Where should I *sit* in Michigan Stadium?

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Hi All,

A bit backwards from the way we often see this question posed. I'll be going to the Indiana game, and I'd prefer to sit in a section of the stadium where people generally sit, as opposed to stand for lengths at a time. (My preference is due to physical limitations by member of my group, and not a lack of fan enthusiasm!) Any advice?

Thanks in advance!



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From my experience, the seats higher up in the bowl generally have more "sitters." I'm not sure if it's the angle to the field or what, but it seems that people are more willing to stand closer to the field. 

Outside of that, it seems that the sections are even. 


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Wow guys, way to be dicks to somebody trying to take their disabled friend to a game.

If your friend qualifies (e.g. Has a handicap sticker on their car) the stadium does have accessible seating - I think there's a number you're supposed to call on MGoBlue.com. I didn't want to assume anything about the nature of your friend's limitation so I'm just throwing it out there as many people are unaware that the option exists.

Otherwise, the home sideline (outside the student section), relatively high up would be my recommendation. The home sideline has the bluest of the blue hairs, and generally speaking the higher up you are the less often you stand.

In particular, the lower 20 or so rows have a gentler slope and worse sight lines for a sitting fan, so you should avoid them.


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I recently had surgery and needed to get some extra help for the MN game. I took a shuttle (Buffalo Lot shuttle on Hoover) and they will take you to your gate if you are more than 1 hour before kickoff. All of the ushers were very accomodating and helpful. Be sure to call the ticket office if you have a handicap sticker because you can get changed to handicap accessible seats.

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I see that the OP was pleased with the info that some of us supplied. Moreover, I didn't get the impression that he was concerned about true handicap accommodations. He might have been talking about a child who could not see over standing adults, or any non-handicapped person who would be uncomfortable standing.

But yeah, there are quite a lot of dicks when it comes to standing for the duration of games.

Also, I agree with you that the west (home) sideline is where a lot of faculty, non-alumni donors and other institutional guests (including team/family tickets) and they stand even less than the east (alumni) sideline.


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The first few responses were "why wouldn't anyone want to stand", "student section" and "Fraser's pub". That's a little dickish for an honest question. The responses got a little better after that, but at the time that's what I was responding to.


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Sure, there have been some dickish responses to the question.  But, this group needs to  understand that stiff questions sometimes need to be asked and we can't just toss-off any request.  We need to bone up as a fan base and work hard-on our replies.  We all have the balls to man up and help out even if you think the initial request was junk.  Spewing off with whimsical answers only creates FD (forum dysfunction) and can lead to excessive deflated self image.  So, let's all rise to the occation and focus our eye on the prize.  Onward and upward gents...  



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You would probably do well in the SE corner of the bowl.  I sit right on the aisle that runs up from the middle of the goal posts.  People stand to my left, and sit to my right.


You could always check with the ticket office to see if any handicap seats are available.  I know we were able to trade in our tickets when we took my grandmother a decade ago and she was in a wheel chair.


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Against Indiana most of the stadium should be seated except the student section.  It's usually only big games where it's considered acceptable to stand in the other sections.  Sometimes I've noticed the corners have a little more standing just because the sight lines can be a bit harder if the play is at the opposite end of the field.


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This person asked a simple question, and he/she needs a legitimate answer, yet most of the responses are weak attempts at jokes and some of them border on being downright rude.

I cannot wait for a moderation system to come back.

I, unfortunately, do not know the answer to your question as I have only sat in the student section, and the student section stands the entire game.

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Buuuut.... you are going to the IU game, in about three days, and you are still looking for tickets?  StubHub has really made things easy, it would seem!

Anyway, if you have someone who is physically limited, get some club seats.  Take the elevator up, sit down, enjoy the show.  No stairs, no bathroom lines, no problem.

Within the old bowl, if you are along the east sideline somewhere -- sections 2,1, and 44 or so -- and above the handicap mezzanine which is about row 56 and up, people are good about sitting for most of the game.  Nobody in Michigan Stadium sits for the whole game.  And that doesn't bother me in the slightest.  But I'm glad not to sit where people stand for the whole game.

