Jim and Jack Harbaugh Discuss Sexual Assault Issues on Podcast

Submitted by Ma1zeandB1ue on August 7th, 2018 at 9:11 AM

On the newest episode of Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast, Jim and Jack spend the first part of the show discussing Brenda Tracy and their personal perspectives on how to help solve sexual assault issues in college football, and within our culture as a whole. 

The name "Urban Meyer" is never mentioned once.  Their thoughts on the issue definitely lead you to ponder the current situation at OSU, but it was refreshing to hear people discuss how to instill change in regards to assault instead of what the difference between "legality" and "morality" is.  I strongly suggest you give it a listen.

Harbaugh's main point from the episode: 90% of men will not commit sexual assault in their life.  It is up to that 90% to hold the 10% accountable and investigating when even the appearance of assault is present. 

Its times like these I am happiest to have Coach Harbaugh at the helm of our program. Go Blue.



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I wish other coaches felt this way, especially at MSU and OSU. They have now joined Baylor and Tennessee as "schools where it's not safe for women to attend."


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You should realize that not protecting a few students who allege assault against athletes or staff creates a culture of allowance, which then teaches these young men and old men that women are meat. So yes, this does raise the risk for every person to be assaulted without consequence of the law.

See: culture of Catholic Church before checked by law. I’m sure less altar boys are at risk, seeing as they know that another coverup would further destroy faith in the church.


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Right. It's not all of the women on campus. It's just the ones who might be on campus alone at night. Or at a party where there are athletes from the money teams. Or popular athletes in general. Or people important to the university. 


I think all these universities have made it clear whether it's more important to protect players and coaches who win games or the women they have beaten and raped. I don't believe that's overstating the matter. If you do,  you need to find some perspective.



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You gotta add UM to the list.  Remember the kicker that raped the girl as a freshman, but was not kicked off team until the end of his senior year.  The OL threatened to rape her again if she talked.  Everybody -- board, president, AD, head coach -- knew about the rape, and did nothing.  Nobody was ever disciplined (expect the kicker, after being allowed to play three more seasons).  The OL was named a team captain.


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Yeah, no shit.  I can't believe how many assholes have migrated from Bucknuts to MGo since this story broke.  I don't understand the compulsion.  The cool OSU visitors like BuckeyeJohnRoss and RationalBuckeye have, understandably, not weighed in as far as I've seen.  Yet people who NEVER had an inclination to come over to just talk football suddenly MUST come in to troll.  Weird.  This is your coach and your program, guys.  Why come over here to talk about it?

yossarians tree

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Obviously they think they can convince us that their coach is not a creep and a liar. Seriously I would have a modicum more respect if they just said hey we know he's a lying sack of shit but we don't care because he wins a lot of games. Watching the mental histrionics of morons trying to convince themselves of a fantasy is quite nauseating.


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I think Harbaugh honestly believes in this. I think that the way his family is involved in the team bodes well. I think Brenda Tracy is doing good things. I think that having reporters like Baumgardner will help to keep us clean.  So I disagree with you 100%. 

That said, Brenda Tracy also visited OSU and got a good reception, and we're all human and can do stupid things. 

I'd like UM to be more transparent. I'd like them to stop being such dicks about FOIA requests. I never want this to happen to UM in any sport. 



August 7th, 2018 at 10:52 AM ^

Ah yes, "virtue signaling," that great cryptofascist dogwhistle for "trying to say something that if truly believed would make the speaker not a totally shit human being."

I'd be very intrigued to know your evidence that Harbaugh doesn't believe what he's saying, btw.


August 7th, 2018 at 9:29 AM ^

I had this conversation at a golf outing this past weekend. If you are a head coach of a football program and you even get whiff of foul play, assault, abuse, whatever from a player or someone on your staff, it is up to you to immediately put that individual on leave until you can comfortably stand before your team, your staff, fanbase, etc... and say "the police and university investigations have been completed, no criminal charges have been filed, person x was not in the wrong, and we are comfortable letting them back as part of our program."

In today's society it is vital to show you take this serious. There is too much on the line to be casual in regards to these sorts of allegations.


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Well it wouldn't be far fetched. The violence and torture that is used in factory farms impacts the animal products you eat. So of course the chickens are nervous, so are the cows and pigs. The old adage: "You are what you eat" applies. It disguising how the industry treats these animals.


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Great conversation. So glad to hear this kind of strong rhetoric and love that the team had Brenda Tracy in to spread her knowledge. #SetTheExpectation 


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I listened to this on the way in to work, it was fantastic. Great way to say all the right things on the issue and subtly throw shade at what's going down in Columbus all at the same time.


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It would be interesting to know when Brenda Tracy was originally scheduled to come speak.  Michigan (and probably many other campuses) has been fairly proactive when it comes to these issues.  I know the sports teams had these types of seminars going back at least 25-30 years.  

Point being that the goal may have been to educate our team and not to throw shade.   


...and to be fair, I'm sure OSU has similar sessions.  That's why Meyer's enablement is troubling.  He knows better and the players know better, but when the head dude's actions invalidate the message it's more of a "treat women with respect" *wink*  *wink* *nudge* *nudge*  "Know what I mean? See it's on the wall."


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It was good to see that Harbaugh was singled out by Brenda Tracy as one of the few coaches that really takes her work to heart and wants to learn more and more. It’s important. I’m sure Jim is looking back at his career and rethinking how he might have handled certain situations. I know the past few years have made me reflect on how I’ve talked about sexual assault and rape, and women in general. Things have changed in our society and it’s for the better. You can either change with it or you can get stuck and potentially hurt people. 


August 7th, 2018 at 12:15 PM ^

The fact remains - sexual harassment, sexual assault, physical assault and rape are all crimes.

And such crimes need to be reported to law enforcement immediately and directly.  Evidence must be gathered, witnesses questioned, criminal investigations made, arrests made and then prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Due process and equal protection need to be followed.

The notion that ANY university - whether Ohio State, Michigan State or even Michigan - an educational institution, is, was or ever would be capable of properly investigating crimes and following the law is just absurd.  It is offensive to the very principles upon which the republic was established. They are simply not cut out for the job.

You might as well ask your local bakery to start building bridges over I-94 and Highway 23 around Ann Arbor.  They are going to suck at it, and make colossal mistakes that will affect people adversely for the rest of their lives - the accused and victims alike.

Social media accusations and the resulting "mob rule" (90% to hold the 10% accountable) is the vigilantism that due process of law is intended to prevent.

Law enforcement and prosecution must take the lead here - not sometimes - not when its convenient - but always.

Universities, university employees, university policies are utterly incompetent and inappropriate when it comes to addressing these serious and heinous crimes.



JWG Wolverine

August 7th, 2018 at 1:32 PM ^

Love this podcast but haven't had the time to listen as of late. I'll make sure I hear this.

All I know now is I wouldn't want any other human coaching this program. There is no better option out there.