Urban getting his message out

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This post has been posted by 2 different users on bucknuts, a poster on Penn state 247, and a poster on the rivals main board almost simultaneously. It has been in tweets and retweeted by a Columbus dispatch writer.  It is coordinated, and likely his only chance at staying:

I was forwarded this text by a buddy who got this text from a clued-in source... TIFWIW, like how the text starts, but if true, yes please...

***Not sure if this is all 100% accurate but...

From a coworker who is osu alumni and connected there still

Our friend is a personal friend of Urban, this information supposedly came from Urban. Thought you would like to know.

*Urban is looking at a 3-4 game suspension, mostly because the #MeToo movement and the appearance the university must give.

*Many members of the University have known about both her and him for quite some time.

*They never acted on information because there was never any proof of guilt one way or the other.

*Photos are from 2010 and there is no proof the harm was caused by him. 

*He and she are both drunks and they are both crazy. She is REALLY crazy.

*She called 911 (66) times in 90 days.

*She got pulled over 3 times for DUI. On each time they let her off and escorted her home.

*Each time she began crying and stated Zach was chasing her and she was afraid. Each time Zach was at practice. 

*911 actually stopped sending squads because they stopped finding her credible. They came numerous times with 911 verifying Zach was engaged in Ohio State activities.

*In Zach's and her court hearing the Powell police are testifying on his behalf.

*She has come to OSU practices numerous times drunk, chasing after Zach, threatened to blow people up and other various threats. 

*She never worked and when divorced lived off of Zach's child support. 

*When Zach was fired she realized she would lose income and freaked out. She reached out to anyone. She was asking 6-figures for her story. 

Anything can still happen, but they decided to suspend Urban with pay to separate the media frenzy from the practices. Apparently there is no proof of anything. Just two crazy people who should have never been together.

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Arb lover

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That's the rabid fan base talking and I doubt he gets a 3 game suspension. There's a more coordinated response taking place in conjunction (I speculate) with soon to be released statements. A poster first brought it up here from a Yahoo news article today. That being said if the university does try to attack her like this they will get so owned.

I'm betting a slew of mgolawyers would take issue with the below spin from some unnamed "legal" sources, but as we know Urban has already denied knowledge. So if Urban subsequently changes his mind at a minimum he's lying. If he's willing to lie to begin with, why would he stop now when it hurts him deeply? The unknown was always what his wife was going to do... fall on the sword, etc? Now we have the spin that says essentially she didn't have to tell anyone. Watch for it to leak she didn't tell Urban or any authority. Maybe citing her own marriage problems with Urban, and for him to reaffirm what he's already said that he didn't know. 

From a legal standpoint, the Title IX expert said that Shelley Meyer’s role at the university doesn’t make her a mandatory reporter. “This one is interesting,” the lawyer said. “It doesn’t appear she has supervisory duties. That’s a key point under the policy. They have different reporting requirements for different categories of employees.”
According to a legal health care expert in Ohio, Shelley Meyer’s status as a registered nurse does not obligate her to report domestic violence allegations to police. If Courtney Smith was her patient, she could not legally report the allegations to police. Since she was not her patient, there’s neither a prohibition or obligation to report.



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More to the point, a ruling was issued last month in federal court regarding a lawsuit against Colorado University, in which Pamela Fine accused head coach Mike MacIntyre, athletic director Rick George, chancellor Phil DiStefano and President Bruce Benson of failing to properly handle the accusations of domestic violence against former Buffs assistant coach Joe Tumpkin. That lawsuit was thrown out, because, in the words of U.S. District Judge William J. Martinez, "as someone with no affiliation with or connection to the university, she was not within the group of individuals that the policies were designed to protect".

Certainly, neither is Courtney Smith included in the group of individuals to which Title IX applies. So all this talk about Title IX violations is unfounded. 



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The phone she used to take the pictures wasn't released in 2010.


As an aside, I will say that Reddit has suddenly turned surprisingly hostile to logic regarding this situation. Posts remotely critical of Meyer or OSU's handling of the situation are getting downvoted and hit with fake troll accounts. It reeks of a disinformation campaign to me.


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r/cfb tends to be even handed, as it's a neutral board. Yesterday it was 95% OSU flairs saying Meyer should go. 


Today, there are brigades of new accounts down voting anything critical of OSU and throwing in troll posts to offset the narrative. 


It's an obvious maneuver.


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It could be fabrication and  defamation. Or it could be true. Or it could be partly true. The reality here is that no one here actually knows. Once people make up their minds they don't like to change them, especially rival fans, but Urban's investigation should be allowed to happen without predetermined outcomes in either direction. 


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Or possibly another side of the truth. No one here has ever seen a situation with a wife that is totally nuts acting like this? There's a reason these things are tried in court instead of on message boards... We don't have anything close to the information necessary to draw a legitimate conclusion one way or the other. Let's just reserve judgement until we see what pans out. (Though I am rooting for tire fire)

Mitch Cumstein

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Pretty easy to verify: ask McMurphy how much he paid for the story.


that and ask the police department of it’s normal to catch a drunk driver and let her off.


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I live in central Ohio (town next to Powell) and summarized some of this story in another post.  Some of these rumors were out almost immediately.  Maybe she is crazy (maybe not) but I don’t think it changes much.  Urban still allowed it to be around the team and bold face lied.  In my conversations most osu fans accepted urban was gone until this.  There is so much national coverage.  Local cops saying they Escorted her home drunk multiple times probably won’t help National perception.  

either way damage is done to a university that’s wiggled out of way too much.  


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OP here: ya I think its 100% fake.  It's just bizarre that it popped up on a bunch of different platforms at the same time. It is coordinated.  He will not go down without an incredible fight--putting him on leave gives him time to mount things like this.  We all know who he is--everyone does.