NCAA comes down hard on Johnny Manziel. Must sit out first half of Texas A&M-Rice game.

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BREAKING: Johnny Manziel will be suspended for first half against Rice, source tells @McMurphyESPN.

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) August 28, 2013

Umm. yeah.  The NCAA slapped his wrist so lightly here I don't even think he felt the contact.




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Gotta love the NCAA.  Thank goodness ratings and $$$ have nothing to do with their investigations and punishments. This reminds me of letting Pryor and others play in the Sugar Bowl to "preserve the sanctity of the game." I remember watching that bowl and thinking to myself, " thank goodness this bowl is sacrosant, and dear God, no better ever mess with the integrity of the Beef O' Brady bowl or I will go Hog Wild!"


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Although, I do feel somewhat of a hypocrite. I think NCAA Athletes should be allowed to make money based on their personalities/likeness/autographs/etc. It definetly is a tough time to be an NCAA fan.  I want massive, sweeping changes, but I also want to keep the college athletic tradition alive.

Does anyone have an actual, functional solution to this madness, or we all just like me, filled with complaints but no solution?  (I admit, this is the least helpful kind of person).


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What if Johnny has a monster year and falls a few TDs and yards short of breaking NCAA records? That half a game against a cupcake may come back and haunt him. We all agree we don't want Braxton Miller to win a heisman, and it would be nice to have another multiple heisman winner other than Archie Griffin. This suspension might play a bigger role in the not so distant future.


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This actually works in Manziel's favor. It is a 12 noon game, and he might not be sober by then. Letting him miss the first half and walk in mostly sober at 1:30 pm is a blessing.



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This is a way to take care of this before more comes up later, kind of like a plea deal.  The fact that TaM can say he was punished when more information about this case later.  This is a pre emptive non-punishment.  Now the NCAA can say well we already punished him our hands are tied and TaM can say this is done he didn't do it so he didn't break our "sacred" honor code.  I can imagine that oil man money can hire a pretty good attorney how might mention Ed O'Bannon and discus them keeping him from realistically making an honest living at his chosen profession. 

True Blue Grit

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this investigation and been able to prove Manziel took money for the autographs.  The reality is that no one (Texas A&M, the SEC, the NCAA, TV networks, or the folks who purchased the autographs) really wanted to verify it.  So, the god of revenue at the NCAA got together with the bureaucrats at A&M and came up with this half-assed, lame punishement to make it look like some adults were actually in charge.  FAIL. 


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It's over. NCAA will try to move on from this and sweep it under the rug because it just epitomizes the hypocrisy. ESPN will eventually shift to whether Manziel can live up to the second year hype and make no reference to this little scandal.


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I wonder why, when people on this board hear the term "NCAA," they shove their heads up their asses and hit the "save" button.

The NCAA didn't do shit here, other than agree that there was not enpough evidence on which to act..  Texas A&M brought the suspension, and the NCAA went along with it, having no other choice.  But that doesn't stop 90% of the board from twisting their knickers into knots.

You guys need a hobby.


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At this point, I just want my sports TV/radio/websites/newspapers to stop talking about this. Whether JM gets a year ban or a 1 second band is secondary. All I want is everyone to shut the damn up about Johnny Manziel.

No single Thursday hasever been so welcome to me as the next one... or this one, for you eastern time zone cats.

Mabel Pines

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What's really important here is that I'm sure Johnny learned the true error of his ways and will never, ever, ever again violate the sacred NCAA rules. 


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I like how the 1/2 game suspension is for knowingly doing something that he knew would make someone else a lot of money.  Its kind of like scoring TDs, doing interviews, guest appearances, winning the Heisman, etc... as a college athlete.


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I heard that NCAA President Mark Emmert called Manziel to inform him of his "time out" but assured him that he'd personally bring him a sippy cup with some juice while he sat on the bench for the first half.