Malik McDowell - Sam Webb update on WTKA

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I missed part of the update, but from what I heard,  Sam said Michigan is DEFINITELY not out of it. He said he couldn't go into details, but he said MSU definitely has issues to overcome and there are factors heavily in favor of Michigan. He said OSU is also making a late run since Larry Johnson was hired. He felt they had no chance before. No one has any idea who the real favorite is but he emphasized strongly that Michigan is still in contention.

Edited: Upon replaying the podcast Sam said it was clear then changed it to pretty clear that his parents said it wouldn't go past signing day but then said it wasn't likely.




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Michigan State has arguably had the best defense in the country over the last couple years. Are you suggesting that if we had hired Casteel, our defense would have been BETTER than the best defense in the country? Or that we could coach up our defensive linemen to a higher level than Larry Johnson, who has produced numerous high draft picks (Courtney Brown, Michael Haynes, Jared Odrick, Tamba Hali, etc.)?


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You said that  msu/fsu/osu  all have did a better job of coaching up, specifically, the DL position than we have... I disagreed with your statement, saying that it is not necessarily so.  Because our DL recruiting was terrible with Shafer/Robinson trying to meld with RR coaches, and they recruited poorly on the DL... didnt we miss on signing week, on two guys that were supposedly ours in Jatashun Beachum and dequinta Jones ? Anyway, guys like Chris Rock aren't quality talents....     you mentioned Calhoun...well dantonio coached julian peterson, so he knew what to look for in body-type and skill, and recruited it in Calhoun... that does NOT necessarily mean that he coached up a poor talent into a stud, but it just as easily means he knew what to find, having had it already.  So, he gets Calhoun, who ends up playing quite well....  and then Hoke inherits RVB and Roh and VanBergen and does great with them, but now is dealing with the void that was left.   

And the top D can have to do with total scheme in its entirety.....  we are speaking here strictly on the DL....

On Larry Johnson, yes, you may be right... but lets first see how Hoke actually does with Wormley and Poggi, etc....   before you make a claim like that.    Hoke coached up quite well, guys like Glen Steele into an all-american.    That total DL recruit fail in those RR years is now affecting the program, and is altering perception.

If you wanna make a claim that msu/osu/fsu have recruited better at DL than shafer/robinson/RR  then I will agree.  But I wont agree with the other statement because it cannot be proven yet, because it was referring to the DL only.  


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I believe Dantonio was the defensive backs coach at MSU when Peterson was there, so I don't know how much that has to do with Calhoun. But regardless, it seems to me that your point is "If Michigan could have recruited better and had Casteel as the coach under Rodriguez, then perhaps Michigan would have better defensive linemen than Michigan State in recent years." And while nothing is impossible, I find it difficult to believe that a decent defensive coordinator - no more, no less - for three years would have put Michigan in a position where they would be totally superior to Michigan State. Yes, we're talking about the DL specifically and MSU's total defense (not their DL) was #1 in the country, but Calhoun was a redshirt sophomore recruited in 2011. It didn't take MSU long to get him to be a very good player. And overall, I just have a very hard time believing that the lack of Casteel as the DC is the difference between Michigan's defensive line and Michigan State's defensive line.


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Why do you chalk it up to only coaching ability?   They found another body-type in Calhoun, thats close to Julian Peterson.... doesn't necessarily mean that he was "coached up"... It could very well be that 'dantoni' knew exactly what to look for, and found it, as Peterson had a great NFL career.... 


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Don't want to be that guy spreading the conjecture...but why is it that Sparty linemen on D and other defensive players seem great and in cases dominant football in EL but (Worthy, Gholston, Greg Jones etc. ) but are decidedly average in the NFL.

Is it the lack of Narduzzi, a Mandarich related 1989 nutrition problem as periodically speculated on less reputable forums, that old saw here at MGoBlog "regression", Big Teeeen talent evaluation or some other reason that moves players from beast mode to not so much?


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I really think that Narduzzi is the wizard behind the curtain. These guys are average athletes in high school and after college, but for whatever reason(s), they play well individually and collectively when they're in East Lansing. And no, I don't think it's Tony Mandarich-style nutrition, but . . . who knows?


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Those are some good points, but:

Defensive line gets a lot of attention at Michigan and our DL talent seems to be on a good trajectory.  If I remember correctly, Martin and Van Bergen both improved dramatically when Hoke and Mattison came in.  I also thought Martin said something about the current coaching staff being light years better than the last one.  Martin is doing fine in the NFL. The last few years have been a little rough, but the coaching staff has not had time to develop their most talented linement.  Campbell is our only big bust, and it looks like that might have been on him rather than the coaches. 

MSU has Gholston, who I also consider a bust.  MSU generally seems like more of a schematic advantage than a "hey come here and we will develop you into a NFL caliber DL"

OSU has Urban Meyer, so if his parents are serious about college, well...  (I know that's not a 'football decision')  Oh yeah, there's that whole oversigning thing too


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I wouldn't call Campbell a big bust as much as a testament to the shortcomings of the previous staff and point to him as a success of the current coaching staff. Campbell's last two years at Michigan were lightyears ahead of his first two. Given another year with the current staff and less time with the previous he may have actually turned into a legit all big ten player

Jack Daniels

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I'd bet that he and his family compromise with him going to OSU.

Family doesn't want him to go to MSU, he doesn't want to go to UM, FSU is far away. Last visit to OSU does not bode well


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NO NO NO NO. Wrong. Jesus, some of you need to have your hearing checked.

Sam specifically said that there were rumors that Malik would extend his decision process past NSD, but then Sam said Malik's parents told him that isn't going to happen. The decision will come by NSD.


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and Sam said  that Malik's father said it would not go past signing day.

