OSU 4* freshman Tim Gardner arrested

Submitted by wresler120 on July 22nd, 2013 at 3:55 PM
Per 11 warriors twitter and other sources incoming freshman 4* OL Tim Gardner was arrested and charged with obstruction of official police business. Reports state Gardner was sent home and will not be a part of the 2013 class.

Gardner would have redshirted anyhow so no big deal here .. He will still end up redshirting.



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Their incoming TE, Marcus Baugh, was also arrested... I didn't see that anywhere on the board...


So let's start a count:

1) Carlos Hyde (RB) 

2) Bradley Roby (CB)

3) Vonn Bell (S/CB)

4) Tim Gardner (OL)

5) Marcus Baugh (TE) 


THat could be an incoming recruiting class for a small team!

Pulled P

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"Hyde? Definitely in the Circle of Trust("CoT"). We'll deal with this matter seriously. Wait until the facts come out(and hope this dies down by then)"

"Roby? Are you kidding? He's like the chairman of the CoT! He's banned from talking to the media for the WHOLE SEASON!"

"Marcus Baugh... Hmmm... He's not yet in the CoT, but he's a four star. He has potential to get in the CoT. Lay down the hammer. SUSPEND HIM (for one game)."

"Who? Gardner? Tim Gardner? Who's he? Oh, he's a three star right? MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF HIM. CUT HIM. KICK HIM, I mean literally, kick him. Then kick him off the team. We NEVER EVER tolerate that kind of behavior here!"

"What? Vonn Bell? We'll deal with that later. We already did a lot of work this morning."


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For anyone interested, Land Grant Holyland has a piece on this up already (of course) - LINK

Their take in a nutshell:

"Compared to assault and battery charges, obstruction of official business is not the worst thing in the world, and depending on the nature of the obstruction, perhaps ordinarily not something that would necessitate being dismissed from the team, but it's still significantly poor judgement."

They also posted a tweet from Gardner which was sent just before the story broke and described it as the "lowest point" that he had seen. 

Eleven Warriors is dubbing today as their "Black Monday" now. I laughed admittedly. Their story mentions that freshman TE Marcus Baugh lost his summer scholarship for some run-ins with the law as well. 

Cali Wolverine

July 22nd, 2013 at 5:17 PM ^

...we may need to start buckle-up threads for impending Ohio arrests! I wonder what is going through the sweater vest's head right now.

Also, please edit title of thread to Ohio...I thought you were talking a out Oklahoma State because there was no possible way a 4th player from Ohio could be in serious legal trouble...oh but there was!


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a big ole' practical joke? No way this many Ohio State players seriously got arrested within 3 days.

Oh, this is real life?...well holy sh*t then

Prince Lover

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It's all part of his devious plan to take over the world. Urbz takes in young men, molds them, then unleashes them onto society in a whirlwind of destruction.
Or in other words....Urbannado.