McMurphy Hints at Further Information Drop

Submitted by kevbo1 on August 21st, 2018 at 10:38 AM

Brett McMurphy hinted this morning that he has additional information to reveal.  I imagine he plans on waiting for the outcome and decision of the BoT and President.



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This is such a bad look for OSU if he skates on these charges. It’s got to hurt his credibility with recruits parents at least....don’t you think?


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Call me intrigued at the prospect of further drops.

That said, also put me in the group of people who are thinking "transparency" in this investigation may only come when the photos of Smith's outfit choices for his various office escapades are made public. 

Its me Dave

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I think it's worth considering that the Pres and BoT have probably had to sit through hours of meetings on the Band leader firing and the wrestler abuse scandal too.  I'd guess their patience for the most recent athletic department adventures has diminished.


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If the BOT found more dirt about Meyer through the investigation, they obviously do not want to put it down on paper and make it subject to FOIA guidelines.  They will want to sweep it under the carpet and would probably go to Meyer and tell them what they had.  Even if it was a fireable offense, they will not terminate him.  They will go to Meyer and cut a deal...something along the lines of announcing a six-game suspension.  Meyer would then publicly announce that it is unacceptable and he will resign to pursue other opportunities.  The school and BOT look like they really take these issues "seriously" and they do not have to announce the discovery of other infractions.  Meyer can go find another job without penalty or having the NCAA institute a show clause for other schools dumb enough to hire him.  The alumni are generally happy because they did not fire Meyer and they can come off as "high and mighty" even though they remain dirty as hell.  

This only happens if other, really bad stuff is found by the investigation members.  I'm not a PR professional, but this would probably be the spin strategy that any decent PR sleaze would recommend.


Blue in PA

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it smells like meyer knows what results of the investigation are, or why would he be pushing back NOW, as opposed to three weeks ago?

there is shit to be found, but they didn't find it, so now he's going to push back.   

So tomorrow the BOT and pres will be consulting with meyer to find out what punishment they can hand down that will be agreeable to him?

what a shitshow


August 21st, 2018 at 8:40 PM ^

It sure seems as if McMurphy is motivated by a lot of self-promotion here. But then, the whole story has lots of things we just simply don't know. Did Meyer report up the chain of command? Did someone sit on it? Did the police find the 2015 claims credible, and if so, why didn't they arrest him? 

And what of McMurphy? If you have substantiated information, why not release it? Why wait until you can piggy-back it on to larger parts of the narrative? What does he know about Courtney Smith? How credible is she?

Sadly, we approach these things as fans who want predetermined outcomes, rather than acknowledging our biases and gaps in knowing. I think it is safe to say I have hated OSU with an intensity and duration nearly unmatched on this board. But I do believe in due process; and I also believe there is a line that needs to be maintained between private life and public life, even if it gets blurred, as it must, in particular cases. But my guess is there is not a single person on this board who would want his private life opened to public inspection, nor would he want his employer making decisions as regards his job security to be based on whether his employer thinks he's a good husband or father. 

Obviously, when dealing with a state school, and dealing with legal requirements, there are many considerations. But it's generally a bad idea to assume you have the truth about things when such assumptions are largely determined by the outcomes you desire. 

I find Meyer's sanctimony nausea-inducing. I think - think - he's a hypocrite. He's undoubtedly a liar. But if you cut down presumptions of innocence, due process, and distinctions between public and private life, there are not many of us who will remain upright when the winds start to blow.