Michigan classics day on BTN -- Open Thread

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BTN is showing classic Michigan games all day. There are a lot of the usual suspects--'93 Rose Bowl, '97 MSU--but also the '85 South Carolina game and the spring game. Already aired: Trey Burke's steal-to-win against MSU this year. Currently on is the 2009 Notre Dame game.

My initial observation: Interesting that nobody has seen Johnny Manziel and Tate Forcier in the same place at the same time. I wonder why that is?



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...And I wonder what last season would have been like if Daryl Stonum hadn't been a mess. Denard gets a game-breaking receiver that can bail him out of tricky spots, Devin never switches to receiver and is ready to step in against Nebraska, OSU and South Carolina have a harder time covering in the secondary...



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mGrowOld's list of game's he wishes they'd show but never, ever do (in no particular order)

1971 Michigan/OSU - See Woody lose his mind and break things

1978 Rose Bowl - Yes we lose but what a game that was (maybe this time Braylon's dad will hang on to the pass at the end and we'll win) plus Leach in his prime.

1985 Fiesta Bowl - Bo's best team (IMO) beats Nebraska

1989 Rose Bowl - Bo gets the USC monkey off his back

And any game against Northwestern EXCEPT the 1995 & 2000 games.  Anybody watching just BTN would think we've never, ever beat those guys.



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My last semester at Michigan and the year Bo broke through and won the Rose Bowl.  Butch Woolfolk, Johnny Wangs, AC, and the typical swarming linebacker strong defense.  The 1980 ohio game was very exciting, but the usual low scoring afair with Michigan winning 9-3 with a big sack at midfield to seal the win.

The opening game of the 1997 season vs. Colorado would be good, too.


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Interesting that they're showing a couple not-so-close games.

The only thing MSU did against us in 97 was score a TD on a fake field goal and throw a ton of interceptions.

And South Carolina in 1985? That was a total ass kicking. We won 34-3 and could have scored more.


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Actually, that's not BTN choosing a bad MSU game, that's me. I have an unfortunate (bizarre) habit of transposing 90s years with 00s years. The game being aired is 2007, the Henne comeback in EL. I would enjoy the '97 game more, just for you-know-who's interception.

I'm actually interested in the SC game. I have definite memories of that season (I turned 6 that November) but I have no memory at all of the game in question. And that was a terrific Michigan team.


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I'm glad to see the '85 game, for the sake of some variety FINALLY!  I'm sure it costs a few bucks for the rights to many of our classic games, but man.... they show the same handful of games again and again and AGAIN.  They advertise Michigan Thursday as if we're supposed to be excited - every game they're showing save the SC game has been broadcast 800 times by now.


At the very least, the BTN should be able to play any of their own broadcasts again without paying royalties to ABC, CBS, etc.  I'd rather see a couple of our BTN games from last season than a game from a decade or two in the past that I've watched a dozen times already.


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Don't ask me why, but watching the '09 game, I kind of miss that era. I guess i just kind of liked always being the underdog and having the guys that weren't as good. I guess I was just waiting for us to "break out" with that group of kids, kind of like what Baylor did a few years ago, or Boise State did that one year. Except we never did.... So i'm glad it's over with, but it was still in some ways exciting times for me. Also, I loved the spread being introduced at Michigan, and it was exciting, but we just never could get it down for whatever reason (well there were many). But now, I am glad it is over and we are back to "manball"... But i still sort of miss it. Call me crazy?


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What you mean as well. I guess with me only being about 16 or 17 at the time, and not having the history people older than myself have with M football, I guess it was a different experience for me at the time than it was for most others. I started watching in about '04, but so much of '04-'07 is hazy to me since I was so young at the time. I guess that 2008 was the. Year that I started watching EVERY game and becoming an addict. I'm 21 years old now so.. I think we can all agree though, that now we are headed into the right direction and may be better than ever in the coming years, as far as consistency goes.


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If you are able to do so (i.e., your provider participates), you can also watch the 1985 South Carolina-Michigan game here at BTN2Go (LINK to web page).

I have gotten as the end of the first quarter, and I had to chuckle at 110 total yards of offense for Michigan to the Gamecocks 17 yards of offense. Also, we had the ball save for about 3 minutes in the first quarter. If the second quarter is any indication, things began to go downhill for South Carolina from there. 

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What a play by Crable in the 07 state game. Fights through a double team to get a hand on Ringer and throws him backwards, gets off the ground, picks a perfect angle downfield, fights through a lead blocker to catch Ringer at the 5 after running 75 yards.

Fort Wayne Blue

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just watched Suuuper MARio catch Henne's 4th TD pass of the day on Nov 3, 2007..... 

a game I didn't get to watch, as I was getting married. YES, I was that guy.
[in my defense, there were people keeping my updated on the score]


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Now the Y2K Orange Bowl. If '97 is the peak of Carr's career, this is only a small step below it.

This is where I got tired of the "ESSSSS EEEE SEEEE SPEEEEEEEED" trope once and for all. And it is worth noting that, prior to the recent run of (almost certainly corrupt) SEC dominance, there was quite a bit of variation in power conferences. In this particular season both contestants of the SEC championship game lost to B1G Michigan teams, neither of which were even the conference champion.

Nobody wanted to talk about the best conference that year.