This is pretty disturbing... [LOCKED]

Submitted by keep_em_honest on August 20th, 2013 at 1:51 PM

Not sure what to think of this...and I can't believe I haven't heard of this before now.

The gist is Brendan Gibbons allegedly raped a girl at a party of few years ago and his roommate (Taylor Lewan) tried to intimidate her.

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do you feel good about posting this, man? you're just trying to get a reaction and in the process you're causing a fuss that doesn't need caused. it was addressed previously and the propery authorities were involved. no one is going to praise you for being a vigilante. go do something more productive, anything.


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Is a troll.  If you look at his previous comments, he's a buckeye troll, most recently ripping on Clark while defending Hyde and Meyer.  As soon as he gets 100 points, he posts this.  He's a troll who should visit Bolivia.

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los barcos

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was published august 08, nearly two weeks ago.  this is an obvious attempt to by Douglas Smith to drum up some page views and it reeks of the ol Ace Williams.  i am in the camp that  believes a discussion could be warranted (i, for one, knew about some sexual assault story but never knew these allegiations involved gibbons), but let's please elimenate the link to the "washtenaw watch blog."


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The OP claims to suddenly have become disturbed now, by a four-year-old unproven, thoroughly discussed event that occurred long before Hoke ever came to UM. Yet, his prior posts reveal a consistent  pattern of NOT being disturbed by anything that Myer's players have done and are now doing.  For example,

If someone (meaning a 100lb girl) takes a swing at you (meaning a 230 lb male football player), you have the right to defend yourself.

If she swung at him first then that's self defense (also, not thinking about the welfare of the female victim, he says: : Good news for OSU fans is that they're loaded at RB). 

And these statements from the OP--who ironically calls himself "keep em honest"-- are among my personal favorites:

OSU's AD office never lied about anything

Urban kicked Cam Newton out of Florida

(this is totally false, as Newton himself left before the University’s student committee was about to sanction him for three alleged instances of academic cheating, about which Urban did nothing)


As you read through this poster's other recent contributions below, it should be completely obvious why he is here.  He lies, distorts and tries to divert attention from from an avalanche of bad press for Meyer and Ohio.  For example,

her report was obviously biased..

Well the police obviously didn't arrest Hyde after seeing the video so I guess they agree with me.

 Not sure why these videos are appealing to some people.  Just becomes fodder for other fan bases.

Surprised he got suspended at all. 

It was stupid for the media to even bring this up anyway.