Report: Noah Spence Suspended for 3 Games for Positive Ecstasy Test

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The hits keep coming for the Buckaroos.

According to his father:

...the Big 10 originally suspended Spence for one year because they consider ecstasy a performance-enhancing drug. The NCAA considers ecstasy a street drug, which carries a lesser penalty. The family appealed and the suspension was dropped to three games. They appealed a second time, but the three-day suspension was upheld. The Spence family says they also plan to file a lawsuit against the Big 10.



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regardless of whether you think that drugs or certain drugs should be illegal, i don't see why it's unreasonable to condition a scholarship and/or playing time on compliance with the law, including laws against illegal drugs.  there are of course reasonable exceptions, but since there's no need to use ectasy, i don't have a problem with this suspension.


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Because that would mean that there's no room for student athletes to party it up and live irresponsibly.  It would mean that they are being forced to prepare for their transition into the  real world and become decent, functioning members of society...and that's just ridiculous.


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when the US Attorney gets a copy of his transcript in which he admits the use of ecstasy and decides to use it to criminally prosecute him?  Or does he plan on taking the 5th when his deposition is taken?  If he admits use of the drug under oath, he may miss more than a year.  Some people don't know when to sit down and shut up!

LSA Aught One

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If you've ever been to a rave and seen the chicks with the glow sticks, you may change your opinion.  One could argue that E would allow you to train harder because you can't stop moving.  Of course, you wouldn't be able to focus clearly on the training, so it may include spinning in circles and hugging people.  Any of you Par-Core or Crossfit people feel free to try to workout on E and let us know the results.


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Two of my buddies woke up one morning, had some bad breath, ate some mints, and went to class...

said mints were dosed with LSD.    One friend was used to it and enjoyed his day, the other friend had no clue and wigged the fuck out...


Point: Accidental dosing does happen




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 and this is a prime example of whats wrong with kids these days. A kid gets caught doing drugs and his parents. Instead of letting him face the consequences of his actions and take responsibility for his mistake, they try and sue... or claim they will sue. Just plain goofy in my opinion


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And not being a smart ass...I'm honestly somewhat sheltered from these things.  Lifetime in the military, AFA grad (in the early 90s) and work on an AF base now.  I don't really have any exposure to it at all.  BUT, even if I hadn't gone that route in college and life, I was never ever tempted to try illegal drugs. The only illegal thing I did was drink under age...which, in my definition, is more of the "college kids being college kids."


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I think this is reasonably common, which isn't to say it's good.  I think he should be suspended for a couple of games, but I don't think people should view Spence as some sort of criminally-inclined person for this (not that you were advocating this).  Many, many people have no doubt used ecstasy and gone on to lead constructive lives. 


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I'm not a doctor, but it can definitely cause terrible damage, both short and long term (short term damage seems to come from overheating and the occassional heart attack).  I would certainly be worried if I had a kid who used it*...That said, I think ecstasy is more likely to be something someone uses once or only a few times, which is why I, fwiw, would be less concerned if my kid was caught with it than if he/she were caught with, say, cocaine...If Spence tested positive for it a second time, I would be a lot more concerned for him.

*The fact that I thought about this makes me feel older than I was five minutes ago.