue!


September 1st, 2018 at 11:44 PM ^

Good news: you would only need to change the outcome of a few plays for Michigan to win the game (assuming everything else stayed the same, which I realize is unlikely).

Bad news: ND looked like a better program almost top to bottom. It’s worth noting that they were also at home at night, which should temper our reactions to this.

Further thoughts: I’m more bored than frustrated with the program at this point. Life is too short to fret about a game. There is a world of other things to engage with.