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"This was embarrassing - we will not come out like this again." - Taylor Lewan

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 14, 2013

"We're not coming out like that again." - Devin Gardner

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 14, 2013

"I'm not going to play a down -- but, we're going to coach our butts off this week." - Coach Hoke

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 14, 2013

"I'm not here to celebrate - we have a lot of work to do." - Taylor Lewan

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 14, 2013

This game certainly should not be an accurate depiction of what the rest of the season holds for us. This is still a very talented team, but like Hoke says, there is still much work to be done before this is a championship team. Between turnovers, the offensive line, and the entire defense, there is certainly much to do, but I am 100% confident that the coaching will come through. I fully expect them to win by four touchdowns next week at UCONN.

And let's never speak of this game ever again. And don't pay attention to the media for the next week.



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This team must decide each game, 'who will you be'? Predator or prey. Predators cultivate a killer instinct. Predators strike with urgency and efficiency. Predators are merciless.

Every game somebody has to be the prey. Today Michigan was prey.


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has been covered yet. If it has it still damn sure bears repeating: BISB, from now on with the Oppenent Watch every gotdam fear level is a fucking 11. You got that?!


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some people just do not see the big picture.  Some just dont get it.  here it is in a nutshell.

1)  Our interior OLine is horrible.  Point blank.  There a year away from being average, assuming natural progression.  Hopefully that at minimum happens because we lose by far the 2 best on the Oline next year.  However, i did expect this unit to struggle, just not this bad.

2) Gardner is much, much beter than he used to be.  He definitely has progressed from where he was in high school.  I questioned if he would ever start for us when we recruited him.  Im proud of how he progressed to be honest.  HOWEVER, he still makes some very mistakes like he did in high school, and i guess i should expect that.  He has always had some positive qualities (ice viens, strong runner, great leadership, good arm, long strides) but his decision making at times is extremely questionable and he continues to carry the ball like a loaf of break.  Nontheless, i dont blame this game on him one bit for reasons which would explode this paragraph another 3 so i wont start.  WIthout him, were toast.

3.  Fitz is leaps and bounds MUCH better than anyone else.  Derrick Green is extremely overrated, so just admit it to your kool aid eyes now, and save yourself the 'next year' greif for the next 3 years.  I will say this though, Harris is definitely the real deal - hopefully next year Drake comes back strong, otherwise Smith is probably our best back.  But i feel sooo bad for Fitz running behind this interior line.

4. Someone needs to help me in regards to the D-Line.  I have no clue.  I expected SOOOO much more from it.  I really don't know where to start.  I expected the line overall, with the constant substitution and fresh body's  of high quality players to absolutely dominate Akrons line, expecially late in the game.  I won't even pretend to know why this unit has performed so bad, i honestly do not know.  Need help on this one, but nonetheless, its been very underwhelming.

5. Punting.  Holy crap, i thought this guy was supposed to be as good a punter as Hagerup.  Wile has been horrible.

Horrible game, but soo relieved we won.   But in regards to a few things, we wont make it to double digit regular season wins.  8/9 wins is where this team is at. 



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"11 weeks 5 days ago reason #1 why i rarely post on here
too many arrogant smart ass pricks that need to be punched in the face a few times.

Its the main reason UM fans in general get the reputation they do - ruin it for the majority.

Posting on here is like walking on egg shells. Have to re-read your post content and grammar a billion times before hitting submit afraid that the jerkoffs that have nothing better to do than slam other people will rip into you."

Unfiltered Manball

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This is still a fairly young team, and this is part of the growing pains.

Are they ready to handle the success and expectations that follow a big win like the ND game?  Not quite yet, as today's game proved, but they won.

Part of the on-going learning will be how they respond this week in practice.

I am optimistic the UConn game will show they are still learning- and still moving forward toward a B1G champion-caliber team.

Better days (and better wins) ahead.  Cheers!


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The one thing that stands out after 3 games is the total lack of pass rush from the front 4. Are you telling me not one of these 4+ star recruits can play?

steve sharik

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...or just coincidence?

"Five thousand donuts from head coach Brady Hoke didn't get the Michigan student section there early to Michigan Stadium for Saturday's noon game with Akron. Hoke's Wolverines spent a good portion of the game playing as though they ate them all just before kickoff in a 28-24 win over the Zips." 

-Chris Balas, The Wolverine

Not accusing, just amused b/c I just read that.

War Daddy

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M doesn't have the players to run the offense from under center. It was already obvious before this game, but hopefully the results from today will seal the deal, and it will be all pistol and shotgun from here on out. If it doesn't work agains the Zips, it's just not going to happen. I know that Borges doesn't like for Gardner to run so much, but this offense needs him to be a ground threat to be successful.


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What is the deal with this D? You'd think we'd be able to get some pressure on AKRON, but once again the Akron QB had all day to throw. Don't tell me Mattison planned that. The defense was garbage, period. 