One thing about sections 2, 1 and 44; the fans generally are there when the game starts.  It's nice to let the football team know that there are fans in the Stadium when they come out of the tunnel.  And it's nice to sing The Victors with the band before that.

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I sit in section 44, up in the higher rows...and the folks in our area tend to stand only when there's a big play happening. 

You might also look for seats just above the upper entrances to the sections.  You'd have no one sitting in front of you.


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These guys are spot on.  Upper Rows, sections 43,44,1,2,3 - A lot of older alumni tickets up there.  I am in section 1 and we have a few seniors behind us who do not enjoy my standing and are not afraid to tell me about it.  In these sections, it is known you need to respect those behind you and a lot of sitting is done during the game.

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I think you'll have luck there.  I attempted to stand while Michigan's defense was on the field, but was told to sit down.  No one stood in that section (Section 15, I believe) until late into the 4th quarter and only on third downs.  I don't imagine it being much different for the Indiana game.  From what I could tell, the whole stadium was like that save the student section, but that was at most three-quarters full, so even there I think you could find a spot.  I don't think you'll have too much of a problem.

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I was going to make a sit-on-Borges'-face joke, but then I actually read your post and people were already being snarky dicks.

My mother broke her foot last year and she was able to get a handicapped-stamped ticket. Check with the ticket office and they'll almost certainly accomodate you.

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accomodates handicapped people very well.  I took my Dad there about 4 years ago, and just because of his physical limitations the ushers gave him seats just inside the entrance at Section 10.  I'm certain if you call the ticket office they will be VERY helpful.

Go Blue!


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on the visitor side of the 40 yard line for the Tate ND game a few years back and most people in front of us were seated for most of the game (exception being the big plays).

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I always stand when watching M games on TV (unless I'm convinced they're going to lose because then I'm not really into it) because it just makes me focus on the game much more. I can't explain why. I would love to do the same at the stadium, but man, that "down in front" just makes me want to splash a drink in the faces of the people who shout that.

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..he might not get out much.

The "Up in back!" posts almost always descend into a level of curious sociopathy before too long. It is almost not worth the effort at serious negotiation, but I still say that the only thing close (barely) to a serious response is the notion of a "standing" neighborhood in Michigan Stadium. Where wannabe students can live/relive their student fandom fantasies. It would also strengthen the moral argument (the legal argument being already clear; clear enough for most ushers where I sit), that fans should go elsewhere if they want to stand.


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I've sat low in Sec 43 for decades. At first it was a pain b/c it seemed we'd be the only ones around who would want to stand. We actually made several shirts w/ "Up In Back" printed on the back to combat the jeers of "Down in Front". As I've gotten older I like the times when I can sit and still watch the game. I still prob stand more than my section would prefer...

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Because you prefer to stand, just enough to suit yourself I gather, the people behind you either have to beg you to sit, or call an usher (that would be my play, where I sit -- and it works) or else they have to stand as well. Which then requires the row behind them to stand. And because you describe your row as "low," you effectively dictate how other people might see the game that they paid for just like you.


Buy tickets in the student section if that's what you want. Or row 99. Or petition Brandon to establish a section or two of soccer-style "stands."

Just stop whining about people who rightfully complain when you block their view.


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Section 1 – I am sorry if I wasn't clear. My hubris of youth was just that. However, it always has been a respectful balance of coexistence. Nothing has ever been needed other than a reminder to sit; I've never seen ushers called. When my kids were small I was often the person asking people in front to sit. Otherwise, I live and let live. I’d honestly either remain standing or sitting for the entire game; it's the up and down that gives my old bones complaints now days. I really meant you no harm. I will remember to be more careful if I ever post anything here again. I'm sure I said something above that will get attacked as well; for that I am sorry in advance.


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It's important to remember that many conditions and disabilities, which aren't obvious, can make it difficult (even dangerous) to stand or sit quickly, or to stand or sit in place  for a longish period.  


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This seems to have a good amount of useful information:


There is a customer services tent for people with disabilities (which they insist on calling "guest services") on the concourse in the very middle of the south end of the stadium.  They should be able to help.

In general, though, I don't really think there is one place that is better than another for your needs (other than obviously avoiding the student sections).