Predictions for Michigan-Michigan State

Submitted by LS And Play on January 25th, 2014 at 10:22 AM

It's time for yet another matchup with a Top 10 opponent. Given the injuries to the frontcourt, Michigan State needs Gary Harris and Appling to put up dominating performances to win tonight. I hope Levert is put on Harris for most of the game. Similar to the Iowa game, stopping Michigan State's transition offense will be critical to winning tonight. I can't wait for this game. Predictions everyone?

68-64 Michigan

Go Blue! 



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I just hope Beilein realizes that this is a BIG game. It's not just another game. He said he doesn't "circle" games. But it sure would be nice to know that the coach really has a passion for the MSU rivalry. That he wants to curb stomp them.

Let's goooooooo!


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For the board's information, the comparison stats - which don't really account for  being down two of your best player in the case of MSU - are below:

Michigan Michigan St. 
Points/Game 77.2   79.9
Avg Score Margin +13.4   +16.0
Assists/Game 15.6   17.8
Total Rebounds/Gm 33.4   39.6
Effective FG % 56.2%   54.2%
Off Rebound % 27.0%   31.7%
FTA/FGA 0.346   0.353
Turnover % 12.4%   14.1%
Michigan Michigan St. 
Opp Points/Game 63.7   63.9
Opp Effective FG % 48.1%   43.7%
Off Rebounds/Gm 7.8   10.0
Def Rebounds/Gm 22.9   27.1
Blocks/Game 2.9   5.3
Steals/Game 6.0   8.0
Personal Fouls/Gm 14.8   17.6

I share them now to show how a healthier MSU team might stack up against our season averages, but I will guess that the absence of Payne and Dawson lower several of these - particularly points and rebounding percentage. It may very well tip the scales in our favor ever so slightly. Things being as they are, Michigan by a few possessions. 


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We will be bothered by a number of calls.
There will be countless mentions of MSU injuries and possibly one mention of the nation's top center being injured.
Sparty will admit that they'd gladly lose every other game all season if they win this one.
East Lansing will continue to be a miserable strip mall of a town

The Barwis Effect

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I'm not much for predictions but I see Levert as the key player for U-M. If he plays within himself they've got a great chance. It seems like bad things happen when he starts forcing the issue. They got away with it in the last two games, but I don't think they can overcome it against State.


January 25th, 2014 at 11:05 AM ^

As he goes usually so does Michigan.

Quick quibble: Caris was fantastic against Wisconsin and was one of the reasons the Wolverines won (of course along with Nik).  Michigan did not win in spite of him, unless you consider 20 points, 3-3 from deep and the line, 7 boards, 4 dimes, and 4 steals "getting away with it."


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with Appling, Harris, Valentine, Trice, and Costello at C and tries to run us off the floor. I think this will be a great game and Sparty will still play an outstanding game without Payne and Dawson. We need to keep TO's down like usual and keep rebounding close to even (injuries should help here) and it will be up to GRIII and Caris to star on offense as Izzo will surely base his defense on smothering Stauskas. Michigan 72-68. Go Blue!!!


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What about his play over the last month suggests a Duke like purposelessness from him? I'd say his movements these days are spent performing some hellish magical feat of double crossover, step-back three SURPRISE gonna drive and leaving the defender somewhere near Kalamazoo.

Nik will be alright.


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Still wouldn't predict a Michigan win quite yet, but it should be closer than last year's shellacking we took there.

Then again, MSU has yet to play Michigan, Wisconsin, or Iowa and all of our offenses are top 5(!) in national efficiency.

Cold War

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We build about a ten point lead, Staee whittles it down with some home cooking and the game is very close until we pull away a bit and win by six or  so.


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If we win today we will have beaten 3 of the 4 top 5 B1G teams other than Michigan on the road already. The other top 5 B1G team, Iowa, we beat at home. We are set up to run away with the title if we win. Things never go so smoothly so I assume we lay an egg today. Unfortunately State 73-61