Message board rumors: Texas to B1G?

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Texas is playing the Big12 for fools. Oliver Luck learned yesterday that UT had entered a non-disclosure agreement with the Big10 a few months back and have been hammering out details for UT to join the Big10 with another school(GT-according to what Luck was told) to make 16. The LHN, which was once considered the biggest hurdle to overcome, would remain UT's and Espn's but BTN would also get UT content-just not as much as the other 15. UT would take a smaller share of BTN revenues(which will grow astronomically after adding GA and TX) than the other members but still stands to make over $50 million per year for all tv money(non-postseason ) according to projections from the B10. That's all the info I have been able to obtain in regards to this matter and what I have now was obtained from eavesdropping on my sources part. Luck seemed shocked and surprised at this news but it doesn't seem to have deterred him from taking the job even though during his interview he pitched a 12 team B12 with 8 games and a CCG. I won't pretend to understand how the big10 plans on skirting the GOR but everything I've been hearing is hinting that the answer is in the details of what the networks are actually paying for-yes, they are TV rights to a university's athletic games-but those games have a specific name and description. Failing that, the B10 has stores of cash to pay for a broken GOR or 2 if need be. Will UT move to the Big10 and what does that mean for WVU and the rest of B12? Before anyone jumps off a bridge keep this in mind: last year the Big10 had as many as 8 of those non-disclosure agreements in place with various schools and only 2 came to fruition. But if UT were to bolt the B12...well, that changes everything.



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Why, is the thread not supposed to have cold water thrown on the speculation?

I don't see what was so offensive about that.  "Texas to the B1G!" has been rumored for years.  Several dates on which this was supposed to be announced have come and gone.  They're like doomsday prophecies.  Why is pointing that out so offensive?


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exploring all of the minutiae of a possible agreement to join. But does NOT necessarily mean they come on board. This is probably just the half-sane way of going at the issue for a business-minded B1G.

We don't have to like it.  


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I am fairly certain that the Grant Of Rights is not just something you can challenge and and assume you can walk away from. If it is like the ACC and the Texas has sold some of its voice on TV contracts to the conference, then leaving the Big XII would be a considerable financial burden and something which might effectively bar them from being on TV most weeks, if I understand these agreements. 

I could be wrong, but I don't see how Texas puts all that at risk, at least until around the time the TV contracts are back up for negotiation - that's around the same time as negotiations with the Big Ten would take place, I believe. 


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Texas got confused that the Big 12 had ten members and the Big Ten had twelve, so they're leaving the conference of ten but purpotedly twelve and joining the conference of twelve but purpotedly ten, so that they will then be in a conference of twelve purpotedly and actually twelve.  The only thing is under this arrangement the twelve purpotedly ten will then become thirteen purpotedly ten, and in any case it was fourteen purpotedly ten to begin with, because two other sans-math schools simultaneously decided the same thing.

Quite simple really.


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Is worth remembering. I am sure the current students and administration would not agree with the 1934 policy of GT, and acknowledging the change and growth of our culture, amd GT as an example of that, is an important part remembering the fight for civil rights. I would welcome them for their representation of the change that was neeeded.


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Belongs in the B1G in my opinion, GT is good too, although I'd like to see Oklahoma instead. I just think their styles both would fit well in B1G and would be better for B1G than ND. Maybe it will be, and this will get ND too.


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until they're their own country; then they'll start putting the moves on Mexico. 

Don't do it, B1G; the Cuernos will just use you as a stepping stone.