Malik McDowell - Sam Webb update on WTKA

Submitted by BlueCube on January 30th, 2014 at 8:10 AM

I missed part of the update, but from what I heard,  Sam said Michigan is DEFINITELY not out of it. He said he couldn't go into details, but he said MSU definitely has issues to overcome and there are factors heavily in favor of Michigan. He said OSU is also making a late run since Larry Johnson was hired. He felt they had no chance before. No one has any idea who the real favorite is but he emphasized strongly that Michigan is still in contention.

Edited: Upon replaying the podcast Sam said it was clear then changed it to pretty clear that his parents said it wouldn't go past signing day but then said it wasn't likely.




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I don't think this is that difficult to grasp.  You visit MSU's campus and UM's campus and you will find one more enjoyable than the other.  Just because McDowell happens to like MSU more and has more fun there doesn't mean UM's efforts are poor and that you need to analyze what has gone wrong.  I mean, I don't think Urban and company are analyzing how they "fell short" when Peppers enjoyed UM more than OSU.  It happens. 


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You visit MSU's campus and UM's campus and you will find one more enjoyable than the other.

I think that is very debatable, actually. Among other things, I don't like how MSU's campus is separated from town, so you have to walk forever or drive to places.


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has JC Schurburtt on every Thursday from 8-9.  First question came from a Buckeye, about McDowell.  Long story short, he said he wouldn't be surprised if any of Michigan, Sparty, Ohio, of FSU got him.  Their local guy Steve Wiltfong apparently picked Sparty a little while ago, but then changed it back to "fuzzy" just two days ago (the last update made).  FSU trending positively and feel good about him.  Michigan has people in his inner circle.

Prince Lover

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Just to speculate, everyone thought the switch in his visit last weekend meant MSU was a certainty. Now even MSU's recruiting guy isn't even sure. Guess the visit wasn't very overwhelming. Do we need to thank the basketball team for this?


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university, who is also among his favorite teams, that corresponded with his visit. The ticket is paid for with an official visit. It's very possible it was nothing more than that. I wish they had shown on tv what his reaction was after Michigan won.

Bo Nederlander

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I could be wrong, but didn't Ohio just fill their last spot with the Glenville duo? And I emphasize spot in that it is not plural. I don't see how they would have room for him.


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At this point i could care less if he comes here, i know he is a kid and confused but it seems like he likes the spotlight/drama a little too much..especially saying that he will not sign on the signing day.


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What spotlight are you referring to? Has he done a bunch of interviews? Many athletes, and non athletes, don't decide where they're going to college until spring. Just because you as a fan and read about recruiting a lot doesn't mean he should rush his decision. I think it's ridiculous to say you don't care where a 5-star defensive lineman in our own backyard goes.


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Given our current situation on defense and in particular the d-line I really couldn't care less how the kid has handled his recruitment (not that I have any problem with it....I don't). He's a potential difference maker that we sorely need. He hasn't really given the media anything to go on so I really don't see how you come to the conclusion he likes the spotlight. If anything he has been tight lipped and hard to read, maybe it's the exact opposite and he doesn't like the attention.


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If we're talking football only, I have to say that I think Michigan should be last on the list. Florida State and Michigan State have done a better job of developing defensive linemen in recent years, and Ohio State's hiring of Larry Johnson - who worked wonders with the DL at Penn State - inches them past Michigan in that area, too.

I hope he picks Michigan, but the football side of things suggests choosing one of the other three.


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My goodness,   perception is not reality here....    msu does not coach up their DL better, despite what you think....   we are in a lull because casteel never came, and our recruiting was pretty poor, especially recall with that Beachum and dequinta jones fiasco, leaving us with no DTs... now we are feeling the pain, but the perception will shift after guys like poggi and wormley become dominant....



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Yeah, I have to agree with you there. I guess it's fortunate in this case that there is more than football to it. I mean, I look at point guards and wings who don't come to play for Beilein, and all I can think is, WTF are you serious? Why wouldn't you choose to learn from the Master? Have you seen his track record? So obviously that is not all there is to it. That said, I still don't think McDowell will go Blue, and if he does, it seems like his heart wouldn't be in it.

Blue Mike

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That's probably a lot of the reason that he hasn't already picked Michigan.  Seemed like he really wanted to come here a while ago, but as the season progressed and the other football programs performed better, he started having some second thoughts about what would be best for his football development.


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Sorry but what about MSU's recent success putting defensive linemen in the NFL is all that impressive? Worthy in the 2nd round and Gholston in the 4th? It's not like they have a reputation for churning out high draft picks. Dennard should go mid to late first this year but no one else is projected before the later rounds from their elite defense.


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Am disagreeing here....    because had we had Casteel instead, and say RR still got fired.... then Id bet that our DL talent quality likely wouldve been alot greater these past few years.... and thus the perception here would not be that msu/osu  coach the DL better than us.