Wilton Speight named Starter

Submitted by mgoblue2104 on August 30th, 2018 at 6:32 PM

UCLA just announced Wilton Speight will be the starter for their opener on Saturday. 

It should be interesting to see how he looks in Chip Kelly’s offense this season. 



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I don't get being surprised that he's starting. I don't think he would have transferred there if he wasn't going to win the starting job.

In the NFL he only briefly had Vick and Kaep as mobile QBs in the NFL so his system can be worked with a guy like Speight. His biggest success was with Foles. And it's not like UCLA had great options besides him.


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Good for him, hope he does very well for them and that he got an opportunity to keep playing.  UCLA is a great school and great place to get a grad degree from.


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KInd of unexpected, but good for Wilton. Hopefully, he fares well at UCLA this season. 

My only concern, I guess, would be how he fits into what Kelly wants to do, but then I haven't followed UCLA's camp outside of the anecdotal stuff I get from family out that way, so I haven't a clue.



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I really hate how people act like Speight was never good at UM. He made some critical mistakes, and never quite won a big one obviously, but he was great at times, especially in 2016. Had some big time clutch moments too. 4th and Goal to Darboh at OSU, 4th and Goal in OT against IND for example. He deserves some respect. Good luck Wilton 

Ghost of Fritz…

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You have a point.  He had overall good numbers in 2016 and in some games played really well, even suggesting that he might possibly develop into a really top QB in 2017.  Fact that it did not happen does not mean he was terrible

OTOH, players are really defined/remembered for how well they did in the biggest moments in the biggest games.  And by that measure, WS's worst games were in the biggest games.  Only natural that this is how fans define him.  That is part of being the starting QB. 



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I liked him thought he had nfl potential.  He played injured end of 16 and had no oline and young wide receivers in 17.  Wish him nothing but the best not surprised by this at all


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Very interesting. Lets see if his accuracy is improved in a new system. I hope for his sake he can stay healthy. I'm still very nervous about his neck and shoulder injuries long term.


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Best of luck to Wilton.  He was our best QB last year.  Too bad he was injured. He could have easily gone 12-1.  Was surprised he bailed so quickly after the Shea transfer but clearly it was the smart move. 


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Good for him. I hope he does really well there. I always liked him, but he never seemed to recover from that nagging injury. 


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Wow, what a wild ride for Wilton! From Virginia to Michigan to California. We watched him slowly develop into a pretty good QB until his unfortunate injuries at Iowa ('16) and Purdue ('17). UCLA is benefiting from the hard work he's put in to overcome a ton of adversity, not the least of which was being surrounded by a shaky OL in combination with questionable blocking schemes and play calling for two years by coaches we no longer employ. And yet he maintained a good attitude and now has landed on his feet at UCLA. I sincerely hope he surprises everyone in the PAC-12 and leads UCLA to some good wins. That would reflect positively on Harbaugh's development and mentoring.


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Wish him luck - my guess is Robinson takes over at some point in the year, but Speight makes a lot of sense for a first-year coach who just needs someone who can execute a playbook.


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I'll be the one to admit it - I love the idea that a guy who left Michigan because of the QB competition shows up and wins the starting job at a PAC-12 program.