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Apparently, I've made the bulletin board over at GPS. Even though there are 50+ other tweets saying GPS is doomed. I mean, when you lose to a MAC Blue team and you are supossed to be the terrors of that crappy division, it doesn't say much for your chances against the D1 football factory of Cass Tech. This guy's twitter bio says he is the GPS Offensive Coordinator-

: RIP Grosse Pointe South. They're playing Cass Tech.” We can use this attitude as motivation

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No, currently a senior at Utica. No doubt GPS is going to MAC White next year. They've been killing it in Blue and Roseville has been awful since they've moved up. Wouldn't doubt it that LCN moves up to White also since Cousino has been stinking up the joint recently. 

I really dislike the floating divisions. Competitive balance is what they argue, but it has destroyed rivalries.

Utica hasn't played Eisenhower since 2007 and they share a stadium.

Utica hasn't played Romeo since 2009 and they've been playing for a trophy called the Little Brown Jug since 1947. 

Angers me that I'll be an alum soon and will have never experienced a rivalry game. 


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Blame your AD.  South and North often don't share a division but play every year.  I imagine if your AD gets his shit together (and can get another AD to do the same) you ought to be able to play at least one rivalry as a crossover every year.  The exception might be if the teams are more than one division apart.


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I'm really confused as to why anyone would complain about this.  I don't follow recruiting at all, but as a high school varsity coach in non-football coaches that also went to high school in michigan, hell yeah I follow the tournament a bit.  I check in on my alma mater, my cousins'/parents' alma mater, and I definitely sit on the couch on black Friday and watch the games.


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I think this is great, the internet keeps expanding the availability of content, which has the net impact of making the world smaller, which is fantastic for those of us who no longer live close to where we grew up.

I moved to Los Angeles after graduation from Michigan, but I still donate to both schools that put me on the road to success.

Go Blue, Go Warriors!

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I disagree with your main point, but it could always be worse.


Utah has 6 divisions from roughly 115 total schools. There will be a state champ out of 12 schools in some divisions.


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in 2011.  This year 37 schools played 8 man football.  Most of the schools represented were Class D from the thumb and UP.  I expect this division will continue to grow esp in rural areas.


Notable 8 man schools.  

Kinde North Huron



Rock Mid-Peninsula


Ewen-Trout Creek


Battle Creek St. Phillip




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It's so weird seeing my high school team 9-0 and a 2 seed in Division 2. We were a laughingstock while Larry Caper ran all over us every year I was there.

Go BC Lakeview!


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I would have never thought that they were 9-0 until I watched the show yesterday. Usually an okay team, but we played them in a 7v7 at ford field back in the summer and they didn't look very good. They must have a solid line and run game. Best of luck! Guess it goes to show how lite those things matter.

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Much more interesting than Ohio's process, which is entirely mathematical (points for wins depending on school size, and points for wins that the teams you beat get, again based on school size, all averaged out by number of games per sample).  New wrinkle this year that they went from 5 to 6 divisions, with only the biggest school division having only 2 regions (instead of 4).  Current unofficial status here - one more weekend to go.  Locally, Jake Butt's alma mater has clinched a playoff spot, but we don't know yet if we're hosting the first round.  Taco Charlton's alma mater is sitting at 17th in the region, so is currently on the outside looking in, but given the formula, they have a decent chance to clinch a spot (but likely not a home game first round).