Soliciting Help To Indoctrinate My Children

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I'm entering Phase 1 of my Michigan Fandom Indoctrination Program (MFIP) for my children. The plan is to spend some time leading up to the season opener watching the 4th quarters of some Michigan games. I will be shamelessly tapping into the instant gratification sector of their brains in order to pump some Oxytocin into their bodies while watching the footballs. Because they have little to no knowledge of Michigan football history the context of the win or overall record for the year doesn't matter (think 2010 Illinois 3-OT win). So, exciting finish is the most important criteria. Here's what I got so far:

2015 Minnesota (Goal-line stand for the win)

2012 MSU (Last minute FG, rivalry win)

2011 Sugar Bowl (OT FG after a 4th quarter comeback by VT)

2010 Illinois (Yes, yes, ne'er was there a better indictment of the problems of the Rich Rod era, but 3-OT fun win is still exciting)

09' 10' 11' ND (All big 4th quarter wins, all wonderful dong punches to relive against the smarmiest fan base in college football)

2007 Capital One Bowl (Even though the finish isn't as flashy, I still get misty watching that team try and carry Carr off the field)

2005 Penn State (The Henne knife to the heart of PSU's previously undefeated season. Also, they're a bunch of child molestation enablers and perpetrators so for forever: Fuck Penn State.)

2005 Iowa (Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat and as we are in the Iowa City area this will play nicely into Phase 2 of the MFIP.)

This is what I'm starting with. I humbly solicit any other ideas for maximum excitement games. Have at it.



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Indiana 1979 - John Wangler to Anthony Carter

Mix it up with 

Gerald R. Ford: "Michigan Football Legend" Distinction

Yep, two time national champion and President of the United States


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Well duh, Q4 under the lights. I don't know why you're limiting yourself to 4th quarters; how about Denard's first snap? Denard highlights in general???



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That's a dangerous knowledge trail to start them on. If they become accustomed to, and learn to love a beautifully mobile and lighting fast QB, they'll be sorely disappointed in 2018 Michigan. I love some Denard, but you have to keep it limited if you're just getting them used to seeing fantastic wins.


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I’m not even sure how I was able to mold my 17 year old into a diehard Michigan fan.  We live in Little Rock and he began playing and living football during RichRod’s first season.  His first game was the Gator Bowl a couple years later, and that went well.  He’s never experienced any golden years.  His highlight was when we went to the 2011 Sugar Bowl.  He’s already committed for life, but I sometimes ask myself why I did this to him. 


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I'm with the people saying just take them to a game.  My son's first game was the Akron squeaker. He was sold from then on so the bar is quite low for some kids.


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I am conditioning my 7 month old every day with “Alexa, play The Victors by the Michigan marching band”.  By time he is old enough to know what’s going on, all he will want is touchdowns. (Also, a few national championships during his youth wouldn’t hurt either... just sayin’.)


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We went to games to endoctrinate my daughter.  She was 9 when she got to see the first OT game ever at the Big House...vs. PSU in 2002.  Made a big impression on her.  A few years later, we were sitting in the south end zone when she pointed to the student section and stated she will be sitting over there some day.  Then she did it.  Fortunately, the Rich Rod loss to Toledo did not derail her plans.


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2008 Wisconsin.  2nd half come-back win after a dismal first half (trailing 19-0, 5 turnovers), down to the wire with Wiscy making a 2-point try to tie it up with 13 seconds on the clock, only to have it negated by penalty and failing on the retry. 


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2015 vs. Northwestern was one of the most electric atmospheres I've ever experienced in the Big House. I will grant you that I am only 23, so there are surely many more games in the past that others will be able to describe that rise head and shoulders above this one. But for me, this game was where Michigan finally proved that it was back and ready to roll with the big boys. It was the third game in the three-game shutout stretch that year, and from the opening kickoff until the final possession, the stadium was in a frenzy. Northwestern was ranked 13 at the time, so this was not a blowout of a pushover either. I've always been more of a defensive-oriented sports fan/participant, and the defensive effort in that game was unlike anything we had seen in years against a quality opponent (not counting BYU two games earlier.)

Big plays include Chesson returning the opening kickoff, Joe Kerridge rumbling for a huge gain, peak Rudockening, and a Jourdan Lewis pick-6.

parkinggod highlights:



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If the kids are old enough to enjoy the competition then great your plan works. However if they are too young then get them all the goodies they love but dont normally eat and pavlov's dog them. 

Other Andrew

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How old are your kids? Mine have been most indoctrinated from frequent listening to The Victors, but they're only 2 and 4. They won't sit through much gametime yet...

Mr. Elbel

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I've been working on my stepkids for the last 4 years. It's been tough. But they fell in love with peppers and butt and now are excited for this season. Once I get them to a game that'll probably seal the deal, but coming up from VA is hard. Good luck with yours! Take your time with it. If you're investing in them elsewhere, they'll learn to catch on to the things you love too.


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Huge UCLA fan growing up because we went to games.  Landed in Michigan for freshman orientation and UCLA immediately became an afterthought.  I dislike USC more than I like UCLA now.   The point of the comment is that kids like whatever is around them until they have a real reason to be a fan somewhere else.