Malik McDowell - Sam Webb update on WTKA

Submitted by BlueCube on January 30th, 2014 at 8:10 AM

I missed part of the update, but from what I heard,  Sam said Michigan is DEFINITELY not out of it. He said he couldn't go into details, but he said MSU definitely has issues to overcome and there are factors heavily in favor of Michigan. He said OSU is also making a late run since Larry Johnson was hired. He felt they had no chance before. No one has any idea who the real favorite is but he emphasized strongly that Michigan is still in contention.

Edited: Upon replaying the podcast Sam said it was clear then changed it to pretty clear that his parents said it wouldn't go past signing day but then said it wasn't likely.




January 30th, 2014 at 8:23 AM ^

we won't have to wait much longer, but apparently he might not sign on NSD.  Can anyone explain how this works?  If you don't sign on NSD, is there some other deadline? 

Come On Down

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Is only the first day that kids can sign letters of intent, it is not the deadline for them to declare a school. If I remember correctly from when I was in undergrad, the deadline to enroll in a school for the fall semester is sometime in late April or early May. 

Young John Beilein

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I hope this plays out like Kozan (except he picks us).  That was a lot of fun, and he's a good player now.

It has been suggested that Jeff Jones is out because he won't take the ACT by signing day.  Why don't we just hold off until after signing day?  Or is he planning to sign on signing day? Is there a disadvantage to signing later either for the team or the recruit?  Obviously if you wait for him and he goes elsewhere you're left with nothing, but it sounds like we're down to nothing anyway.


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Jones isn't taking his ACT until March, NSD is in a week, results take weeks to get back. 

So if you wait on Jones, you very well may not know if he's even academically eligible until after the signing period; and if he's not then that was a wasted scholarship offer (though probably bankable). It also requires Jones to wait to sign anywhere as well, which he wouldn't do because if that happens then he's screwed even more. 


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is not a rationale.  There have been plenty of posters on this board over the years making 100% proclomations like yourself.  Some have been correct, some have not.  They are just like the guys proclaiming kids are locks to Michigan.  All those guys turn out to be just that: random guys on the internet who say this or that, and their guarantees turn out to be just their version of reading tea leaves.  Which is what all of us are doing.

So far, Sam Webb, Steve Wiltfong, and JC Schurburtt are saying "don't know".  That outweighs random dude.

also, how is your new farm?

rob f

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you might have had to post from your tractor, or while milking cows, or grooming your horses, or while shoveling manure, or trimming fruit trees, or procuring seed and/or fertilizer, or one of the many many other tasks a farmer has from dawn til dusk.

I have relatives who farm, but me?  No.  Just aware that it would severly impact the amount of time here on MGoBlog if I did.



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My wife is an MSW, and she is right most of the time unfortunately...........of course she is a smart woman, and i have no idea who you are.....

this is one of of, if not the most important recruiting battles this staff has ever had. 


Top player in the state

Posistion in huge need of difference makers

We need this to happen, i wrote him off from after all the sparty rabble over the last few months but glad it sounds like everyone is back in it evenly.......basically all i've taken out of this recruitment is unless you are personally really close to this kid you have no idea what hes going to do. So unless you're a degenerate gambler, sounds like any bets or guesses are just pure speculation or ridiculous.


January 30th, 2014 at 12:02 PM ^

Sam Webb's word is gold and that you trust him. So if Sam, arguably the most reputable and insider guy covering Michigan recruiting, says we have a chance why are you betting the farm that McDowell is not coming here?  

If this is simply your intuition, say so. If you know something that Sam Webb does not, we are listening.


O Fo Sho

January 30th, 2014 at 8:27 AM ^

is what Sam Webb is saying.  Sounds to me like his parents want him to go to Michigan, but he feels more comfortable at State.  Interesting conflict.....