January 5th, 2014 at 10:37 AM ^

This has to stop why would these kids go to Ohio? I have no clue. I know UM has a much better degree to offer than Ohio but those kids are not going there to play school this is all about football.  Winning will fix everything and hopefully we have a good year next year. Once Hoke builds it they will come. Going forward it will be much easier to win with the kids Hoke has recruited when they become upper classman.  Ohio had four Sr's headed to the NFL on their O line this year. They will probably replace those four Sr's with three more who have plenty of game experience. Remember that?  when we just put the next guys in line in, who were capable or more than capable than the guys in front of them. Thats what the teams we are getting beat by have the luxury of doing. I personally can't wait.  GO BLUE!!!