Report: Noah Spence Suspended for 3 Games for Positive Ecstasy Test

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The hits keep coming for the Buckaroos.

According to his father:

...the Big 10 originally suspended Spence for one year because they consider ecstasy a performance-enhancing drug. The NCAA considers ecstasy a street drug, which carries a lesser penalty. The family appealed and the suspension was dropped to three games. They appealed a second time, but the three-day suspension was upheld. The Spence family says they also plan to file a lawsuit against the Big 10.



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This paints a vastly different picture than the Columbus Dispatch did late last week when the suspension first came to light. As I recall, their sources had told them that Spence had used an unapproved dietary supplement. All the same, this definitely underscores the idea that accepting drinks of unknown origin at a party may not be the best idea. 


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People were having a shit that he was suspended at all. Blamed the NCAA for not taking action which resulted in Urban having to lay down the law. Unbelievably one-sided Fanbase that can't see anything but scarlet and grey.


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He was using it for depression and other medical reasons.  When on his meds he is the life of the party.  You cannot take that away from him.


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good luck with that lawsuit.  on the one hand, i'd love to be the defense attorney on that case because it's an easy one.  on the other, i probably wouldn't have to work on it for very long, so it wouldn't be a great billable.


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According to the article.  They got it down to the three games on appeal.  That may be in part to him being good at football, I'm not that naive.  However, it may also be because he was Academic All B1G and, to my knowledge, has had no other discipline/team rule problems before and so it was a first offense.   

As for his parents suing, if you had a kid who had never lied to you about something like this before and you believed had his head on straight, I would hope you would believe him.  Yes, it sounds like a weak excuse and is going to be damn hard to prove unless someone comes forward to confess (and even then I know folks will think that the confessor is lying to help the Buckeye cause.)  I'm not sure I would sue, I don't really see what that gets them, but maybe they know more than I do.    


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When I saw the title I laughed out loud.  Ecstasy?  Come on man, you are on track to be a first/second rounder and you're gonna do ecstasy?  Urbz continuing to mold some quality men down there..

Like It's 19BBY

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It's not like he's been robbing taxi cab drivers with a pellet gun in Ypsilanti.

If true, hope he gets help he needs and shakes this. So we can beat his ass on the field...

Go Blue.

RB's Mustache

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O$U and their crappy little suspensions only occur:

1) when they are forced into after trying everything to avoid responsibility, and
2) in the off season so players miss only crappy non-conference, non-bowl games.

Alvin Wistert

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I'm surprised it even showed up on a urine drug test. Having helped a friend get off ecstasy it only typically stays in system for 48-72 hours saying the basement chemist didn't load it with meth. Basically unless he was a chronic user it would be clear within 3 days 4 tops.