Sam Webb Re: Damien Harris and George Campbell Status

Submitted by BlueCube on January 24th, 2014 at 1:54 PM

Sam Webb updates the status of George Campbell and Damien Harris in the Detroit News. The status is much better for Harris than Campbell but Michigan is not out for either of them. Campbell insists Michigan's record had nothing to do with his decommitment because he feels he'd be part of the difference. The reason was that none of his family had visited Michigan and they felt he made a hasty decision. He's not sure if he will take an official visit to Michigan, but he hasn't ruled it out. He will make the decision when he has talked to more schools.

There have been other stories on Harris so I won't go into the details here. It does say that his mom feels the process will lead right back to Michigan.



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Sam Webb is the most connected reporter of anyone covering UM sports and possibly recruiting overall. So I'll take his word on it when he says that getting Peppers was much more important than getting hand. He said Jabrill is among the top prospects Scout has ever evaluated, and while hand is good, someone at his level or better comes around every year


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I agree with the premise of this article. I feel good about Harris but not so much so about Campbell. I think he is just giving an excuse for now because he is staying in the south. Odd that his reason for decommittment is that his family did not get to visit yet he does not have plans to make an OV to bring them along.


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Saying that you decommited because your family never saw Michigan, then saying he may not even take an official visit there, makes no sense to me.  I don't think he's coming back to the class, which makes getting guys like Canteen and Harris that much more important this year.


I am fairly confident Harris will come back.  It wasn't surprising that he wanted to take some visits.  David Dawson did the same thing and wound up back at Michigan.  Shoot, David Dawson may even bring hope for Campbell because I remember most on here thought he wasn't going to be back.


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Other than Dawson who do you recall decommitting and then coming back into the fold?  I think it's pretty darn rare for a kid to say yes, then no, then yes again.  While I would be very (pleasantly) surprised to see Harris join Dawson in that fairly exclusive club I'm personally counting as gone.


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but it's good to hear it through Sam Webb actually talking to those involved. 

Campbell is a pretty longshot now, but if they can convince him to take an official to Michigan that would be huge. 

Harris has a good chance to get back in the class, but if not Nuss is at least going after other RBs more aggressively. It would be awesome if he could somehow get Weber and Harris.


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Nuss needs to DO SOME WORK this year with the offensive line.  We must show big progress with the run game.  That will be a major factor as I will bet every rival will use it to neg-recruit.

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So, Campbell decommits because his family didn't get a chance to see Michigan and therefore feels he committed too soon.  So, how to fix that?  Have them visit Michigan with him.  But no, he says he's not even sure he'll take an official?!?  The fact that he goes from committed to not sure he'll even official, makes me think the reason he gave isn't the real reason. 


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I think either he has soured on Michigan or there are other people in his ear who want him to go elsewhere.  Btw- I am no way ripping the kid.  He needs to make the right decision for himself and his family.  It just sounds like that will not be Michigan for some reason.


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if the problem is that he wants to take other visits and have his family visit also, the solution to that is take an official visit to Michigan, but then he says he is not sure if they will visit Michigan.

Obviously there is more to this story then he is letting on.