The Orlando Sentinel Cuts Right Through Meyer's Smokescreen

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This is a serious question because I'm really curious: do you just not find Buckeye websites entertaining or fulfilling? I occasionally, very occasionally, visit 11W just to see what the fanbase is thinking about this or that, but it's never occurred to me to sign up and start engaging with the site users.

FYI, I think it's fine for Buckeye fans to be here because I think the quality of the blog's writing is better than you'll get on OSU sites, but if there's some other reason, I'd be interested in hearing it.

Charlestown Chiefs

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"The only thing missing from Urban’s statement and Zach Smith’s ESPN interview Friday night was the Ohio State marching band dotting the ‘i’ on lie."  What a way to end a story.  Kudos to Mike Bianchi.


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Enjoy and share!

"The only thing missing from Urban’s statement and Zach Smith’s ESPN interview Friday night was the Ohio State marching band dotting the ‘i’ on lie."



A hi-res still image can be found here.

And, for no particular reason, there's this: [email protected]


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Urban Liar. Has a certain ring to it. 

Even if he stays at OS he's damaged goods. 

Those cheating skunk dishonest referees from the 2016 game can't bail him out of this one.



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I’m so sorry...because facts :(

It also opines:

Anyone pinning this loss squarely on the officiating would have to discount the fact that a crafty OSU blitz led to Wilton Speight giving Ohio State a touchdown with a pick-six. They’d gloss over the interception that got the Buckeyes to start a different drive in the red zone, before Harbaugh advanced them further with his own brand of histrionics. And they’d forget Michigan fumbled on Ohio State’s 2-yard line.

Arb lover

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You do realize, of course, that your buckeye article states:

Is there a better way to do this? Maybe, but it seems super hard.

It's called geometry, and it was solved an hour or so after the game by several drunk Michigan students who managed to fumble open their laptop and articulate that your camera position was far enough behind the line based on his height above the line, for him to be conclusively short. 


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If you read the article, it’s super hard for technical reasons, but hey if some drunk homers found something nobody else could, power too them.  It’s been the same excuses forever.  Please, just please win against us soon.   It used to mean something when we played the last game of the year.  Being so one sided for such long periods of time isn’t good for the rivalry     It wasn’t good under Cooper and it’s not good under Hoke/RichRod/Harbaugh/next up/...

The refs will always be to blame, not the miscues that contributed to the game being in overtime in the first place and so precariously perched the game on a referee’s spot.

Is there a better way to do this? Maybe, but it seems super hard.

Other sports, after all, have found precise ways to plot out ball movement. Tennis has the electronic line judge, and baseball has PITCHf/x tools that produce glorious strike-zone plots, like this one from Brooks Baseball, though it doesn’t actually use them in games:


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Lol, true.  It’s time for me to sign out.  For the record there is not one post defending him.  Asking UM to look inside their own glass house, guilty.  Saying that we should wait until all of the facts are out, guilty.  Sarcasm and being a jerk, guilty and guilty.   It would be great if we could stop the circus and wait for facts and a decision before we all play internet tough guys and espouse things we know little of, but hey, it just doesn’t work like that in the age of social media.   

Since you asked nicely, I’m going to delete my account. Rest easy, if the facts are as alleged you will be losing to coach Day this year instead of coach Meyer.  Just chill on the pitchforks until the very capable committee that has been appointed provides us all with their findings.  Peace

Mabel Pines

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Imagine a scandal breaks at our beloved school.  Not only do you defend said scandal, but you GO ON A RIVAL'S BLOG TO YELL AT PEOPLE. Just imagine. Personally, I'd be just remaining quiet until it blows over.  Never in a million years would I be yelling at other people to defend someone I've never met.  That's some amazing lack of self awareness.  Always makes me wonder if they are drunk or on drugs.  So weird.  


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The refs will always be to blame, not the miscues that contributed to the game being in overtime in the first place and so precariously perched the game on a referee’s spot.

Both sides made mistakes that could have cost either team the game.  However, one team got a significant advantage in the officiating.  Could UM have overcome that disadvantage and won the game?...of course they could.  The point is that OSU did not have to.  When two teams are as closely matched as those two were in 2016 the officiating makes a big difference and UM was not good enough to overcome the lopsided officiating.  All other things being equal if it was the other way around UM would have won the game and OSU would be making the same argument.  Such is life...just trying to help you understand the point.  It's not about the bottom line.  We know who won the game and that will never change.


That being said I think the rivalry is getting better and I'd expect the majority of games to be closely contested with a UM victory coming in the near future.  Sooner rather than later if Meyer doesn't survive.


FWIW as a person born in the late 70's who grew up in the 90's I really enjoyed beating OSU all the time against Cooper.  I thought it was great.


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Hey cutie. On that run near the north end zone your young QB almost scored on.(Haskins).  Maurice actually needed a Hurst to escort your QB 20+ yards downfield. There was such a blatant hold on your right tackle that the ref didn’t know what to call it. So guess what?  He didn’t. Yeah refs have nothing to do with the game.  Let me know if you need proof of the BLATANT HOLD.

Beilein 4 Life

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Your coach is a lying shitbag. I hope you come over here often so I can remind you of how horrible a person he is. Although he might be faking heart problems again soon, so I’ll get all the reminding in that I can.

next time you come back, we can go into how he slept with a co-ed and let a serial wife-beater hang out with him for 10 years and only fired him because people found out about it. You could also go over to PSU boards. I’m sure your apologist attitude for enablers will be welcome over there


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The best part is how he talked shit with his wife on the phone in the press conference after the 2016 game.  “Of yeah hunny, you want me to pick up milk on the way home.”  What a fucking asshole.  So glad we have a head coach with principles.  Fired or not let’s beat these fucking pricks finally.


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Obviously winning comes above all other things including criminal behavior to meyer.  The ultimate question that will be answered in the following days, weeks or months is whether osu feels the same way and keeps him.  At most other institutions, organizations, or corporations, he would be terminated within a week.  Hate double standards.

4th phase

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The comment from "spartygao" saying that the "photos are consistent" with the possibility that Courtney Smith was "the physical agressor" is just..... Speechless can't even describe that comment


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Just for the record, there is no fucking smokescreen. You either act appropriately or you don't. If you do the right thing, if you tell the truth, in the end, you have nothing to worry about. It matters not what else transpires if you tell the truth. When you don't, all hell breaks loose.

How many times do you have to see that scenario play out to understand this simple outcome. It happens every time.