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Submitted by Stephen Y on October 25th, 2013 at 9:05 PM
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Texas is playing the Big12 for fools. Oliver Luck learned yesterday that UT had entered a non-disclosure agreement with the Big10 a few months back and have been hammering out details for UT to join the Big10 with another school(GT-according to what Luck was told) to make 16. The LHN, which was once considered the biggest hurdle to overcome, would remain UT's and Espn's but BTN would also get UT content-just not as much as the other 15. UT would take a smaller share of BTN revenues(which will grow astronomically after adding GA and TX) than the other members but still stands to make over $50 million per year for all tv money(non-postseason ) according to projections from the B10. That's all the info I have been able to obtain in regards to this matter and what I have now was obtained from eavesdropping on my sources part. Luck seemed shocked and surprised at this news but it doesn't seem to have deterred him from taking the job even though during his interview he pitched a 12 team B12 with 8 games and a CCG. I won't pretend to understand how the big10 plans on skirting the GOR but everything I've been hearing is hinting that the answer is in the details of what the networks are actually paying for-yes, they are TV rights to a university's athletic games-but those games have a specific name and description. Failing that, the B10 has stores of cash to pay for a broken GOR or 2 if need be. Will UT move to the Big10 and what does that mean for WVU and the rest of B12? Before anyone jumps off a bridge keep this in mind: last year the Big10 had as many as 8 of those non-disclosure agreements in place with various schools and only 2 came to fruition. But if UT were to bolt the B12...well, that changes everything.



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The most important thing to me is the colors; 'Old Gold' and 'Burnt Orange' would add more diversity to the conference. The last thing we need is another 'Red' school.

San Diego Mick

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they would also be tremendous additions from a TV Footprint, you'd have Atl & the Greater Dallas area and the recruiting base it would add to the B1G, I think those are 2 of the best possibilities out there if we are indeed expanding to 16 teams.

Also, the new logo could be B16, cause the 6 looks like G, amirite.


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Texas is NOT happy in the Big 12.  With A&M gone, they have lost a lot of their reason for staying.  Sure, Oklahoma is a big rival, but they could keep them on as a non-conference opponent, much like MIchigan played Notre Dame every year for the past 30 years.  I don't think they really care about anyone else in the Big 12 that much anymore.  And they are pretty good academically, which is why I don't think they ever would have considered the SEC.  Really, if you assume the Big 12 eventually collapses, they have to end up either in the Pac-12 or the Big Ten. 


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Why would Texas want to join the Big Ten?  I think everyone is happy where their at, unless your in the Big East (or whatever it's called now). 


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Secondly, there is realistically no where else for them to go. SEC is a bad fit, PAC-12 and ACC are options, but Texas does not associate with either coast. B1G is the only game left, however the distance is a killer with only one natural rival in Neb that a Texan could associate with. Having lived there for 10 years, there is not too much discussion/north of teams up north. Fun to talk about though.


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Texas would be a great addition for the weak B1G West. It'd be nice to see UNC join for balance in the East. They might not be good at football but the East is already loaded and their bball strength would make the conference insane.

snarling wolverine

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I don't want them.  Way too far geographically, and they seem to be bent on destroying as many conferences as possible with their refusal to share revenue.  Let the Longhorn Network and its 12 subscribers broadcast their sinking ship.


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I understand the move in terms if academics, television revenue, and recruiting, I don't really like it nor hope it happens. I'm sure recruits from both GA and TX are aware of B1G football and if they were interested in coming here they would, it seems to me that most of them whether or not they are exposed to the regions football would


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Rather stay down south. On top of that I don't think they would garner much attention with customer views. GT does not dominate the state of UGA in terms of football players, they dominate in terms of academic prestige. The SEC and UGA do and considering our "yankee" identity in the B1G i don't see B1G Network doing well.

The same can be said to lesser extent with UT and dealing with Texas A&M, although I think both have a strong hold in the state of Texas and UT is a strong presence, I don't think the recruit would be swayed to come here to play and I can't see the majority of TV sets down there giving a damn with the exception of B1G fans making a living down there.

Geographically speaking it makes even less sense, there is an ENTIRE region that distance both teams from the conference and I doubt there could be any truly strong rivalries to grow from a union like that. I would much rather us continue to go further in the Northeast and look for teams more close to us and taking up more if the Great Lakes states schools. It may not give us more television sets or better recruiting in those southern states, but it continues to build up stronger rivalries in the area and is geographically consistent.