Bovada has Shea Patterson at 11th* in Heisman Odds

Submitted by It's Always Marcia on July 22nd, 2018 at 2:40 PM

Bovada updated their Heisman odds, and Shea Patterson is at 11th*. The asterisk is because he is actually not at 11th, but in a two way tie for 4th with JK Dobbins, Ohio St RB. The 11th place is done by 247, I think, for purposes of the article. So, as far as numbers of players ahead of him, they decided to put him at 11th. They could have placed him at 10th though, and JK Dobbins at 11th. Maybe Michigan's offensive line reputation from last year put him in the lower slot. 

Oddly, they have Trevor Lawrence, Clemson true Freshman QB, raked higher than Shea Patterson. Trevor Lawrence (at this point) is not even projected to be the starter. The projected starter (at this point), Kelly Bryant, is ranked at 19th. So Clemson has two in the top 20, both of them QBs. For him to be ranked that high there must be gamblers perception money with Trevor Lawrence as he was the #1 player over all coming out of high school last year. And there's been LOTS of buzz about him.

They have Khalil Tate, QB Arizona, at 9th, in a six way tie for 3rd. I have seen Khalil Tate play. He is an exciting, virtually one man show at Arizona, a great player with a tough attitude. He is being coached this year by Kevin Sumlin. Kevin Sumlin has produced some fantastic college QBs; Drew Brees, Jason White, Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, and Johnny Manziel. It will be interesting to see what he and Khalil Tate do together.

Lastly, they have Cam Akers, RB Florida St, in a two way tie for 6th with Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham. Greg Frey is now offensive line coach at Florida St. We will see if his work can produce an RB that gets Heisman talk. We'll also see if he can produce an offensive line that can keep a QB upright and out of the x-ray room. But who knows, maybe the combination of Greg Frey and Tim Drevno working together was too many cooks in the kitchen, and Frey will do well at Florida St.



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I'm confused on the forecasting of Patterson.  Some are saying he wasn't very good, completely sucked against great defenses, and lost his starting job.  Others have him as a top 15 candidate to win the Heisman on a team that last year was 110th in passing ypg and only threw 9 TDs.


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Rewatch the 2nd half of that football game. Georgia lost that game a lot more than Bama won it. To his credit, he made some plays but a LOT of good things happened for him in that football game that aren't very replicable. 

In any case, a) he's not the guaranteed starter, and b) not going to have great QB stats even if he is the starter because that's not what Bama does. Jalen Hurts threw for 2000 yards and 17 TDs last year. Even with his 800 or so yards rushing, that doesn't win the Heisman.