September 14th, 2013 at 7:58 PM ^

Few thoughts:

1. Mattison, um, I know very little about coordinating defense but I'm good at recognizing patterns (thanks in part to Oomi Zoomi...shout out to the dads in the house). Rushing 4 doesn't work for us. It works very well for our opponents though.

2. How many carries did Green have? 1? How can folks rip him here. He had nothing to do with this pile of shit performance.

3. When did Denard cut his dreads and put on 98?


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the shout out but its Umizoomi, however the D-line is not getting enough pressure with just a four man rush. Where the hell is the Frank Clark hype-train now? The line has to start getting more pressure, but I guess it never did last year either, this is where we miss Jake Ryan.

BlueSpiceIn SEC.hell

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Zips started 10 jr/sr on defense and 8 on offense. Experience does make difference- we did win and it certainly looks like we have teaching points going forward and lessons learned.  They will go to work and improve.


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If their defense continues to grow that may just happen. Ohio's defense looks awful too. 20 pts to buffalo and then 27 and counting to a freshman QB and cal. The illini look like they are finally in good hands . I know if we played them today instead of Akron we lose by 3+ Tds.

That said I think all returns to normal and we get better each week from here on out. We will beat msu bc I still feel like what they do offensively bodes well for our defense. I believe we can score enough to win by 7+. Nebraska has a very poor defense. Stop Martinez and they lose. We get them at home. I am not worried. I'm not worried about Iowa or Minnesota in any way shape or form. I'm not too concerned with UCONN. I worry about northwestern because they can spread us out just like Akron. Ohio is the same way. If our front four doesn't get any better we lose both of those games and possibly a 3rd.

I still believe today was an anomaly that will not occur again. Fans were half assed. Coaches were half added and the players were definitely half assed.


September 14th, 2013 at 9:08 PM ^

My big issue is Borges calling too many deep pass routes. Saw very few slants or short hitches. We ran the ball or ran 10-15 yard routes. The game plan was about big plays.

Combine that with the dumb option in the red zone and the bad decisions Devin made trying to force things and you let a team in the game


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things are never as good or as bad as they seem.  I think people maybe just were a little TOO high after the Notre Dame game, and are probably a bit too low right now.

We are probably not a national title contender, but we're also still probably a really good B1G team.  Let's just hope they come out next week with a little more fire.

Sten Carlson

September 14th, 2013 at 11:47 PM ^

Coach said it best in his speech to the team in the locker room after the game -- you CANNOT turn the ball over four times and expect to win, against ANY team. There were mistakes and shortcomings on both sides of the ball, and all over the field, but if Devin hadn't had those unforced errors, Michigan wins easy. Not only does it put the defense in a tough spot, but it gives a team with nothing to lose and everything to gain that ever so dangerous sentiment; hope. Sadly, I put much of the onus on Gardner on this one.


September 15th, 2013 at 1:03 AM ^

Akron's best hope for an upset? Former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, who tortured Michigan during his tenure, is the school's vice president for student success. Maybe Michigan can chalk up Saturday's near upset to The Curse of The Vest, as Akron's student-athletes had plenty of success at the Big House. 

Michigan was a yard away from arguably the worst loss in program history. It wasn't Appalachian State, as the 2007 Mountaineers were miles better than the Toledo team Michigan lost to in 2008 or the current Akron squad. The 2008 Wolverines might have been the worst edition in school history. Michigan entered Saturday off of an impressive win against Notre Dame. A letdown was possible? A letdown loss to Akron? Not a chance.

What we look like to the nation


September 15th, 2013 at 1:24 PM ^

I was searching for perspective and looked to Ohio State's (ughh) 12-0 season last year.  The results were interesting.  Some games of note:

  • OSU vs UAB, OSU favored by 36, won by 11
  • OSU vs CAL, OSU favored by 17, won by 7
  • OSU @ Indiana, OSU favored by 19, won by 3
  • OSU vs. Purdue, OSU favored by 17, won (in overtime) by 7

And that was just OSU in 2012.  The point I am trying to make is that good teams sometimes struggle against teams they should beat handily.  Perhaps the CAL example wasn't great, but Ohio State had troubles against UAB, CAL, Indiana, Purdue, and Wisconsin last year.

That eases the doom and gloom mood following yesterday's debacle against Akron.

Some others to note (2012):

  • Texas A&M @ Alabama, Bama favored by 14 but lost
  • Notre Dame/Purdue, ND favored by 14, won by 3
  • Notre Dame/BUY, ND favored by 14, won by 3
  • Notre Dame/PITT, ND favored by 19, won by 3 (in 3OT)

I could continue on and on.  Perhaps none were as bad as what transpired at Michigan Stadium yesterday, but my point remains:  sometimes good teams struggle against inferior competition.


September 15th, 2013 at 2:51 PM ^

Akron deserved to win this game. The refs didn't do them any favors.

My hope is that Devin can reflect after this game and have a greater appreciation of the importance of ball security.

As bad as both lines were, DG can carry us to victory if he plays well.