I stand by my comment that there was a comment before that it wasn't likely. He actually contradicted himself. He said it was clear then that it was pretty clear that his parents said he would make the decision on signing day then he said probably. He left a lot of wiggle room on the podcast. I can see how we both took it different ways.


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Nick Baumgardner has an article based on a discussion with Allen Trieu (HERE) in which Trieu also echoes the sentiment that McDowell's choice is more or less anyone's guess and that Michigan is not out of it as such. Regarding Michigan specifically, Trieu says:

"I think Michigan still has a chance. I know they're scheduled to have an in-home (visit) with him pretty soon here, and that can make a difference. We'll see if he makes an unofficial trip back to campus. He's kept them on his list, he's at least willing to talk to them. That's all you can ask for."

Jack Daniels

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A decision by NSD makes it seem like OSU, the flavor of the month, will have a good shot with their last visit and all

I bet they try to convert him to OT if he goes there


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I guess my theory of him going blue, isnt farfetched after all, is it (Gordo) ?

Lifelong Michigan fan growing up in Michigan family.....

Visits us a zillion times....

Goes on officials very late in process, to the other three schools, as if he is seeing if any can beat us.....

I called not officially visiting Michigan, as the smoking gun.....



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I wish him the best and I think he's going through a very thorough and difficult decision making process.  That said, he's definitely looking for something that he hasn't found at Michigan.  I just hope he doesn't find it at Ohio as losing two of the top three players in the state to those jackholes is NOT good in any way shape or form.  

These long standing vision quests don't seem to play to the coaches recruiting strengths as most of this staffs successful recruitments tend to get guys who buy into the program atmosphere right away.  If players aren't quite into that it seems like the coaches don;t quite have the tools to fight on multiple fronts.  They do a fantastic job at bringing in the guys they bring in and recruiting is certainly a numbers game that will rarely play out in your preferred schools favor, but some patterns do seem to emerge for the players who end up coming here and Malik doesn;t seem to fit the pattern.  I also remember the Kris Frost recruitment where he said he never wanted Michigan, but his parents did and he ended up at Auburn.  I hope Malik ends up where he wants to go, I just hope it's not Ohio.


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My goodness, you're probably right......  I'm now leaning toward your way of thinking here, as it is more rational than mine. Let us hope for the best here.

Though it is interesting, that as we need a DT, that there appears to be no backup in case he goes elsewhere, unless its a last minute offer/switch.


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1. The MSU DC will be gone after next year. What will that mean? Did MSU just peak?

2. FSU is a long way away, both in terms of distance, and culture. It would mean changing everything in my world, and leaving everything I have behind. But, it may be worth it, as they are in a perfect position to go on a multi year run for titles. They did not just peak.

3. If I'm going to go to osu, I may as well go to FSU. I only give up a little more, but I potentially play in multiple NC games, and probably win a ring in the next 5 years at FSU. LJ is a big consideration, but will he really make me that much better than my other choices?

4. If I go to Michigan, I will end up with the best degree and alumni network of the four, by far. I will still have the close support of family and friends, and I'm comfortable with the culture. There is no down sign in my development for potential play at the next level, and I may very well be part of something very special, including a run at a NC. But, the risk is that Hoke won't make that success happen, and I could be on average teams for 5 years.

Good luck M! All I can say is that it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine! Of course there's much more to it than this, but: Everywhere I go, when someone asks me where I attended college, Michigan gets respect that the other three do not. The world is about opening doors, so that you can enter, and make good things happen. I envy yor 4 door choice. Good luck whatever you decide, and make it happen!


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Assumption: I have a son, and I would have a huge impact on his decision if he had this choice.

The smart thing to do is to have him go through the process, just as Mr. McDowell did (as much as I'd rather have him just commit to M).  Through that process, some things may have happened.  Perhaps Malik looked at the academics at M and thought it was a lot of work (though I know all student athletes work hard), and maybe some players at Sparty told him it wasn't that bad.  Some M players said man it's a grind.  And Sparty went to their first Rose Bowl in 25 years, and their first BCS bowl ever.  EL must have been a ball on weekends this year.  After another disappointing season, AA might not have been as great on Saturday nights.

Maybe my son starts to really like it.  At that point, I - and my wife, more so even my wife - would start to say "shit, he may go to Sparty."  We'd start dialing that shit back.  We'd be making him give us a better reason than fun.  You're young and playing FB in college, you're going to have fun anywhere you go.  I'd start stressing the academics and pushing.  If he really wanted to go there, he'd have a real job to convice us, but obvoiusly would support in the end.

That coupled with the fading of the RB appearance and campus fun.  He might be looking at things evenly again.


January 30th, 2014 at 10:04 AM ^

...a. Unsupported opinion b. Stupid wild ass guess. "Analysis" of recruiting analyst 1's "inside scoop". "Analysis" of recruiting analyst 2's "inside scoop". Canard. Hypothetical statement. Hyperbolic statement.

Go Blue!



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My source on this matter (the one with the perturbable stomach) says Michigan's currently on the outside looking in, and trying desperately to get either or both of an in-home and another unofficial visit. If either of those things happen Michigan has a shot; if they don't we're out of this one.


January 30th, 2014 at 11:33 AM ^

It is a good class as is. Hoke just needs to start winning more games. If we go 10-2 next season then we are likely to have a great 2015 class. Another 4 loss season, then you may see some kids go elsewhere in 2015.


January 30th, 2014 at 1:09 PM ^

Here is a digression.... to something more deserving, that a guy who hasn't committed to us....

KUDOS TO LAWRENCE MARSHALL.....  Glad to have him.... gonna be a great DE.....    committed to us A LONG TIME AGO and stuck with it......










Ok.......  now as you were...